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Kimberly Stuart is an American author that writes romantic novels. She is best known for the Heidi Elliot series.

+The Story
Kimberly Stuart went to the University of Iowa and St. Olaf College. But the author doesn’t believe that her stint at either educational institute did much to prepare her for the rigors that came with becoming a mother and then attempting to write fiction.

Though by the time Kimberly’s fifth novel hit the bookshelves, she knew that there was no way she would ever stop writing fiction, not even in light of the challenges that came with trying to balance her children’s needs with her publisher’s deadlines.

Kimberly was a lively child. People who knew her later on in life might not have thought so, but the author loved to play. And that childlike part of her personality finally manifested when her husband and three kids came along.

The author, who is of Dutch ancestry, loved reading and telling stories. For a while, she experimented with music. But her love for the written word always resurfaced. At one point, she became obsessed with the serious side of literature.

She remembers becoming deeply immersed in dark poetry and the artsy side of fiction. But that phase did not last. Kimberly realized that she loved happy endings too much to indulge in the darker side of fiction. So by the time she became a mother and realized that writing fiction was her only source of escape, she had no doubt that she would thrive in the romance genre.

Few things are as effective at giving Kimberly Stuart a buzz as the process of creating romance on paper. The author loves the chemistry and the flirty interactions that accompany the romance genre.

She takes great pleasure in creating sparks of love between her characters and maintaining them over the course of a novel. Her protagonists are normally strong, cheerful, independent individuals whose lives transform when they meet their match in their soul mate.

The author works hard to create love stories that do not rely on sex to succeed. She has never understood the urge her colleagues in the romance genre have to immerse their readers in sensuality.

Kimberly believes that romance fiction can keep things hot by merely delivering engaging banter. And the author proves this by writing stories that approach their characters as puzzles that readers follow as they attempt to fit into each other’s lives.

Kimberly is certain that her work fills a gap in publishing that most romance novels tend to ignore. The author gets her inspiration from the authors she follows. She takes some of the stories she reads and attempts to approach them from a fresh angle.

She succeeds in adding new shades to the same old stories by carrying out extensive research with the purpose of uncovering some unique perspectives that might have gone unnoticed by the average romance author.

Kimberly admits that for all the joy she gets out of publishing, the arena is challenging and she has considered quitting on more than one occasion. While the author took to reading and writing at a young age, there was a time when she thought that writing was too impractical to pursue as a career.

Sure, she allowed herself to dream when she was much younger. But as the years went by and the author matured, she concluded that writing was little more than a dream that only the foolish dared to pursue.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the isolation and stress that motherhood exerted on her, and if Kimberly wasn’t so desperate for an outlet, she might never have experimented with the art.

She started out small. She wrote simple articles and stories about motherhood and faith and her personal experiences. Then she became bold enough to try her hand at longer fiction.

Back then, she thought she was best suited to dark literature. But as she practiced, it became clear that her natural voice was better suited to comedy. Things really took off when Kimberly Stuart attended the Blue Ridge Writers Conference in North Carolina.

She met Ray Blackstone, a fellow author who introduced her to some important people in the publishing field. He also encouraged her to keep pursuing her writing. And it was through that experience that Kimberly wrote and sold her first two books.

Kimberly has a pretty hectic schedule. She tries to get as much writing done in the afternoon as she possibly can. This is when her children are either at school or asleep, which means she has some quiet time to think.

While the author doesn’t always manage to write every day, she has a weekly goal that she always hits no matter the obstacles. While Kimberly has found a way to fit writing into her schedule, she has encountered a few challenges in the marketing department.

She does what she can to connect with readers through her blog and on social media but she would rather focus her efforts on writing.

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+Operation Bonnet
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An encounter with an Amish refugee takes Nellie into an Amish cooking class where she realizes that, for all her intelligence, she is more ignorant about real life and relationships than she could have ever imagined.

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