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Kim Smejkal is a renowned Canadian writer of young adult, science fiction, and dark fantasy stories. She has recently published her debut book called Ink In The Blood and is now looking forward to the release of her second book. Smejkal’s books are known to have an element of magic in them. When Smejkal is not trying to meet the deadline for her projects, she can be found looking after her kids and homeschooling them. She also takes up tutoring in her spare time and helps the kids in her neighborhood with their studies. Sometimes, Smejkal even loves to spend relaxing time alone. Author Smejkal was brought up on the prairies of Canada, but currently resides with her family on Vancouver Island. She has developed a deep love for the beauty of the island and its clean environment.

Quite often, she likes to wander on the beach and spend hours roaming in the woods to be as close to mother nature as possible. Smejkal was able to publish her first novel with the help of a literary agent named Daniel Lazar, who works for the Writers House agency. She felt that it was a wild ride to finally make her debut, but she has enjoyed every bit of it. Smejkal had a surreal feeling in knowing that the world and characters that only existed in her head have now reached to readers all over the world. However, she did have some hardships during her writing process. One of the most difficult things for author Smejkal is working under set deadlines. If she is given the liberty of time and left on her own, she can polish and tweak her work to make them better.

Smejkal says it is quite hard sometimes to let it go. The easiest part for her while writing a story is coming up with characters and ideas. She is always filled with new ideas, stories, and characters and often wished she had more time. The inspiration for writing her first novel came to Smejkal from a conversation that she had with her father. He had moved out of Czechoslovakia in the year 1968 and told Smejkal that the worst thing about living under the rule of the communists was not being deprived of freedom, but the numerous lies told by the ones in charge. This thought got Smejkal thinking about how powerful can lies become. Once that think sat in, she added other things that she loved, including tattoos, fierce friendships, magic, and masks.

The favorite characters of Smejkal from her book include Anya, Vincent, Seer Ostra, etc. However, the character that was the hardest for her to write was the lead character, Celia. Smejkal claims that Celia is her younger version. In the novel, she has depicted Anya and Celia as best friends. They serve the Profeta religion by writing divine messages in the form of tattoos on the believers’ skin. The friends want to escape servitude and live a free life. They manage to succeed in their escape attempt by sneaking away with a traveling theater group. However, they get stuck in the evil plans of the deity that they do not believe.

Author Smejkal usually writes her stories in parts and does not figure out the entire storyline in advance. So, she doesn’t really know what a particular story is going to become until it gets completed. But for her first book, she was quite clear from the beginning what she was writing and she wanted it to turn up. Smejkal had also pictured the climax scene in her mind. As she moved on to write the ending, the elements, including magic, traveling theater troupe, tattoo, and malicious deity appeared to flow smoothly. And after the final draft was completed, Smejkal took some time to do some editing so that the final product would seem what she had intended it to be. As of now, Smejkal has finished writing a sequel called Curse of the Divine and talks are going on with publishers for its release. She looks forward to getting the same love and support from readers that she got for her first book.

The debut book written by author Kim Smejkal is entitled ‘Ink in the Blood’. It is also the first installment of her debut series of the same name. The book was released in February 2020 by the HMH Books publication. Smejkal has mentioned the primary characters in this book in the roles of Anya Burtoni, Vincent Celia Sand, Seer Ostra, etc. The book opens by mentioning Celia Sand serves for an esteemed religion called Profeta as an inkling. Her best friend Anya Burtoni also serves along with her. Their work is to use magic and draw beautiful tattoos on the followers.

All the tattoos drawn by them represent the will of the Divine and guide the recipients’ actions. Anya Burtoni and Celia Sand’s work is considered noble and they do it with great enthusiasm. However, after spending years in the service they come to know that the Profeta religion is built on too much of lies. The discovery of the truth shatters them, making them yearn for running away. They also come to know that the religion strips freedom of its followers and the temple serves as a torturous, brutal prison. Celia and Anya wait for the right opportunity to escape so that they do not get caught while attempting it. One such opportunity arrives their way when a theater group called Rabble Mob arrives in their town.

As the friends join the group, they use their inkling abilities to perform instead of spreading propaganda. After being content for some time they come to know who followed the two friends. It is revealed that the Divine is very angry with them and is determined to spread their influence further by troubling Anya, Celia, and the performers of Rabble Mob. Celia Sand and Anya Burtoni make up their mind to unravel the lies of Profeta as they think that it is the only way to save their new family from the malicious deity, who is hell-bent on destroying them. This book succeeded in reaching out to reads across the globe and achieved immense fame and popularity. Its success motivated Smejkal to begin writing the second volume with the hope of achieving more success.

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