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Publication Order of Kingsbridge Books

The Pillars of the Earth (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
World Without End (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Column of Fire (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Evening and the Morning (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Armor of Light (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Evening and the Morning is a prequel to the series.

The Kingsbridge book series is a wonderful series of historical fiction stories. It is penned by a well known Welsh novelist, Ken Follett. This series consists of 3 books in total, which were released between the years 1989 & 2017. In some places of its publication, this series is also called as the Pillars of Earth series. The plots of the stories in this historical fiction series are shown as taking place in an unreal town called Kingsbridge, which is located in England during the time of the mid twelfth century, the fourteenth century, and the Elizabethan time. Ken Follett has described the series as revolving around a cathedral’s construction in Kingsbridge. Author Ken is became very famous with this series’ first book. It is depicted as having taken place mainly during the Anarchy. The first story’s events take place between the murder of Thomas Becket and the fateful sinking of the White Ship. This series shows elements of Gothic Architecture developed from the presedence of Romanesque architecture. Before attempting to write this exciting series, author Ken’s all written works were of the thriller genre. And with this series’ first book’s release, Ken Follett went on to be recognized as a prominent bestselling novelist. Some years later, the first story was adapted into a mini series of eight parts in 2010.

Ken Follett is very well known for his writings. He hails from Wales. After years of dedicated work, author Ken managed to include himself in the group of the popular novelists of this world. There are altogether 31 novels penned by him. Many of his books have had translations into more than 35 foreign languages and have been released throughout the globe. Ken Follett has been able to sell around 160 million books in prints in different places of the world. Ken’s birth took place on 5th June, 1949, in Cardiff. At that time, his father used to work as a tax inspector. For his initial education, Ken studied in a number of state schools. Then, he moved out and joined London’s University College. He earned a degree in philosophy with Honors. Ken even became the college’s fellow in the 1995 batch. Prior to starting a full fledged career in the writing world, Ken was involved in working for newspaper agencies as a reporter. For his first news-reporting job, Ken was employed in the town in which grew up. Later, he got a contract from London based Evening News and started working there. Ken has even worked for the publishing house called Everest Books. He reached the position of its deputy-managing director and then left to focus on his literary career full time. With his recent publication, Ken has sold over 19 million printed copies. It was in 1978 that Ken first tasted success as a writer. The book that helped him become famous at that time was a thrilling story about the World War II in Britain. The book bagged the Edgar Award in the following year. Even today, author Ken includes this book among his famous books. After giving a successful start to his Kingsbridge series, Ken took 18 years to finish the second installment. The fans were enthusiastic as always for this novel too. Besides writing novels, Ken Follet keeps himself involved in the literary charities both nationally and internationally. Through his foundation called Follet Trust, Ken gives donations for social deprivation, arts, and education. Ken has a special liking for music. He is particularly interested playing the guitar. Ken stays in Stevenage with his happy family consisting of five children & 6 grandkids, and his lovely wife Barbara.

A very popular book of the Kingsbridge series that author Ken wrote is entitled ‘Column of Fire’. This book was published by Viking publishers in the year 2017. The setting of this book is done in 1558 in Kingsbridge, U.K. Ken has depicted the main characters in this book as Princess Elizabeth, Margery Fitzgerald, Ned Willard, and a few others as well. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Kingsbridge gets filled with religious conflicts everywhere. This results in clashes taking place between the Protestants group and the Catholics group. Clashes were also happening between the royals and the commoners. A shift in power puts to test the social feelings of loyalty, love, and friendship. Ned Willard is shown has having the wish of marrying Margery Fitzgerald. But, they love does not get to blossom because the two belong to the separate groups that are in a fight. Due to the rivalries between their sects, Margery and Ned are unable to meet and cherish their love. Later, Ned Willard is asked to join duty in the service of the Queen. With Elizabeth getting pronounced as the new queen, opposing forces of England begin to raise their voices. Elizabeth’s young monarch sets up a secret service for her, which helps Elizabeth get information about assasinations plans, rebellion plans, invasions, etc. Fifty years pass by and peace does not get established in England. And all this time, the lover Margery & Ned remain separated from each other. The throne continues to be in Elizabeth’s hands. Her power gets firmer and stronger with the help of spies and agents from the secret service. The book’s ending proves that the real enemies are actually the ones that cause the spreading of hatred, violence, misbeliefs, etc., and making innocent people fall for their evil plans.

Another excellent book written by Ken as a part of this series is called ‘World Without End’. The Dutton publishing released this book in 2007. Ken has given the description of the lead characters in this book as Godwyn, Caris, Gwenda, Ralph, Merthin, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that a couple of centuries pass after the successful construction of the exquisite building of Gothic cathedral. But again, the priory and the cathedral fall in the web of greed, hate, pride, love, revenge, ambition, etc. The people appear to find themselves at the crossroads of exciting new ideas related to commerce, medicine, justice, and architecture. And in no time, people with progressive mindsets begin to battle fiercely against the old ways’ proponents. The tension and intrigue reaches a high point and strikes the humanity along with a devastating natural disaster called Black Death. Ken has given an excellent explanation of the problems faced by the people at the time when the foundations of a progressive future were being laid down.

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