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Publication Order of Kingdom of Lies Books

A Court This Cruel and Lovely (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crown This Cold and Heavy (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Queen This Fierce and Deadly (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kingdom of Lies (Series by Stacia Stark)
Stacia Stark writes the “Kingdom of Lies” series of romantasy/New Adult novels. The books have steam and even though they are slow burn, the chilli pepper rating for each novel increases with each book.

“A Court This Cruel and Lovely” is the first novel in the “Kingdom of Lies” series and was released in 2023. For years, whenever Prisca would fall asleep, she would dream about a man with a cruel smile and these blazing green eyes. The day that she meets him finally, the ruthless mercenary just leaves her for dead.

Only hours after a human is born, the gods take what little power the hybrids have. In return, the gods protect the hybrids’ borders from the merciless and vicious fae. The humans that manage to keep their power are referred to as the corrupt. And they are burned.

When Prisca’s forbidden power is discovered, she is forced to flee from her little village and the life she adores. In order to survive, she makes this desperate bargain with the mercenary that abandoned her at her weakest. Their deal is a simple one: she will help him and his mysterious friends sneak into the city. And he is going to help her learn how to wield the dark and strange power that she has always kept hidden. This power which might just be the key to her own survival.

However the ruthless mercenary is hiding his own secrets. Ones which threaten the safety of everybody that she loves. Secrets which could rip this whole kingdom, and possibly even this world, apart.

Enemies to lovers, secrets, magic, and slow burn. Prisca shows us again and again how brave, tricky, smart, kind, and fearless she is after she left the village and her family. Her development is fantastic, just flexible enough of a character to evolve from the small and hidden away village girl that owns her power. She is a total feisty badass.

Lorian is a character that is able to make you laugh when you shouldn’t have and makes you like him when you shouldn’t have. It’s nice getting his thoughts too, which can be so ruthless and coarse, but it’s great getting to hear his thoughts about her. Even when he did not want to. He could be very cold at the drop of a hat. And in the next moment he would kill for you, trick you or be protective. And keep his secrets for himself. It makes it so that you never really know which side Lorian will show you. But you still fall for each and every side of him, which you don’t think is somehow possible. Such a morally gray male character is gladly able to steal your heart, even if you don’t want him to.

“A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty” is the second novel in the “Kingdom of Lies” series and was released in 2023. Risk it all for your kingdom, or get destroyed by it. In a world that is darkened by deceit, the truth is this light that just will not be dimmed. Even when it illuminates Lorian’s betrayals more starkly than Prisca could ever want to see.

They call him the Bloodthirsty Prince. His reign of terror has left this trail of blood clear across this continent. It is a trail that intertwines with Prisca’s own past, not even her parents got spared from his merciless slaughter. In order to save her brother’s life, she agreed to another bargain with the fae prince. Now, she is being forced to work with the man. Forced to spend her every waking moment with the man that betrayed her. Forced to travel out to the fae lands. And it’s all because King Sabium has woven this deadly tapestry of manipulation, using those they have least suspected for all his wicked schemes.

There aren’t any lines that Prisca would not cross in order to keep the people she loves safe. So she will work with her former enemies. She’ll blackmail, manipulate, and deceive her potential allies. She will bury her shattered heart, swallow her pride, and cooperate with the fae in order to get ready for the coming war. Because there are creatures out there much more monstrous than the fae. Some of them masquerade as men.

“A Crown This Cold and Heavy” is the third novel in the “Kingdom of Lies” series and was released in 2023. Something unimaginable has happened, and none of their lives are ever going to be the same again. Surrounded by enemies, Prisca has never been further away from her own crown. Or closer to death.

Amid a betrayal they could not have anticipated, she will do whatever is necessary to work her way back to Lorian, before his fury lays waste to this continent. Alliances are getting broken and forged, their enemies are unifying, and Regner’s spiders are now closer than ever before.

They have just the one shot to prevent him from attaining god like powers and enslaving all the humans, the fae, and hybrid across all four of the kingdoms. Meanwhile, the human king believes that Prisca is trapped here, yearning for death, and just waiting for Lorian to save her. However Regner has yet to realize that she will stop at nothing in order to free her people. And he is the one that should be afraid of her.

The novel is a mix of politics, action, magic, love, passion, and sorrow, and fans adored it. It’s a darker read than the first two, focusing more on the political moves that Prisca and the other rulers of the Realm have been making. Despite everything that Prisca has to endure, remains just as fierce and strong as ever, and she’s growing into the queen that Lorian knew that she could be.

Some found themselves especially loving the chapters told from Madinia’s perspective. It’s obvious she is more than just a condescending and haughty lady, and getting chapters from her point of view allow you to understand where she’s coming from that much better.

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