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About Kim van Alkemade

Kim van Alkemade is a widely recognized American author who focuses mainly on historical fiction. A gifted storyteller, she has an exceptional talent for developing three-dimensional characters that readers can truly resonate with. Her stories are always enjoyable and filled with exciting elements that keep readers captivated from start to finish. She excels at creating stimulating narratives, demonstrating her vast knowledge and passion for history.

Van Alkemade’s storytelling abilities are not limited to broadly structured narratives. Her character building, particularly of protagonists, is nuanced and meticulous, allowing readers to empathize and engage deeply with them. The manner in which she crafts her characters adds depth to her stories, making her work a fascinating read. Her narratives are crafted in a way that immerses readers completely, making them a part of the historical period she is portraying.

Furthermore, van Alkemade’s strength lays in her compelling storytelling. She has an incredible ability to turn historical events into engaging narratives that are both informative and entertaining. When it comes to drawing in readers and artfully immersing them in a different era, van Alkemade’s skill set shines.

In short, Kim van Alkemade’s body of work showcases her extraordinary talent as an author of historical fiction, where she seamlessly combines diverse elements to create deeply affecting and memorable stories.

Early and Personal Life

Kim van Alkemade, a reputable American author, was born in the vibrant city of New York and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. Her parents, a blend of Dutch and Eastern European Jewish roots, offered an enriching upbringing filled with varied cultural influences. In particular, her father, who was a survivor of the Rotterdam bombardment in 1941, and her mother who traces her roots to fast-paced Lower East Side of Manhattan, offered an intriguing tapestry of stories that undeniably left a mark on young Kim, potentially igniting her interest in history and storytelling.

Nurturing a budding interest in literature and history, Kim stepped forward into higher education by attending college in Wisconsin. At UW-Parkside, she pursued courses in English and History, demonstrating her consistent interest in these fields. Her thirst for knowledge didn’t stop at a basic degree; Kim went on to obtain a doctorate in English from UW-Milwaukee further solidifying her knowledge and laying a robust foundation for her future endeavors as an author.

Over time, Kim has made her home in Saratoga Springs, New York, alongside her partner, two rescue canines, and three spirited backyard chickens. For many years, she imparted her extensive knowledge as a professor at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania teaching writing.

This journey has not only shaped Kim’s worldview but also helped her hone her writing skills, draw inspiration from various aspects of her life, and continue growing as a beloved author of historical fiction.

Writing Career

Kim van Alkemade is an acclaimed author, known especially for her literary prowess in the realm of historical fiction. Her portfolio includes the successful crafting of creative nonfiction essays, celebrated in literary circles and featured in respected journals such as Alaska Quarterly Review, CutBank, and So To Speak. Her journey as a novelist began with the publication of ‘Orphan #8,’ which not only gained recognition on the New York Times bestseller list but also earned global acclaim with translations in eleven languages.

Beyond her debut, van Alkemade continued to captivate audiences with ‘Bachelor Girl.’ Unveiled in 2018, the narrative wove the unexpected inheritance of a Jazz Age actress into a lively tale set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Her next novel, ‘Counting Lost Stars,’ is a poignant tale of a college student’s reunion with her child and a Holocaust survivor’s quest for his mother, drawing inspiration from her father’s experiences in Nazi-occupied Holland.

Orphan Number Eight

‘Orphan Number Eight,’ a historical debut by Kim van Alkemade, was officially published on July 7, 2015. Published through William Morrow Paperbacks, it marked a significant milestone in van Alkemade’s writing career.

In 1919, Rachel Rabinowitz was displaced from her family due to a tragedy and ended up in a Jewish orphanage, subject to harsh medical trials and uncaring peers. Later in life, Rachel ends up working as a nurse for the elderly Dr. Solomon, the one responsible for her childhood torment.

As Rachel seeks justice from Dr. Solomon, she finds herself understanding the intricacies of her own character. This realization forces her to accept that one’s destiny as a healer or a hurtful force isn’t necessarily predetermined.

Bachelor Girl

‘Bachelor Girl’ was another historical fiction hit from Kim van Alkemade, published on March 6, 2018. This novel was brought out by Gallery Books, marking a continuation of Van Alkemade’s successful writing career.

Helen Winthrope, a young actress, is taken under the wing of Jacob Ruppert, the owner of the New York Yankees baseball team. She forms a close relationship with Ruppert and his secretary Albert Kramer, even as she enjoys the freedom of the Jazz Age as a ‘bachelor girl.’

After Ruppert’s death, Helen is left with a fortune and stirred by rumors concerning her and Ruppert’s relationship. As Ruppert’s secrets are revealed, Helen and Albert must face the reality of their connection to him and each other.

Counting Lost Stars

The historical novel, ‘Counting Lost Stars,’ penned by Kim van Alkemade, was published July 18, 2023. This literary work was published by William Morrow Paperbacks, furthering van Alkemade’s reputation in the world of historical fiction.

In 1960, New York City, pioneering computer programmer and college student Rita Klein’s life changes when she becomes pregnant and is persuaded to give her baby up for adoption. She encounters Jacob Nassy, a man dealing with his harsh experiences from the Holocaust, and sets off on a journey for answers regarding the use of punch-card computers in organizing the Final Solution.

Simultaneously in The Hague, 1941, Cornelia Vogel discovers the sinister purpose behind the population census she is helping to organize and factors in a daring plan to aid her Jewish neighbor, Leah Blom. As Rita finds a link between Cornelia Vogel and Jacob’s mother, it raises profound truths that could either detach them or fortify them for the impending future.

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