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Real Dangerous Girl (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Real Dangerous Job (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Real Dangerous People (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Real Dangerous Place (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Real Dangerous Fun (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Real Dangerous Ride (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Real Dangerous Plan (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kim Oh is the pseudonym of Kevin Wayne Jeter the popular horror and science fiction author turned thriller writer in the “Kim Oh series”. Kim Oh made a name for himself writing about unsympathetic, paranoid characters who acted out dark themes. He went to California State University of Fullerton, where he studied with the likes of James P. Blaylock and Tim Powers. It was at California State where he got his sociology degree and met Geri his wife. He always looked up to Philip K. Dick for literary inspiration and in the 1970s made contact and became great friends with the author, who made helped make him the writer he is today. After several years on the American West Coast he moved to Ecuador.

Kim Oh’s work is characterized by a claustrophobic and highly charged style that is a better fit for the horror genre as opposed to science fiction. He published his first novel “Seeklight” in 1975 that combined the exorbitant twists in reality with the tried and true conventions of science fiction writing to make for one of the most acclaimed of his works. Oh is credited with the invention of the term “Steampunk” novel with the writing of his early novels. His most significant contribution to science fiction and the steampunk sub-genre was the “Dr. Adder” trilogy, the first novel of which was Dr. Adder published in 1984. Surprisingly, Dr. Adder which was among his very first novels was also the one that took him the longest time to publish. Even as his mentor Philip K. Dick had read the novel and loved it, it took almost a decade before the novel was published. While it is full of violence, it is an excellent depiction of the post 1984 urban sprawl that was filled with real politicking and paranoid characters. The novels of the series and Kim Oh’s works in general are set in a near future where the characters vacillate between cyberpunk quietism and traditions of resistance common in science fiction. He came up with the term steampunk as a play on cyberpunk, when he wrote a letter to Locus magazine in 1984 describing his works. He used the term to in reference to his works such as “Fiendish Schemes” and “Infernal Devices” that had sexually provocative and violent content than was the norm in those years.

After several years working on Cyberpunk and Steampunk novels, he ventured into sharecropping contributions in related genres. Some of his most notable contributions include writings for “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Alien Nation” and “Blade Runner”. With his “Kim Oh” series, Kim Oh essentially ventures into a new genre; the thriller. Writing for the first time in eBook format, Kim Oh writes a story that is narrated by his lead protagonist that is a female character. The lead is Kim Oh, a teenage Korean American girl working as an accountant for a company engaging in dubious practices in California. She lives with her invalid brother in a dingy apartment in one of the worst neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The two siblings have been moved from foster home to foster home throughout their lives, but Kim has struggled through it all to learn basic accounting that she now puts to use. She loses her job when her boss decides to go legit and in one stroke, her life changes as she now has to engage in crime to survive. The Kim Oh novels focus on the themes of light versus darkness, primitivism, and coming of age. Kim has to constantly struggle with her choices and confront the fact that she is no longer the gentle and innocent girl that she was and not in a good way. However, juxtaposed against the factors of self-determination and self-actualization, her growth is not fully negative either. These are not novels about a good girl gone badly but rather stories of a girl learning to make her way in a world that is not fair. She has no one to guide her other than her conscience and heart which come into play throughout the course of the series.

“Real Dangerous Girl” the first novel of the series introduces Kim Oh, a girl tossed out of her job that she has worked hard for and come to depend on. She has no magic or superhero skills, no secret bank account or easy answers. All she has is a large gun, her guts, wits, and a desire for revenge over her boss for throwing her out onto the street. She hires a psychotic killer named Cole, who has also been unceremoniously discarded by their mutual boss. Cole fared worse than Kim as in addition to losing his job, he had been beaten up and left crippled by McIntyre’s new security team. Cole advices Kim to find a gun if she is to successfully pull of the hit on McIntyre. Before she knows it, she is undergoing rigorous training to become a world-class assassin, as that is the only way she can survive an attempt at taking out her former boss. “Real Dangerous Girl” is a gritty and dark novel full of twists and turns and an explosive ending fitting for the introduction to the series.

“Real Dangerous Job” is the sequel to the first novel of the series. Kim Oh is still on a revenge mission against McIntyre her former boss. She is helped by Cole an ex hit man that McIntyre had ordered his men to kill. With a crippled man the only crutch she has, she is forced to undertake a very dangerous mission on her own, putting her life at stake. Cole has trained her well, but now she knows that training was only the beginning of a wild and dangerous adventure. She has to confront not only some of the most elite and murderous of killers but her own doubts and fears as well. To come out of the ordeal alive, she needs to become something she never thought she would and do some of the worst things she never before imagined. Nonetheless, the few weeks she has been putting into training have steeled her somewhat, and she can now navigate with more ease in Cole’s world. However, things are going wrong and Kim may have to do something drastic if they are to stay on course, let alone survive and accomplish the revenge mission.

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