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Kimberly Montague writes romance stories, and was born and raised in California’s Bay Area. She was born in San Jose on October 22, 1978. While growing up, she got exposed to quite a diverse group of people. She was always shy, and mainly observed everybody that was not a part of her close group of friends.

She loved writing and reading, because it allowed her to be adventurous and outgoing. She wrote stories from all kinds of different genres, and would get knocked off her feet by a good romance story.

She started writing her first romance story right after meeting her husband while they were spending a lot of time at the tracks he raced the modified race cars. The book was just an attempt to keep herself entertained during all of her downtime, and fell in love with the characters she was writing about, as well as the research she was doing. Not to mention putting together a tale that would be able to make readers cry and laugh.

She read books by Amanda Hocking and found out about her success with self-publishing her work. This made her decide she should self publish her first novel. Should only five people read the book and get enjoyment out the experience, it would be better than the story just staying put on her hard drive. She was surprised that readers actually enjoyed it.

Montague had an odd dream a few months later, and it turned into her second book. It was a young adult romance suspense that she called “Altered” and is part of her “Setenid Blight” series. Montague enjoyed writing the odd and close to the supernatural aspects of this book, that she wrote more paranormal romance, releasing another one. Writing this book got her hooked on writing books.

Facing mean reviews is tough for Kimberly, but she does like reading negative reviews with constructive criticism and positive reviews. The constructive criticism is something that she pays attention to while she is editing. Her fans are great at offering to beta read her material, as well as giving her the encouragement necessary to release another novel.

Even though she has a great time writing romance novels, she has to keep all her priorities straight. Lady Bug (her little girl) is getting older, and gets most of her attention. Montague also teaches in public school, something that is a lot more time consuming than anyone that is not an educator will be able to understand.

She does her best to write when she has enough time, and she always has ideas that come to her.

“Altered” is the first novel in the “Setenid Blight” series, which was released in the year 2012. There is a cave, deep in Nevada’s Sierra mountains, which has been a local legend for multiple centuries. It is said that the place is home to an ancient, vicious and deranged animal. While many have gone looking for it, what is within is much more dangerous than just a simple creature.

Piper “Evie” Kenley (who is seventeen) lives a life that has been far from calm, although, the turbulence of losing just about her whole family is nothing at all compared to what she is about to confront.

She has no other alternatives, and has to move in with her boyfriend (whom she has been seeing for seven years) and his family. Piper finds that she has a strong and an electric connection with the popular and handsome captain of the football team, named Devlin Vaughn. As hard as she tries, she is unable to stay away from this connection they have, and is left with a decision she has to make. Right when she feels she has things in order, there is a camping trip and a dare driven by testosterone that involves a cave. It is the one with a contagious and deadly secret that is going to send all of her world into total chaos.

“Divided” is the second novel in the “Setenid Blight” series, which was released in the year 2012. Piper survived the Setenid Blight Infection’s first wave, and is expected to go back to her own normal life. Keeping herself out of the Infecteds’ grasp is small potatoes to surviving the heartache she feels while being apart from Devlin Vaughn, now the love of her life.

This is not the typical long distance romance, though. Devlin was taken away from her by the military, before being used, right along with some other Infecteds (who were non-psychotic). With the goal of battling the killing and out of control Infecteds that make their way across the country. Evie has to summon up the intellect and courage to find Dev before it becomes too late. All while she fights all the dangers that look like they are stalking her and every move she makes.

“Manipulated” is the third novel in the “Setenid Blight” series, which was released in the year 2012. This is a stand alone novel, set in the Setenid Blight universe. Two months ago, Risa Neely (a senior in high school) had everything going her way: some good friends, a good education, and a mother that supported her. Everything changed when her new stepfather went and attacked her. She has no choice but to go to her absentee father when both her friends and mother believe the lies her stepdad is telling.

Right when she believes she is able to put this all behind her and start a safe, yet lonely existence, Brodie Decker (a bad boy and the hottest man whore the school has) knocks her off her feet. Literally. Brodie is drawn by how she is totally unimpressed by his ways, and knows that she hides behind a mask. He is going to get under it, determined to do so. He is blindsided by how strong the connection they feel for one another is.

Will Brodie be able to accept Risa as a permanent part of his life? Will Risa be able to trust Brodie enough to share her awful secrets with him? Is their connection going to be enough to keep them together after their family, friends, and the whole city is pulled under a lethal Setenid Blight quarantine?

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