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The Cooking for One Cookbook (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Savor (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dips, Spreads, Nosh (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Boards & Platters (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kimberly Stevens is a spiritual guide and cookbook author that which makes her one of the most bizarre authors out there.

While she has penned some spiritual guidebooks, she is best known for her cookbooks which have been critically acclaimed and sold thousands of copies across the world.

She published “Spirit Guides” her debut fiction work in 2014 before she went all in on cookbooks. Stevens published her debut cookbook “The Cooking for One Cookbook” in 2018 and has never looked back since.
She has now become known as a seasoned journalist and food writer who has contributed her work to many prestigious publications.

She has written stories for the likes of “The Wall Street Journal,” “The Los Angeles Times,” and “The New York Times” among many other local publications.

She currently makes her home in Los Angeles and in her spare time loves to collect all manner of cookbooks, go to the local farmers market to shop, and make meals for family and friends.

“Spirit Guides” by Kimberly Stevens is a work in which she teaches us how to make connections with spiritual guides so that we can travel across different spiritual dimensions.
She starts out by asserting that behind the bustle and hustle of everyday life there is a lot more that we cannot see without physical eyes.

Even though this world lives on a very different plane from the material one, the spirit world constantly interacts with the natural realm. The souls or spirits of dead people have the capacity to communicate with people willing to listen.
They usually have understanding and wisdom having lived on Earth but have also continued to grow and learn in the afterlife.

For this reason, Kimberley asserts that spirits may provide some great wisdom and insights to the living and could even be a guiding force in one’s life.
In her opinion, everyone comes with their own spirit guide that will become part of their life offering guidance, wisdom, and counsel.

She asserts that with the right techniques and knowledge, one can learn how to open themselves up to an understanding of the world beyond the natural and how to reach out to their spirit guide.

Among some of the things she teaches include how to contact a spirit guide, the origin of spiritualism, the purpose of spirit guides, the core beliefs of spiritualism, and how to detect the presence of spirits among many other aspects.

Kimberley Stevens’s work “Savor” is a work that shows you how to entertain with spreads, cheese, and charcuterie. For the most part, this is a guide to the pleasure and art of serving on charcuterie boards in a simple yet detailed guide.
Serving boards have that very uncanny capacity to bring out the mood of the host to their guests and transform the ambiance of a room as family and friends gather around to enjoy time and eat together.
In this book, the author goes deep into how to create delicious and memorable serving boards regardless of the occasion and the season.

The author provides some expert insights and advice including approaches and strategies for coming up with boards that balance textures and flavor profiles using inventive and elegant recipes.
Inside the book, Kimberly provides recipes and expert advice from Vermont Creamery, Murray’s Cheese, Ester’s Wine Shop & Bar, Publican Market, Blake Hill Preserves, The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, Mike’s Hot Honey, and Lady & Larder.
She provides delicious and practical guides on how to pair condiments, meats, cheeses, and many other ingredients to use on serving boards.

Lastly, you get more than 100 recipes for desserts, bread, crackers, spreads, dips, flavored nuts, pickles, and preserves among many others.

“The Cooking for One Cookbook” is a work that shows you that eating alone can also be a redemptive and very enjoyable experience as long as you have the right perspective and the right recipes.
The author asserts the truism that cooking for one is very hard but advises that sometimes it is critical to throw away the takeout menus and step away from the microwave.

By stepping away from overcooking and turning your kitchen into a celebratory place, cooking can become a very good place.

It provides more than a hundred delicious, healthy, easy, and perfectly sized recipes. It has dedicated chapters for snacks and desserts, salads and soups, make-ahead or meal prep meals, meats, vegetables, pasta, bows, and seafood.
It also includes techniques and tips for getting the perfect ingredient quality, organizing your kitchen, and stocking your pantry.

Whether you would just like to enjoy a quiet night away from family or you live alone the work will help in the preparation and planning of your cooking.

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