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About Kim Taylor Blakemore

American writer Kim Taylor Blakemore is well regarded for creating taut and intelligent historical mystery novels that keep the reader guessing. Also known for their authenticity, she really understands the era that she is writer for, whatever that may be at the time. Paying close attention to detail, she really gets to the heart of each of her stories and characters, looking at what drives and motivates them. Due to this her books are extremely engaging, providing fiction that is quite unlike any other currently out there on the market.

She’s also written for younger readers too, with her YA novels being award winning, as well as becoming worldwide bestsellers. This is something that has seen her go on to become a hugely influential author around the world, finding readers from all over. Known for her use of psychological suspense, she really understands the market, giving the readers what they want and more. There’s always a clear message in her work too, as she always has something to say in each and every one of her stories.

There characters that she’s created are also equally engaging, as they stay with the reader long after the book has finished. Giving each of her books a real sense of purpose, the passion she has for her craft clearly comes through upon each page. A key and central figure in the crime and thriller writing community herself, she’s become integral to the development of the genres as a whole. This will carry on for a long time to come too, as there’s definitely a lot more books planned for release on horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Writing from an early age, Kim Taylor Blakemore has always had a strong passion for literature and it shows. Building upon her craft for much of her life, she would harness her skills and establish her own voice as a writer, looking to the past in order to create something highly contemporary. Over time this style would become her own signature brand, and one which many continue to recognize her for today.

Finding her audience in time, she would build upon her style as an author, developing not only her voice, but her output too. Working as a novel coach too, she also helps others find their own unique approach to the craft of writing as well. Currently living with her family in the Pacific Northwest, she continue to write, as there’s is definitely more to come from her in the future.

Writing Career

In 2015, Kim Taylor Blakemore would publish her first novel titled ‘Bowery Girl,’ which was a stand-alone historical book. That same year she would also publish ‘Cissy Funk,’ which she would bring out not long after her first, and this would be a children’s novel. All of this would help to establish her versatility as writer, showing how she adept at the art, adapting her style and always taking on new challenges. Winning many awards for her books, she’s not without critical acclaim either, receiving numerous grants and literary awards, and she continues to draw inspiration as an author today.

Bowery Girl

Initially brought out in 2006 on the 6th of April, this would first come out through the Viking publishing label. It would be a stand-alone title, and it would also be the first novel that Blakemore would release as an author, introducing her for the first time. Establishing both her style and her tone, it would also provide of what was to come in the future for her as a novelist.

This book definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to depicting the stark reality of life in early New York City. Taking a gritty look at the hardships many had to face there, this historical novel is definitely honest, offering an authentic view of history. Blakemore pays close attention to detail here too, really capturing the city in all its dirty glory, as it almost becomes a character in of itself.

Taking place in 1883, this sees Annabelle Lee, a prostitute, and Mollie Flynn, a pickpocket, living in ‘The Bowery,’ where all manner of thieves and gamblers reside. Struggling to maintain a roof over their heads in a tenement there, they do whatever it takes to survive against all odds. They have dreams of travelling the Brooklyn Bridge once it’s up and running, living a life of contentment across the East River of New York City. That’s when Emmeline DuPre turns up offering them work with her typewriters, as she says she’ll provide the women with a respectable form of employment. Is she really providing a way out though? Can the women find a new life away from it all? What will become of the Bowery girl?

After Alice Fell

Originally released in 2021 on the 1st of March, this would be a later book to come out from Blakemore as an author. Working as another stand-alone, it’s a historical novel once again, this time dealing with a mystery, incorporating elements of the thriller genre into its narrative. It’s self-contained storyline is well managed, with an immersive atmosphere, as it clearly shows Blakemore’s development as a writer.

The concept really is a solid one, as it sweeps the reader up into its rich and immersive world, holding them completely throughout. Building a constant sense of dread and suspense too, it continually allows its momentum to grow over the course of the novel. With a dark undertone to the book, it’s definitely a story with a rich and evocative ambiance about it that really works on many levels.

Set in 1865 in New Hampshire, this sees Marion Abbott heading to the Brawders House asylum after being summoned there. It is here that she must retrieve the body of her sister Alice who was said to have committed suicide after falling from the roof. Marion believes different though, as she feels it to be a case of murder, but she must quieten her suspicions as she goes to stay with her brother and his second wife. After a stranger and tells her he saw Alice fall was it really suicide though? Can Marion discover the truth? What happened after Alice fell?

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