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Kingkiller Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kingkiller Chronicle Books

The Name of the Wind (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wise Man's Fear (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Slow Regard of Silent Things (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Narrow Road Between Desires (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Kingkiller Chronicle Short Stories/Novellas

How Old Holly Came to Be (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lightning Tree (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Kingkiller Chronicle book series is an exciting series of epic fantasy, adventure, adult fiction, and high fantasy stories. It is written by a reputed American writer named Patrick Rothfuss. Every book of this series revolves around the life of the central character named Kvothe. Patrick has portrayed Kvothe as a musician and adventurer. The story is described in the third person narrative and most of the events are narrated by Kvothe himself. He is mostly seen describing his story in the first person to a companion. Patrick Rothfuss came up with the idea of the first book in 2007. He wrote and published it in the same year. The second book took four years to come out. Patrick has also finished writing the third book. This series has sold more than ten million copies worldwide collectively. Patrick Rothfuss has divided the plot into two timelines.

The first timeline is the present one in which Kvothe narrates the story of his life to a person called the Chronicler. In the second timeline, the past life of Kvothe is described, which also constitutes the major portions of the first two novels. The interludes of the present-day are mentioned in the third person from the point of view of multiple characters. An important aspect of this series is the inclusion of meta-fictional stories inside stories from different perspectives. Patrick has depicted them as having been recounted by the lead character Kvothe, who appears to have come to know about them through other characters in the past. After the successful release of the second novel, Patrick Rothfuss declared that he is working on a third novel that will continue from where the second novel had ended and will the last installment of this series.

The events in the books take place in a fictional place called Four Corners, located in the world known as ‘Temerant’. This world is depicted as having a similar time period like the Middle Ages. There are mentions of the presence of medieval technology, including metallurgy, agriculture, domestication, naval engineering, chemistry, plumbing, Gothic architecture, etc. In addition to Kvothe, other essential characters mentioned in the novels by Patrick Rothfuss include Devan Lochees, Bast, Denna, Ambrose Jakis, Master Elodin, Master Kilvin, Master Brandeur, Master Herma, Master Arwyl, Master Lorren, Simmon, Fela, Master Elxa Dal, Manet, Master Mandrag, Wilem, MOla, Stanchion, Auri, Devi, Deoch, CXount Dennais Threpe, Meluan Lackless, Bredon, Maershin Lerand Alveron, Caudicus, Tempi, Trapis, Skarpi, Pike, Felurian, Penthe, Magwyn, Shehyn, Celean, Vashet, Carceret, etc.

In 2013, the series was optioned to be adapted into a TV series by the 20th Century Fox production company. The company had formed a team that included Andrew Plotkin, Robert Lawrence, Arnon Milchan, and Brad Weston. However, the agreement expired in 2015 and the rights of the series returned to Patrick Rothfuss. In the same year, Patrick announced that he has been approached by Lionsgate to adapt this series into a video game, a film, and a TV series. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Court, John Rogers, Robert Lawrence, and Patrick were selected to be the executive producers. As of 2018, the adaptation was still in progress and Sam Raimi was roped in to direct a film based on the series.

The debut book of The Kingkiller Chronicle series written by author Patrick Rothfuss is entitled ‘The Name of the Wind’. It was released by the Penguin Group DAW publication in 2007. This novel introduced Kvothe as a man gifted with magic. He is adventurous and has an interest in music. Told in his own voice, Kvothe’s story in this book shows how he goes on to become the most notorious wizard in his world. At first, there is an intimate description of Kvothe’s childhood when he travelled with a group of players. Then comes the part where he spends several years experience dangers at every step while living as an orphan in a city ridden with crime. Kvothe moves on to make a successful attempt at joining a legendary magic school.

The later part of this novel shows how Kvothe becomes a fugitive following a king’s murder and spends the rest of his life being on the run. This novel is filled with high-action and written beautifully by the poetic hands of Patrick Rothfuss. It has been labeled as a masterpiece that has the potential to transport the audience into the mind and body of a wizard and enjoy his story with a surreal experience. This book was nominated for reputed awards, including the Crompton Crook Award, Locus Award, Grand Prix de I’Imaginaire prize, Tahtifantasia Award, Premio Ignotus prize, etc. The second volume of this epic fantasy series is known as ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’. It was also published by the DAW Books publication in 2011. This book opens by showing that Kvothe has a habit of stealing princesses while their kings keep themselves indulged in their sleep. He has burned down the Trebon town and has spent nights with the Felurian, leaving with both his life and his sanity.

When Kvothe was of a younger age, he was dismissed from the University. As a result, he was forced to tread paths during nights that most others fear to choose even during the day. Kvothe has spoken to Gods, written songs, and loved women. Because of his escalating rivalry with a member of the powerful noble family, Kvothe was forced to move out of the University in between his tenure and made to seek fortune in foreign places. Without any penny in hand and any plans about his future, Kvothe arrived in Vintas. Soon after his arrival, he got entangled in the courtly society’s politics. When he was trying to get the favor of a powerful noble, Kvothe uncovered an assassination attempt. Due to this, he found himself in a conflict with an arcanist. Thus, Kvothe was forced to lead several mercenaries and move into the wild to try and solve the mystery regarding who or what was causing trouble to travelers treading the King’s Road.

While dealing with all this, Kvothe searched for answers about his parents’ deaths and attempted to unravel the truth about the Chandrian, the mysterious and suspicious Amyr. When the Adem mercenaries came across Kvothe, they put him up for trial. Later, Kvothe ended up reclaiming the Edema Ruh’s honor and traveled into the realm of Fae. There, he discovered Felurian, the beautiful faerie lady that no man could resist. Legend has it that no man has survived Felurian and Kvothe found out the reason behind it when he felt her presence very close to him. This novel was nominated for a few prestigious awards, including the Locus Award, Tahtifantasia Award, Goodreads Choice Award, etc. It won the David Gemmell Legend Award in the category of the Best Fantasy Novel of 2012.

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