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Kings of Cypress Pointe Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kings of Cypress Pointe Books

By: Rachel Jonas, Nikki Thorne

Kings of Cypress Pointe
Authors Rachel Jonas and Nikki Thorne pen the “Kings of Cypress Pointe” series of New Adult Romance novels. The books are a spin off to “Kings of Cypress Prep” series.

This series contains strong bully themes. So for those that don’t love romances where hate turns into love (eventually), and if you’re not into heroes of the unapologetically alpha variety, then this may not be the series for you.

The angst in this series will have you burning through each of the pages to figure out what happens next. Due to the sexual situations and the adult themes, this is only for the 18 and up crowd. No trigger warnings needed, but do expect a happily ever after.

The first three books in the series form a trilogy and should be read in publication order.

“The Golden Boys” is the first novel in the “Kings of Cypress Pointe” series and was released in 2020. West Golden is so very easy to hate, yet so tough to resist. Don’t let that pretty face fool you, he’s not the boy next door, nor is he the sort you trust with your heart. The guy is the devil in designer jeans, with all of the charm of a bona fide psycho. Trust her, she knows.

The guy swears that Blue Riley did something to cross him before she could even step foot inside of Cypress Prep, however it is a lie. Nobody knows better than Blue that she’s exhausted all of her other chances. Another misstep and she can just kiss her future goodbye, which means she couldn’t possibly be guilty of whatever it is that he thinks she’s done.

West marks her with a target anyway, and being this town’s football star, nobody dares to go against something he says. His status, money, and the loyalty of his equally entitled brothers makes him seem rather untouchable. Only, Blue knows better than that.

This false god is not infallible like he’d like the world believe. Whenever Blue stares into his devilish green eyes, she sees it plain as day. His one and only weakness. The chink in the man’s armor. Blue, herself.

The King of Cypress Prep has met his match finally and taking him down just became an inside job.

Blue is a strong female character that works hard in order to ensure a better future, both for herself as well as for her sister. Here is a novel that has the mystery, steam, and passion.

“Never His Girl” is the second novel in the “Kings of Cypress Pointe” series and was released in 2020. West Golden: playboy, football star, dead to Blue Riley. Nothing puts the last bullet in a girl’s reputation quite like a leaked sex tape. Particularly one that stars her and the cocky quarterback that has had it out for her since the first day. Yep, that’s right, that girl is Blue.

West is king at Cypress Prep, however all Blue sees when she looks his way is the wicked jerk that gets off on attempting to break her. His plaything.

Give the guy a round of applause for winning that final round, however know this: hell hath no fury quite like a girl from the south side with a baseball bat. Hurt her once, shame on you. Hurt her twice, over her dead body.

“Forever Golden” is the third novel in the “Kings of Cypress Pointe” series and was released in 2021. West Golden: fierce protector and the one. The cocky jock that Blue used to want to murder with her bare hands now is the one and only she truly trusts with her heart.

In a city that is filled with dark secrets and corruption, knowing who is on your side gets tougher to figure out with each passing day. Particularly now that Vin’s out on the warpath, passing threats out that he fully intends to see through to the very end. His power in Cypress Pointe appears to be limitless, and Blue doesn’t have the time to see if that is true. She is prepared to make some sacrifices to protect her family. Even if it’s her happiness getting sacrificed.

While their circle of loyal friends becomes clear, they cling to it, since it is all any of them has. And if there is one thing that Vin did not count on, it is that blood is not always thicker than water. Vin may just learn firsthand why it is never wise to cross the king’s queen.

“Pretty Boy D” is the fourth novel in the “Kings of Cypress Pointe” series and was released in 2021. Dane Golden: temptation in football cleats and best friend. Roommate? Joss is screwed.

His followers don’t just call him Pretty Boy D for nothing. The guy’s literally God’s gift to women, and Joss should know. She has seen girls throw themselves at him since puberty. Sharing his loft should be easy. However shortly after she settles in, they realize that being “only friends” was much easier when they weren’t sleeping under the same roof.

Seven years spent believing they had this down to a science gets tossed out the window the night that Dane gets a look at Joss’ “Never Have I Ever” list. Now, the guy is on a quest to help her cross off the four top items. Some of which are not quite as innocent as he would expect.

What he is proposing is going to break the rules that they agreed to when she first came to stay with him. He wants her to give in, let her guard down, and face her own feelings for once. At least, that is what that wicked look in Dane’s eyes and the mounting heat between them would suggest.

This is not how she imagined being roommates would actually go. However a girl can just stare down temptation right in its green eyes for so very long and not weaken. Joss’ best friend wants to have his way with her and, right or wrong, she thinks she may just let him.

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