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Publication Order of Kingdom Keepers Books

Publication Order of Kingdom Keepers: The Return Books

Disney Lands (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legacy of Secrets (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Disney at Last (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Kingdom Keepers: Inheritance Books

The Shimmer (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kingdom Keepers Inheritance: Villains' Realm (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Kingdom keepers is a series by Ridley Pearson published by Disney Hyperion and Disney editions. The series is of children’s novels and the first book was released on 29th August 2005. The main plot in the series is about five teenagers who are holographic hosts during the day at Disney Theme parks. At night, they fight villains for control of the world, the Disney entertainment empire and for control of the park. The series is full of twists and turns to make the plot even more interesting with a lot of surprises on the way. After years of fighting the villains, they disappear but make an unexpected come back to haunt the five teens. With black magic and other strong super powers, the witches have more power to defeat the teens and render all of L.A defenseless. However, there is hope for the keepers to save the kingdom from destruction and they will do anything to do so.

The characters in the series can be characterized into two main categories; the keepers, who are the five teens and the overtakers who are the villains.

The Keepers.

· Lawrence Finnegan Whitman “Finn”.

Finn is the smartest one in the kingdom which earned him the position of the leader of the group. His courage, wisdom and creativity help him come up with the best solutions to avert any pending dangers.

· Charlene Turner.

Charlene is a champion gymnast, cheerleader, dancer and a track runner. This overachiever girl is very smart, easy going and makes friends very easily. The sweet girl, is, however, still scared of the dark and of all the keepers she the one who is most afraid of the villains.

· Terrence Maybeck “Donnie”.

To Maybeck, being cool comes easily for him with his great sense of humor. He is more of a loner and not very enthusiastic about stuff but the girls at school absolutely love him. He is the one who brings a different perspective to the way of thinking whenever they are faced with a crucial decision to make.

· Isabella Angelo “Willa”.

She is the nerd in the group and she is a very smart geek. When it comes to any activity, she likes to play by the rules and never breaks any rules of the park. She is also very pretty, loves animals and has some very geek-like hobbies that you will like.

· Dell Philby.

For dell, no electronic equipment is too difficult for him to manage. He is a computer geek and a great researcher who has any information at his fingertips. Girls of course love him but he wants nothing to do with them and his laptop is his closest friend.

The Villains.

· Chernabog.

He looks like a bat monster and is the leader of the overtakers. Philby refers to him as the baddest of the bad as he is the most powerful demon ever created.

· Maleficent.

She is the main antagonists in most of the books in the series and has very powerful abilities. She leaves chills wherever she goes and her powers is something that still amazes the keepers as they can’t figure out how come she is that powerful.

· The Queen.

She is the newest of the overtakers in the series but she is also just as powerful as maleficent. With just a lick of her finger she can cast any kind of spell.

· Cruella De Vil.

Although she possesses no magical powers, she is the evil queen’s sidekick.

· Judge Claude frollo.

She is also one of the newest members in the series and does a great job in trying to extract information out of people.

· Jafar.

His main goal is to become the ruler of the kingdom. Unlike the others, he is not really interested in the evil plans that Maleficent has.

· Shan Yu.

He is a very confident and daring character. At one point, he approached the leader of the keepers and demanded to be given powers that he possesses.

Other main characters in the series are allies of the keepers who are friends of Finn from school and other popular Disney characters.

Some of the early books in the series include:

– Disney After Dark.

The five teens, Finn, Charlene, Willa, Maybeck and Philby have been chosen to serve as holographic guides of the theme park, DHI in Walt Disney World. They find themselves transported into the magic kingdom each night where they battle the Disney villains referred to as the Overtakers. They fight to save the Walt Disney World and the world at large from these villains.

– Disney at Dawn.

In this book, after a long silence and peace at the Magic Kingdom for months, the villains make a surprise return. The stakes are higher this time round as the Overtakers come with even greater powers than before but the keepers are short of numbers since Amanda’s sister, who is friend is missing. The keepers try to find her, at the same time keep the villains away in their animal kingdom. Apparently, the Overtakers have gained access to computer servers and are working on a master plan to wreak havoc in the Disney kingdom. The danger is, the overtakers have control of the servers and if the keepers fall asleep they may sleep forever. They are working on a race against time to locate and destroy the servers before they fall asleep.

Ridley Pearson has always wanted to release a Kingdom of the Keepers movie ever since he released the first book. This, however, is yet to be put into production. For those who love gaming, there is an online game for them to check out. It is called Kingdom Keepers Online and is a thrilling experience. The series has an exciting plot and a great story behind it. The Disney characters perfectly deliver the story and every theme perfectly for the audience. just when you think you have figured out what to expect, there will always be a new twist that will baffle you. The Kingdom keepers are a great production from the Disney world and everyone will absolutely love it.

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