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Publication Order of The Kings of Montana Books

Cowboy Down (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Lost (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Found (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Proud (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas With The Kings (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Kings of Montana series is a successful novel series written by one of the noteworthy American authors named Vanessa Gray Bartal. This series is based on the western romance genre. There is a total of 5 books in this series, all of which were released in the year 2011. Each of the books of this series can be treated as a standalone novel and read as an individual story. But, author Bartal has set each and every book on the common theme of the cowboys falling in love. Basically, all the novels are set in Montana, The United States. Author Bartal started writing the romance series in the year 2011, and published its first book, Cowboy Down, in the same year. After seeing the immense positive response towards the debut book, author Bartal wrote the next 4 stories very quickly and published all of them in 2011. According to author Vanessa Bartal, she wrote the last book, Christmas with the Kings, in the form of a bonus to the readers for the love and appreciation that they gave to all her previous books. In addition to writing the books, she has even released the books on her own in the form of eBooks. As each book is featured as a standalone story, set of primary characters described in each one of them are also different. In the initial part of the series, Layla Smith and Angry are shown to be the central characters.

Layla is introduced as a former foster kid, who does not have any family, job, prospects, or home. Her life takes a shocking turn when she witnesses a murder taking place. As the assassin also sees her, he begins to chase her so as to finish her too. In order to save her life from the assassin, Layla Smith is transported to a remote place away from Chicago and is protected under the witness protection act. Cade King is shown as having a happening life with his 3 brothers living on his family ranch located in Montana. Then, he encounters an accident that changes everything in his life. Cade feels very helpless and angry at his condition and only wishes to be allowed to live alone and curse his fate. Cade and Layla’ paths cross and they meet each other in unforeseen situations. And with the passage of time, they establish a great trust in each other. This trust makes them fall in love with each other, making them believe that what they were looking for so long was right in front of them. And as they realize each other’s importance in their lives, they decide to stay together forever and tackle their problems together.

One of the most successful books of the Kings of Montana series written by Vanessa Bray Bartal is titled as ‘Cowboy Lost’. It was released by the author herself in 2011. The lead characters described in this book include Coy King and Ivy, who go on to share a passionate love between them in the later parts of the story. At the beginning of the book, Coy King is depicted as having a simple life before everyone around him began falling in love and settled down. Among the happily settled ones is younger brother also. Then, Coy sees that his twin brother named Cam has taken the decision to bring his newly found girlfriend to their family ranch. Coy thinks of the girl as a stranger who met his twin on the internet. He tries to make Cam understand, but he does not listen. It appears that Coy King is not happy for the first time in his entire life. And to make the matters even worse, Coy is asked by Cam to retrieve his girlfriend from the airport. Coy seems to be very annoyed to even think about the dreaded woman, but does not seem to have any choice. Also, as soon as ivy sees Coy King at the airport, she does not appear to like him. The feeling turns out to be the same on both sides. Then, they go on to encounter a moose by chance and due to this they get stranded in the freaking snowstorm of Montana. Coy King thinks that the greatest test of both of them will be to endure the harsh wilderness without feeling the need to kill each other. But, Ivy appears to know much better. She makes Coy understand that their lives depend on each other and the quicker they learn this the better it will be for both of them. And then she realizes that the biggest test for her will be the situation that comes when they reach at the ranch safely. In that situation, she will be required to choose between the Cam and Coy as she has now started having feeling for Coy because of his great help in coming out of the snowstorm.

Another successful book of the series is entitled ‘Cowboy Found’. Author Bartal published this book too in 2011. She has described the chief characters of this story as Isabelle Landry and Cameron King. In the starting sequence of the book, it is shown that Isabelle Landry moved out of her small town in Montana at a young age of 17 and never thought of returning back. But, because of being an awkward, ambitious, and bookish girl she was not able to fit herself wherever she went. Now, with the determination of achieving something big in her life, Isabelle Landry decides to shift to New York. She goes on to succeed beyond what she had dreamed of and hopes that time never comes into her life when she has to visit Montana again. However, she is forced to go there for a couple of weeks to complete a work assignment. Isabelle knows that once she reaches Montana, she will have to confront her past life ghosts, which includes her longtime rival named Cameron King. But, he seems to have grown into a responsible man. At the age of 19, he has become the head of the massive Monatana family ranch and has taken full responsibility of it. But, it seems that he has paid a huge price to bring about such a change in himself. Cameron King has become a lonely and jaded person. He despairs to find love ever in his life. And as soon as Isabelle Landry enters into his life again, he begins to find some hope. Seeing her, Cameron turns into a completely crazy person, but at the same time, she also brings laughter in his life and makes him forget about his problems. Isabelle does to Cameron what no other lady has ever been successful in doing. As everything appears to be going great, it is up to the most un-romantic and serious Cameron King to try and melt Isabelle’s heart with his love and care. The problem is that he does not more than 2 weeks because she seems as determined to leave as he is to persuade her to stay. Isabelle has started noticing the change in Cameron and his affection for her, but she seems more concerned about her career in New York. If Cameron has to have her forever, he has to convince her that his love will never subside and that he will keep her happy forever.

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