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Publication Order of Kincaid Brothers Books

Kaylee Ryan is a best-selling author who has topped the charts with her works at USA Today and the New York Times.

Kaylee is no stranger to writing romance stories and perhaps that is why her readers have dubbed her the Queen of Swoon! She has written several romance novels and is known for writing stories that have happily ever after endings as well as heart.

She loves to write but when she is not busy doing that, she can be found reading with a book firmly in hand. Otherwise, she likes to spend time with her family. Kaylee lives in Ohio, her home state.

Kaylee Ryan is the creator and the author of the Kincaid Brothers series. The series debuted in 2022 with the release of the first novel Stay Over, but there is also a prequel novella to kick everything off titled Stay Always. After Stay Over came the second novel in the series, Stay Forever. It was followed by the third novel, Stay Tonight, the fourth novel Stay Together, and the fifth novel, Stay Wild.

Stay Over is the first book in the Kincaid Brothers series by Kaylee Ryan. If you’ve been looking for a new romance to enjoy, give this one a try!

Main character Brooks is a single guy. When he accidentally overhears the best friend of his cousin telling them that she’s never been satisfied, it definitely is not his fault. He just happened to be there and overhear the conversation, nothing devious or bad planned. But it probably is his fault that he went out of his way and offered to help the gorgeous girl.

This was a bad move because her brother happens to be a friend, and every guy knows that you don’t date the sister of your male friend if you’re a guy. It’s just a rule. You do what you can to avoid going against bro code. But Brooks just can’t help himself when it comes to Palmer and before he knew it, he was putting it out there anyway.

Brooks knows that this is destined to probably be a bad idea, but it’s too late. He’s already gone ahead and asked her and she’s accepted. Now Palmer and Brooks are not just acquaintances, they are friends too. The types of friends that have benefits. Once that starts happening, it’s too late to pull back.

But getting into things, Brooks may have signed up for more than he bargained for. In a good way. Palmer is a gorgeous young girl and the fact that she’s supposedly off-limits makes her even more appealing. She’s also really stubborn, and once they start spending time together, Brooks can’t get enough. For the first time in his life that he can remember, every time they come together and she leaves, Brooks is the one that is left wanting more.

He loves hanging out with her and spending intimate times together, but he’s also tired of their arrangement meaning that she gets to walk away and he has to be fine with it. Personally, he’s starting to come around to the idea of a relationship between them. He’s ready for Palmer to stay and be in his life. Then there’s Palmer.

When she was talking to Brooks’s cousin, the last thing that she ever dreamed was that he would overhear what she was saying and it would go somewhere. He was her crush at the time, so maybe that’s not all a bad thing. She didn’t think that her crush hearing her confession would end up with her in his bed, that’s for sure. She also didn’t anticipate that once she was in the bed, she’d actually want to stay there, too.

Their relationship may be a secret, but it comes with its own rules. They shouldn’t get attached, have expectations, or develop feelings. There are no strings attached. Either of them can walk away whenever they want to. Personally, Palmer feels that rules are made to be broken. She’s also starting to suspect that she’s developing feelings for her hunky crush. Palmer knows that she has to walk away from this at some point before she gets her heart broken. She doesn’t want to stay too long to find out that Brooks really does want nothing more than a no-strings-attached fling.

Can the two communicate and find out how the other one feels? Or will their flirtation fizzle out before it ever becomes a relationship? Read this romance to find out!

Stay Forever is the second book in the Kincaid Brothers series by Kaylee Ryan. If you like romances and read the first novel and loved it, check out another intriguing romance starring all-new characters!

Declan is a guy that knows what he’s about, and when it comes to his world, it’s all about family. His existence revolves around taking care of his baby girl and making sure that she has everything that she needs. He never had the desire to let anyone else into the life that he shares with his daughter because he’s so protective of it and enjoys it so much. But the single father is about to find out that the right woman can turn all of your intentions upside-down.

Kennedy came into town and just like that, his whole feeling comfortable with being a single dad thing and his routine shifted. She’s the first woman that has come along that has been able to make him feel something in a long time. The only catch is that the beautiful and kind Kennedy is not prone to opening up and letting him in.

Kennedy adores him, and he sees her looking at him like he’s her world. She’s all that he never knew he wanted. She also has a great bond built with his daughter. The only issue is she’s departing in a couple of weeks. He needs to find out a way that he can get her to stay.

Kennedy came to Willow River to visit her grandmother for a bit. But she couldn’t help falling for Declan in the process. The single dad is handsome and everything feels right when she’s with him. But the timing might be wrong. Kennedy knows he’s the type that she should lock down, but this isn’t her home. When he asks her to stay, will she? Read this book to find out!

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