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Kira Peikoff graduated with high honors with a degree in journalism from New York University in the year 2007. This is after spending the previous four years of various reporting internships: writing about Capitol Hill for The Orange County Register in Washington, D.C., covering street crime for The Daily News, reporting on technology and business for Newsday, and researching future stories for New York magazine.

She also has a Master of Science degree in the field of bioethics from Columbia University.

Kira’s articles have been published in various major media outlets, including The New York Times.

Kira’s debut novel, called “Living Proof”, was released in the year 2012. Her work is from the genres of thriller and mystery.

“Living Proof” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2012. In the year 2027, destroying an embryo is thought to be murder in the first degree. Fertility clinics are still around, giving new life and hope to thousands of infertile families, however, they must pass rigorous inspections by the United States Department of Embryo Preservation. Fail a single inspection, and you are sure to be prosecuted.

Arianna Drake, a brilliant young doctor, appears to be thriving right in the spotlight- with her tiny clinic surpassing each and every government requirement, and its popularity has spiked- with a rapid and sudden growth that leaves the chief of DEP mystified. When he finds out about Arianna’s radical past as the supporter of some infamous scientist, he sends in Trent Rowe, an undercover agent, to investigate her for potential illegal activity.

While Trent gets hooked into Arianna’s mysterious world, he finds his own starting to unravel. The secret he finds out is going to deeply move him, as well as jeopardize them both. As the clock ticks away her life, he finds that he is questioning everything that he knows to be true. Then he will have to summon the courage to take the biggest risk there is. Nothing short of human life, not to mention a major scientific breakthrough are hanging in the balance.

Kira penned a novel with a unique subject, and an engaging and clear-cut plot that kept readers engaged the entire way through. The novel is also timely and important, due to the debates about embryonic stem cell research and shows why the research is desperately needed, and why it should not be stopped.

“No Time to Die” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2014. A brilliant scientist gets attacked by his own test subjects out in a Washington, D.C. research lab. At Columbia University, there is a talented biochemist that gets lured right out of her apartment and has never been seen again. Inside of the Justice Department’s brand new Bioethics Committee, agent Les Mahler begins seeing a sinister pattern start to emerge.

Zoe Kincaid is a small college student whose very rare genetic makeup might just hold the key to a rather powerful medical breakthrough. When she gets kidnapped, the sole thing mankind has wanted since the beginning of time threatens to unleash our own final destruction.

Fans of this novel found it to be an action-packed and fast paced thriller with characters that are complex, well-developed, and realistic. It is one that kept readers glued to each page and were in suspense the entire time as to what would happen next.

“Die Again Tomorrow” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2015. The star of a reality show, named Isabel Leon, believes that she is able to make it through anything. She unwittingly gives some unscrupulous mogul the opportunity to gain from her murder, she then becomes the target of a horrifying killer that makes nature seem like a tame thing by comparison.

Isabel, first left for dead, gets rescued by a medical research team that works outside of the law. She wakes up to find that she is the living proof of a breakthrough capable of changing the whole world. There are some willing to pay any price at all in order to control it. Others would just want to steal this secret, even if they have to take Isabel’s life to do it. While powerful rivals hunt her, Isabel has to risk it all to keep those she loves safe, or die once again the very next day.

Readers found this one to be highly suspenseful, and at times is scary, intense, and tough to figure just what is going to happen next. It has some amazing plot twists, build ups, and fantastic character development. Not to mention the fact that this storyline is a totally believable one and feels like it could really happen somewhere down the line.

“Mother Knows Best” is the fourth stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. Claire Abrams’ dreams turned into a nightmare after she passed on a genetic mutation that wound up killing her son. Now she would like another chance to be a mom, and finds it in a maverick of a fertility doctor, named Robert Nash, who works with Jillian Hendricks (who is bent on seducing her boss and a scientist bent on making her mark) under the radar.

Jillian, Claire, and Robert work with each other to make the world’s first baby with three genetic parents. It is an unprecedented feat that is able to eliminate inherited disease. Word of their illegal experiment leaks to the ears of the wrong person, Robert goes into hiding with Claire, now-pregnant. It leaves Jillian to serve out a prison sentence that only destroys any chance of a future she might have had.

Ten years later, and a spunky girl named Abigail starts to understand that all is not all right with the reclusive woman and man that she knows to be her parents. The family’s issues are just the start, however. Hardened by ten years of loss and jealousy, Jillian has come back and there is nothing to stop her from reuniting with the daughter and the man that were supposed to be hers.

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