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A Backwater Blessing (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The “Kings of Guardian” series is a set of suspense novels by paranormal romance and romantic suspense author Kris Michaels. The Amazon and USA Today bestselling author loves to write romance stories that feature male leads from military or law enforcement backgrounds. Michaels is a native of South Dakota and she grew up in one of the many remote villages in the state. She has said that her school was so remote that the entire graduating class at her high school was composed of thirteen students of which eleven were girls and two were boys. As a young adult, Michaels joined the military and it is there that she met the man that she would later marry. The two would subsequently travel all over the world for several years before she decided to settle down and become a fiction author. She had always been an avid watcher of people and a dreamer and she put these talents to work in writing her novels.

Kris Michaels has asserted that her career as a fiction author was born from reading a novel five years before he wrote his first manuscript. It was a beautiful story that got him thinking that he could write something similar and maybe even become a fiction author. Once he wrote “A Heart’s Desire,” his debut novel and made the USA Today bestselling list, he knew that he could call himself an author. Michaels usually writes across genres though she is best known for stories set in exotic locations. She will usually write about alpha male heroes that typically have a military background who fall in love with sassy and strong women that kick ass just like them. She has also written several gay romance novels but in general her works can be classified as romance fiction.

The “Kings of Guardian” series follow the life and times of heroes and heroines that live, love, and fight for their love and lives. The heroes are alpha men with military backgrounds that are damaged but by the love of their women manage to make something of their lives. The debut novel of the series tells the story of Jacob King who storms into an Afghani village to find a woman that had been held and tortured for months. She is just the type of woman he could love and he sets out to come to know her. The second novel of the “Kings of the Guardian” series is “Joseph” that tells Em and Joseph’s story. She is an expert trauma doctor while he belongs to an elite team of assassins. They had grown up together and she never knew what he did as all she knows is that he was in the military. But she also knows that she will never stop loving him. Joseph also loves her still and will do anything to protect her when her life is threatened. In “Adams” the third novel of the series, we are introduced to a strong alpha male in Adam who is a Guardian and a doctor. He lost his memory and one eye in active duty and he does not remember Keele, his wife or their past when he comes back home. Keele takes him back but then he gets his memory back and nothing is the same again.

“Jacob,” the debut novel of the series, introduces Victoria Marshal of the CIA who is abandoned to die in an Afghani hell hole. She proves her resilience as she takes on every torture session but ultimately she knows that she is going to die given that there are limits to human flesh. On the other hand is Jacob King, a man who works as a military contractor that does black ops in Afghanistan. When they storm the small village to gather intelligence, they are surprised to find an American woman tortured and hanging on to life. He admires her bravery in the face of severe injuries and he thinks that he would very much like to date. He sets her a date, promising to meet her at the same time and date the following year. The following year, he is recovering from his wounds but leaves the hospital against doctor’s orders to go meet Victoria. She had been in his mind for a year and he was going to meet the blond, leggy and beautiful woman who proceeded to blow his mind. The good thing is that battle scars and bullet wounds are a specialty of Victoria and she takes him into the place where she knows he will recover. Over time, the natural attraction and proximity starts to become something none of them had expected to sprout.
The second novel of the Kings of Guardian series is “Joseph.” At the opening of the novel, Dr Ember Harris finds himself mired in political corruption, death and drugs after responding to the pleass of a dead man. The Cartel boss that had killed his friend is determined to get some information that had been left to her by the dead man. He believes locating and killing a woman should be a walk in the park as long as one had the money, time and contracted killer. Ember is forced to flee for her life and seeks help from her old friend Joseph King. King is an assassin who grew up with her and he is back in town following a dangerous assignment. But when she calls him, desperate for help he puts his retirement plans on hold. He had always loved Ember ever since they were children but had to go away and left her heartbroken. He tells himself that his last mission will have to be protecting Ember from a vicious killer. He intends to risk everything even if it is his life to ensure her safety. He is ready to walk through the fires of hell and face even the devil himself if that is what it takes.

Adam the third novel of the series is the story of Adam who has lost his memory and an eye on his last mission. Given his disability, he was forced to leave the Alpha Team of the Guardians who were like brothers to him. Two years later, he had rebuilt his life and hopes to finally become a normal well functioning member of society. But when he has his bouts of insomnia, he thinks of someone with soft welcome skin but he cannot place the nameless faceless woman who haunts his memories. On the other hand is Marshall who was pained when she lost the man she loved in Afghanistan. While he still lived on the same ranch, he was not the same man as he had forgotten everything they ever shared. She knows she has to fight for his love since he seems hell bent on pushing her away. But all she has ever wanted is to be held in his arms.

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