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Kingdom of Runes Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kingdom of Runes Books

Oath Taker (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curse Breaker (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King Maker (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Light Singer (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Bringer has not yet been released.

Kingdom of Runes Series

An American writer of Young Adult and fantasy fiction, Audrey Grey is well known for her incisive and intelligent genre fiction. Highly regarded around the world, she’s been particularly extremely well received in a number of different quarters, becoming a bestselling author all around the world. Speaking to readers directly in her own unique style, she’s extremely gifted at creating an air of tension and suspense, capturing her readers instantly. This has proven to be a hugely successful formula for her over the years, making an impact with her own distinct voice and style.

Creating numerous series over the years too, she’s also well known for writing the ‘Kingdom of Runes’ series of novels. This would be an action packed fantasy series that really made an impact with its first release and has continued to do so with each thrilling instalment. Set in a time of magic, kings, and high epic fantasy, there’s plenty of drama and suspense to keep the reader coming back for more.

With five books in the series so far and counting, this is an ongoing series that has a lot to offer fans of the fantasy genre. Operating as a complete series, it’s best that they’re read in order, as the story is an epic ongoing saga, with plenty of arcs continuing throughout. Easy to follow, it’s an accessible series that’s great for a wide-range of different readers, making for an extremely engaging set of stories.

Oath Taker

First brought out in 2019 on the 19th of May through the Starfall Press publishing imprint, this would be the book that would set up the ‘Kingdom of Runes’ series for the very first time. Establishing all of the characters and managing the world-building, it would work extremely well at presenting the concept to a new audience. Working as a high fantasy series with plenty of action for Young Adult readers, it’s piece of genre fantasy fiction that really delivers.

Haven Ashwood is a young seventeen-year-old who’s been spending her time protecting the Prince of Penryth from the monsters beyond the castle walls. Then one of the monsters kidnaps Prince Bell, and it is up to Haven to journey with Archeron Halfbane and his team of immortals to save the prince. She must now deal with the feelings she’s developing for Archeron, all the while coping with her own powers rising up, as well as with the chaos of the world around her. Will she be able to find her way, can she survive this ordeal, and what exactly will become of the one known as the Oath Taker?

Opening the series up, this does an excellent job of introducing readers to the world for the very first time. Establishing all the main characters extremely well throughout too, it jumps straight into the action, wasting no time at all. The action itself is definitely well managed, pushing the concept to its limit, and really making the most of it throughout at every stage.

Curse Breaker

Once again published through the Starfall Press publishing house, this would also come out in 2019, this time on the 7th of August. Setting up the thrilling sequel to the first, this would be the second in the ongoing ‘Kingdom of Runes’ series of now much love novels. There’s definitely a lot to enjoy here, as it continues in much the same vein as the first, really taking the action up a level.

She survived the devourers, but now it seems that Haven still is no closer to breaking her curse than she was beforehand. On top of all that, she must also control her powers raging within, as they threaten to subsume her, growing stronger every day. All the while she’s fighting for the Sun Lord, as her dreams at night get taken up by the Shade Lord, as she struggles with both. Can she possibly manage to rise above it all, will she be able to survive once again, and can she be saved by the Curse Breaker?

Following up on all the promise of the original title, this really pushes the series to its limit once again, allowing the entire world to come alive. Developing the many characters and their arcs, there’s a lot here to really get fully invested in, as it wholly delivers on the concept of the first. There’s lot of surprising and intriguing twists too, allowing it to really come to life on several different levels.

King Maker

The third book in the ‘Kingdom of Runes’ collection of books, this would provide yet another adventure for Haven Ashwood set in the same world. Carrying on in a similar vein as before, it would once more be published through the ‘Starfall Press’ outlet to a now eager audience. Published on the 6th of February in 2020, it would also pave the way for the fourth book titled ‘Light Singer’ released later that same year, and the fifth book, ‘Dark Bringer,’ published in 2021.

Arriving back in Penryth beset with terrible and hideous secrets threatening to take a hold, Haven and her team are hailed as heroes by everyone. Coping with her magical powers, she must also deal with the lie that she and Prince Bell now share between them both. That’s when an emissary arrives in the region of Penryth, drafting Haven for a magical tournament, as she must once again travel to a far off land with the prince. Will they be able to survive the court of Archeron’s dangerous mother, can they cope with the politics of the world around them, and what will become of the King Maker?

With this being the third book in the series, it’s still running strong, offering plenty of action and excitement throughout at every stage. The premise still feels fresh and inventive, with the characters themselves leaping off the page, as they feel wholly grounded and real. It’s a series that has multiple layers to it, as Grey is definitely a master of her craft, which is clearly self-evident here and throughout.

The Kingdom of Runes Series

As classic high fantasy series’ go, it doesn’t get much more epic than this, in what is a collection of books that does exactly what they set out to. Knowing the genre extremely well, Audrey Grey makes the most of the highly compelling premise, really pushing it to the limit. There’s a lot here for fans of the genre and newcomers alike, as they’ll definitely get a lot out of the highly compelling series. Best read in order, the character development coupled with the world-building is exemplary, as it’s a series that will continued to be discovered with every passing day.

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