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Publication Order of The Davenports Books

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Publication Order of Deep in the Heart Books

Publication Order of Sugar Springs Books

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Sweet Nothings (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sprinkles on Top (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Turtle Island Books

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Kim Law is best-selling American author of Romance novels. She wrote her first work The Gigantic Talking Raisin while in the sixth grade. Law graduated from with a college degree in mathematics and spent years working as a computer programmer. Now the author is living her lifelong dream of writing romance novels.

Law became a published author in 2012 when Sugar Spring the first book in Sugar Spring trilogy was published. Since then the author has authored five novel series and one stand-alone novel. Sugar Springs Sugar Springs is the first novel in Sugar Springs series by Kim Law. The debut novel introduces Lee Ann London, a lady who once had big plans ahead; she had a scholarship, love, and college to attend. But then bad luck came knocking her way and soon she found herself raising her dead sister’s twin girls after their father vanished.

Now with her beautiful girls grown, a family that depends on her and a photo studio finally picking off, Lee Ann might not have the life that she wanted but it is definitely where she wants it to be until the day Cody, her ex-boyfriend makes his return to Sugar Springs. For Cody, Lee Ann was the best thing that ever happened to him, but the problem is that he hurt her and hurt her bad. But now he is back and focused on earning her forgiveness and probably win back her love while he is at it. It has been thirteen years since the Lee Ann last saw her high school hero.

Cody left their local town after he was caught cheating with Lee Ann’s older sister. But now he is back in town and wants to apologize to the heroine for his past mistakes. However seeking her forgiveness will not be an easy task for he once broke her heart and she is afraid of getting hurt again. He also discovers that his cheating with Lee Ann’s step sister resulted in twins who Lee Ann has been raising all these time. But trying to make up for the past mistakes trying to create a new start intertwines their lives in a much more complex way than they had bargained for.

The first series installment is a brilliant read that is fast paced, and unlike in many other novels set in locales of local towns, the other characters in this book did not detract from the romance. These supporting characters help in shaping the love that exists between the main characters. Cody fears to commit to Lee Ann, and this even extends to the fears of being accepted by the community.

The residents widely scrutinize Cody’s and Lee Ann sex life and sexual chemistry. The romance aspect is somehow tense due to the reason that Cody once betrayed Lee Ann. The author has written one heart breaking, sweet romance where two lovers come back together after undergoing a life changing heartbreak and make it work out once more for the best. But their journey to finding forgiveness and love will not be an easy task as they will have to deal with more problems that arise along the way, problems that will make them more mature and stronger in love once more. Lee Ann is an excellent character.

She is determined, focused, enduring and forgiving as well. Even though her boyfriend once cheated on her with her step sister, he finds a way to forgive him and even goes to the extent of making raising the children who were born as a result of the affair. She gave up her dreams, college scholarship to take care of the twin sisters; this makes her hardworking, caring and focused.

She is a loving character and takes care of her sister’s girls as if they were hers and always vowed to protect them. Then toward the final pages of the novel, there is something that finally transforms Cody and makes him stronger than ever, and he changes for the better. Sweet Nothings Sweet Nothings is the second novel in Sugar Springs series.

In this second series installment, we meet Joanie Bigbee, a young lady who has spent all her life in Sugar Springs. She has lived to building businesses and selling them to the potential clients, and this is how she makes ends meet. Her latest opportunity is a cupcake business, and one day a week she travels around the small town selling cupcakes. Joanie is her grandma’s only relative in the city, and so she is the person responsible for her care. Her grandmother Gi-Gi is in a nursing home, and Joanie takes care of any expenses that arise, and due to this reason, the nursing home management is threatening to kick her grandmother out if Joanie does not pay the bills.

So Joanie request Nick to shift into the old home known as The Barn and prepare it for sale, she even offers him to stay in the house for a free while fixing it up. But what Joanie isn’t planning is falling in love with Nick. But with the reality of Bigbee curse still fresh in her mind and which she believes is real, Joanie won’t let herself fall in love. She has witnessed all the ladies in her family fall in love only to be left with a broken heart, and it is due to this reason that she does not want to fall into the same trap. On the other hand, Nick is a contractor working in Sugar Springs to get time to spend with his estranged twin brother, Cody.

He is hoping to get to know his family better, and then connect with Cody and find their elder brother. While Sugar Springs is the last place where Nick expected to find love, he ends up falling for Joanie and not a short term thing, but because he wants to have a future with her. These two characters (Nick and Joanie) have an amazing chemistry, and their attraction towards each other is quite intense. You will find it interesting getting to know them, see them fall in love; overcome their personal and family issue. The local town residents serve a vital role in the novel for they make sure that no secrets are left unrevealed.

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