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Publication Order of The King Books

King is a series of Dark Urban Fantasy novels written by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. The books explore the journey of an ordinary woman whose life is upended when she meets a man that might not be human.

+The Story
A lot of readers struggle to categorize the King series. The books are marketed as dark fantasy. However, many a Mimi Jean Pamfiloff fan has rejected the notion that the King books are actually dark.

There is little in the way of overwhelming violence or gore. Then again, there are readers who believe that the dark imagery the author plays with more than justifies the ‘Dark fantasy’ categorization.

The series centers on Mia and her tumultuous relationship with the enigmatic King. Mia Turner was just an ordinary woman. She had an amazing job that allowed her to travel the country.

She had great friends and a family she couldn’t get enough of. All in all, Mia had a life most people could only dream of. But then her brother disappeared and everything fell apart.

Mia and Justin were especially close. So when he suddenly fell off the face of the planet, she made it her mission to track him down. However, Mia quickly found that efforts were being made to stonewall her at every corner.

No one would give her the answers she wanted and Mia was fairly certain that someone was working very hard to keep her from learning the truth about her brother’s disappearance.

And ultimately, they succeeded. Mia was all but ready to surrender her search, to forget her brother and to give into despair. But then the unexpected happened; Mia Turner was introduced to a mysterious billionaire only known as King.

Everything about King screamed at Mia to flee. He was probably the most handsome man she had ever seen. And he lived a life of luxury that Mia never dreamed possible.

This was on top of all the authority he commanded. And yet, there was darkness in him, a cruelty she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Mia would have loved nothing better than to trust her instincts and put King in her rearview mirror.

But the billionaire made Mia an offer she couldn’t refuse. Not only did he know the whereabouts of Justin, her brother, but he had the resources to bring him back to her. However, in exchange for rendering such a service, Mia had to give herself to King.

She had to place herself at the mercy of his authority, to give her heart, body, and soul to him and to do his bidding whenever he commanded. Where other women might have scoffed, Mia’s steely resolve to rescue her brother compelled her to acquiesce to King’s proposal.

The King series is an exploration of the relationship that begins to form between King and Mia from that point onward.

The King series initially looks like a relatively average collection of erotic romance novels with a few thrills thrown in for good measure. After all, Mia and King are drawn to one another from the moment their eyes lock.

And a significant portion of the first novel is spent digging into the sexual tension that continuously ignites between them. However, as the series progresses, it quickly becomes clear that the King series is more fantasy than contemporary romance.

First, there is King himself. At first, Mia is merely taken aback by his wealth and power. But as she begins to dig beneath the surface and as she closely scrutinizes her master’s mannerisms, his proclivities, she begins to suspect that King might not be wholly human.

In fact, that becomes the driving factor of the first half of the King series. Readers follow Mia on her journey as she tries to definitively figure out what sort of creature King might be.

The author is not immediately forthcoming with answers. She actually goes to great lengths to obfuscate the issue of King’s existence, leaving readers to wonder whether their hero is actually a supernatural entity or if Mia is merely letting her imagination lead her astray.

There are also the machinations of the Ten Club, a grouping of the most powerful and most evil men and women the world has ever seen. This is on top of Mia’s own supernatural abilities; gifts that she doesn’t truly understand but which drew King to her in the first place.

While there is plenty of action and adventure, not to mention the mystery surrounding Mia’s brother’s disappearance and the artifact King is so determined to acquire, the King novels never lose sight of their focus, which is the romance between Mia and King.

Mia wants to love King. But the more time she spends in his company, the more exposure she gets to his evil tendencies.

+The Author
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is an American author who obtained an MBA and then spent over a decade in the corporate world before finally abandoning everything she knew to pursue her dream.

She eventually became a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author.

Mia Turner is really close to her brother. So when he goes missing at an archeological dig, she makes it her mission to find him. But just when she’s all but ready to throw in the towel, she meets King, a handsome, wealthy man who promises to find her brother on her behalf, but only if she gives herself to him.

+King for a Day
The disappearance of Mia Turner’s brother tethered her life to that of King, a billionaire that might be the devil. Mia has come to accept her feelings of lust for King. But she also knows that he is evil and that she must escape him.

But when he disappears, Mia realizes that she is suddenly vulnerable to the influence of his depraved social circle.

The Ten Club, the group to whom King is loyal, are owed a debt. King promised to accomplish certain tasks for them and if he doesn’t fulfill his promises, they will lay claim to all his property, which includes Mia.

Mia must step into King’s shoes and play his evil role to the best of her ability.

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