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Kim Karr is an American author of fiction novels. She is a bestselling author and her novels have made the top selling lists of USA Today and the New York Times too. Having written well over a dozen novels, Karr continues to churn out contemporary love stories that are full of passion. She enjoys bringing all of her flawed characters to the page from her head and to life through her words!

No matter which novel by Kim Karr you pick up, you are certain to get something interesting and intriguing. These romances are guaranteed to sweep you off of your feet and take your world by storm. The characters are more realistic than what you might get in other stories and will take you on a ride of emotions, from laughing to crying.

Her romances could be described as real as well as ‘raw’ and ‘explosive’. While you may not always love the characters in her books, they are going to make you feel something! Love them or hate them, Karr always leaves her readers feeling tons of emotions and wanting more by the time they are almost to the end of the story!

While not every fairy tale or romantic love story gets a happy ending, Kim Karr likes to make sure that her characters get the swooning happy ending that they always hoped for. What can she say? She’s a sucker for a good happy ending and two characters falling in love and riding away off into the sunset together.

She creates a rich world of characters from the rock star who is handsome and always getting the girls (but in a brooding bad mood typical of an artist) to the millionaire who is so high on his own ego that he is constantly in a crazy world of dysfunction to the damsel in distress with a sharp retort to the business woman that is getting it done, every story and every character is totally different! Kim Karr always delivers something fresh when it comes to her literary works, and her fan base loves her for it!

Kim Karr is the author of the Connections series of novels. These fictional novels are in the romance novel or erotic fiction genre. The series started off in 2013 with the release of the debut book Connected, and audiences have been hooked ever since. Karr followed that up with the sensuous sequel, Torn, and released Mended and Frayed as well as two additional novellas, Dazed and Blurred, to the series.

Connected is the first book in the sizzling Connections series. These fictional novels are about to transport you to a world unlike any other. The saying goes that true love only happens once in a lifetime. But can such rare love, like lightning, strike twice?

Dahlia London is a young woman that has been through her share of tragedy. Her past is one that is dark and haunted, and the events that happened have left her heart and soul in shatters. Everyone dreams of living happily ever after with that one guy, but the reality of Dahlia’s life could not be any further from the truth.

But when she connects to a part of her past that she thought was over, the bonds that begin to form cannot be denied. Passion can come from the most unexpected of places, and Dahlia never thought that she would see River Wilde ever again.

The rock star comes back into her life with a sudden intensity that cannot be denied. The same passion that fueled their connection in the past is still alive and well, and Dahlia cannot deny that there are still feelings there that never quite went away. Dahlia cannot believe it, but is it possible that River Wilde could be her soulmate?

She can’t deny that their connection is both intense and confusing. There is so much that is still broken and needs to be mended within Dahlia’s soul– but could this rock star be the one to do it? The lead singer is feeling things that he never thought possible and wants to be the one to heal everything that is wrong with Dahlia.

Can Dahlia put the past aside in order to live in the present? Will River be able to handle the baggage that she has accumulated, or can she put it aside in order to let their relationship flourish? It’s scary to consider being hurt again, but Dahlia is starting to figure out that it might be worth it to let all of that go. To find out what happens, you have got to pick up Connected to get all of the details for yourself!

Torn is the exciting second novel in Kim Karr’s Connections series. River is a rock star, and his adoring love brought Dahlia out of a sunken place to a new life that she never thought possible. His devotion has made it all possible; something that you wouldn’t expect out of some hotshot rock star.

Even though the entire world is at their feet, River and Dahlia’s history continues to haunt them. Dahlia never expected to see the musician again, and when they finally come together it’s like fireworks being set off on the fourth of July.

She thought that reconnecting with him meant that they were finally able to be together at last. Her soulmate had come back to her. But when the past is not nearly as dead as she would like it to be when someone comes walking out of it and River turns out to be harboring some secrets of his own, could her hopes for a picture-perfect life be dashed for good?

Life is not always about everything being perfect, and River wants to help Dahlia see that you’ve got to seize the joy in every moment. But Dahlia’s pain runs deep. Is it too much for her to ever get over? Can a broken heart ever truly mend? River and the love of his life are about to take on the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced together. Can they get through it and come out on the other side? Pick up Torn to find out!

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