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Kimmery Martin is a North Carolina based emergency medicine doctor and reputed writer of fiction, adult, and contemporary stories. She has written two books based on medical fiction, which are widely popular. They have been praised by Southern Living, The New York Times, The Harvard Crimson, The Charlotte Observer, and many others. Kimmery considers herself a lifelong nerd of literature and often indulges in interviewing authors, teaching writing seminars, reviewing books, promoting reading and travel blogging. She also takes up speaking at conferences, bookstores, and libraries quite frequently all over the United States. Before deciding to enter the world of writing, Kimmery obtained medical training from the School of Medicine, Louisville University and School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University. She was born and brought up in Eastern Kentucky and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her doctor husband named James Fleischli and their three children.

Just like her, the characters of her books also hail from Kentucky, but their life story takes place in Charlotte. There have been several references made to Kimmery’s novels that they contain spot-on, witty observations and are fun to read. Many critics have labeled her first book, Queen of Hearts, like a cross between Big Little Lies and Grey’s Anatomy. It is a combination of love and medical drama gone wrong and revolves around the life of a trauma surgeon named Emma Colley and a pediatric cardiologist named Zadie Anson, their secrets and friendship. Author Kimmery has dedicated her first novel to her mom, whom she gives the credit of igniting the love of literature in her heart.

Kimmery’s mother used to make her visit libraries in Kentucky and read books to increase her knowledge about the literary world. Her website,, is full of reviews about the works of other writers. The list of Kimmery’s favorite authors includes Tom Wolfe and Bridget Jones. Kimmery claims that this personal literary combination is what brings success to her novels. She says that her interest in writing dates back to the first grade when she won her first prize in a short story competition. However, Kimmery’s literary interests went through a dry spell for many years as she got involved in her studies and then in medical practice. Finally, with the support of her husband and children, Kimmery thought of giving a try at writing a novel of her own. She used to take out time from her busy schedule and write several pages every day until she finished writing her debut novel. It surprised everyone from her family to friends and colleagues when Kimmery succeeded in publishing the book and achieve worldwide success.

When Kimmery is not busy with her writing interests, she can be found spending time with her children and looking after them. Most of her free time is spent doing the household chores that have been left unfinished. Kimmery’s daytime is usually spent in fulfilling her physician duties and serving on the boards of various non-profit organizations in Charlotte. She tries to take up exercising, cooking, and reading whenever she finds the time. Kimmery’s reputation as a Boggle champion is something that she likes to flaunt. As of now, Kimmery is looking forward to writing several more novels in the coming years and extending her career as a physician for as long as she can.

The debut novel written by author Kimmery Martin is entitled ‘The Queen of Hearts’. It was released by Berkley publication in 2018. Author Kimmery has mentioned the lead characters in this novel as Emma Colley, Nick Xenokostas, Zadie Anson, and several others. The book opens by depicting Zadie and Emma as best friends. They met for the first time when they were in their early 20s, which was also the first time they started navigating romantic relationships on a serious level during their medical school. Both of them are now happily married, have children, and also have successful careers, one as a trauma surgeon and the other as a pediatric cardiologist. They seem to be having chaotic lives in Charlotte, but they appear to be ok with it. The happiness in the lives of Emma and Zadie faces a threat with the sudden arrival of an ex-colleague, who unearths a secret that both the women had kept hidden for so long.

Nick Xenokostas was the chief resident and the center of the life of Zadie when they were in medical school together. A series of tragic events during the third year of college caused fallout in their relationship. Nick has been trying to overcome the trauma of her personal loss since then. The unexpected reappearance of Nick at a time when they were going through a professional crisis causes both the ladies to take a serious look at the hard choices that they had to make at the start of their respective careers. It becomes clear that Emma knew a lot more than what she revealed about the circumstances that almost cost everything for them, thereby making Zadie question all that she knew about her best friend.

The second novel of Kimmery’s career is called ‘The Antidote For Everything’. It was also published by Berkley in February 2020. This novel features the chief characters in the roles of Jonah Tsukada, Georgia Brown, and several others. Kimmery has set this book in Charleston, South Carolina. Initially, it is shown that Georgia Brown works as a professional urologist. Her work requires her to deal with many naked men. This has caused a fizzling of her romantic interests. Jonah Tsukada is the only person who holds the most importance in her life. He is her best friend and an emphatic, funny man. Jonah also works as a family doctor at the same hospital as Georgia. The two seem to be as close as family members.

When Georgia moves out of the country to attend a medical conference, Jonah shares shocking news with her. He tells her that the hospital has decided not to give medical care to transgender patients. And when he doesn’t agree to this condition, he gets fired from his job. Also, the hospital authorities didn’t like him because of his gay sexual orientation. Georgia is stunned after hearing this news and decides to fight alongside her best friend. All the steps taken by her end in more harm than good to both of them and result in many more losses to them than just their careers.

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