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Publication Order of Kingdom Trilogy Books

The Lion Wakes (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Lion Rampant (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kingdom Trilogy is a series authored by Robert Low. A great work of historical fiction, the series serves as a great insight into the age of Kings. The period that witnessed Scottish War of Independence and some great kings of all time like William Wallace, Bruce and King Edward Longshaks.
A description of the few of the leading characters of the trilogy will give you a good idea about the exceptional work of fiction done by Robert in this series. He has broken all boundries of historical novels which used to stick with the leading characters like famous kings and Warriors. He has used simple characters and filled them with life by giving a great amount of importance to each of them.

About The Author
Robert Low is a humorous soul and a committed journalist. He started writing novels at the second innings of his life, when most people plan their retirements. Born and brought up in Scotland, Robert is a committed professional. His professional journey began at an early age of seventeen and he did a commendable job in covering the Vietnam war at the age of 19.

Yes, he admits that going to Vietnam is a mistake of a kind and he has pledged to never repeat the same. Although, he has a habit of running into trouble and has visited places like Kosovo, Albania, Sarajevo etc. in the time of crisis.

He is definitely a character of a novel himself with a life full of adventures and heroism. Yet, he calls every single of them as an act of foolishness.
He wrote the trilogy to give people a true idea about the Scottish history, instead of what they have learnt from Hollywood super hits. The trilogy is a great read, and the way he wrote it, it’s an amazing experience. One can easily find himself in the middle of a Scottish battlefield in their dreams.

The characters of the book are a little different from what everyone expects, Robert has used a wide variety of Characters instead of capitalizing on some popular Royal characters that everyone knows about. He has tried his best to give importance to the characters which would give equal importance to each of them. Here are a few characters from the series that will really impress you.


Hal or Sir Henry Sientcler is a character that holds the fortress of Rosslyn. The character has a powerful presence throughout the series as the trilogy is focused on the Lothain region which became the battlefield of the many wars of Independence. Hal is a powerful character a minor Nobel of the region who is highly admired by his people. He has a stronghold in a region of inconsistent terrain, weather and loyalties.
Hal fights crucial battles in the series like Stirling Brig, Falkirk etc. which make his character one of the most powerful characters of the trilogy. He saves Wallace, fights powerful enemies and wars giving the character a huge importance in the series.

The famous Robert the Bruce is in driving seat of the whole series. Starting as a young, darly handsome, angry man who is obsessed by the desire to sit over the Scotland’s throne and put the atrocities of the English to an end. Bruce is the key character of the series with his key roles in battle, politics and power shift.
He starts as a normal young lad in the first book of the trilogy and ends up defeating the King of realm, Edward II the successor of Edward I who fought him till he died. The shifting loyalties of Bruce are also notable, once and ally of the English throne becomes the one who eventually occupies it.

William Wallace
William Wallace has a powerful presence in the first title of the series. In the second title ‘The Lion at Bay’ he loses the battle of Falkirk and fled to France. The defeat somehow brings his character, although he was spared his life by a heroic effort by Hal. Starting as a rebel against the English empire, he becomes a legend and faces a series of challenges throughout the series.

King Edward I
Edward I is shown as a true opportunist who tries every hook and crook to keep the region in his control. He is the most nefarious character in the series but finds himself a tool being used by both Wallace and Bruce against each other. King Edward I is shown as a powerful king who ensures the strong hold of the British in the region against all odds and growing powers like Wallace and Bruce.

King Edward II
King Edward II the successor of King Edward I was the English king who was defeated by Bruce. His father King Edward I fought with Bruce all his life and never let him get an acre of land from his kingdom. King Edward II is a big failure who loses his whole kingdom to Bruce. His character is beautifully depicted throughout the third title ‘The Lion Rampant’ of the trilogy. He tried everything in his power to save his kingdom, but determined Bruce take it all one battle at a time.

When we read historic novels after watching a Hollywood movie on it, we find nothing new and special. The Kingdom trilogy differs from all those novels, it is a perfect novel that beautifully uses the characters and gives them equal importance at all times. Unlike historical works which tend to boast the kings and the legends, the book gives great importance to ordinary characters like Hal. Such characters are mostly missing in the movies. So, no matter how much history you have read or movies you have watched, this series will definitely offer something new to you.

Another great aspect of the Kingdom Trilogy is its great details of every event. Whether it is a small battle by a minor noble or a campaign by William Wallace, the series gives equal importance to them. The shifting loyalties, politics, romance, wars, the series has everything that you can ever expect from a novel. If you have a keen interest in history it is a book specially written for you, the author has used the best way to present a very long series of exciting events which changed the world.

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