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About Kirill Klevanski

A Russian author of fantasy and science-fiction, Kirill Klevanski has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Mainly focusing on the GameLit subgenre, he would make a name for himself in online fan-fiction, quickly gaining a strong following. With his rich and immersive worlds, he’s created vibrant franchises of his own, as readers from across the world explore them together. A bestselling writer, he has a lot to say for himself, with his work resonating far and wide while making the genre very much his own.

Well known for his LitRPG novels, he sets himself apart by creating rich and intricate universes with personalities of their own. Giving them a real level of depth, he ensures that his readers come back time and time again, really pushing the format to the next level. Understanding his craft inside out, he also provides a strong message in each of his books, saying precisely what he wants to say with them. This approach has achieved him a level of success that’s quite unlike any other, as he’s overcome a great deal to make it to where he currently is.

The characters that populate each of his books also really stand out from the page too, as they bring each story to life respectively. Creating fully three-dimensional personalities, they set themselves apart with their own unique idiosyncrasies and traits. Resonating with the reader on a personal level, they bring them into the world, allowing them to feel as though they’re a part of the action. With lots more to come, too, he definitely isn’t stopping any time soon either, as there’s plenty more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in St. Petersburg in Russia, Kirill Klevanski would harness a passion for reading and writing from an early age. With English being his second language, he would develop his craft through online fan-fiction communities, finding his voice and style. Building an audience too, he’d fast find a following, with readers from worldwide appreciating his work and writing.

Primarily focusing on the LitRPG fantasy subgenre, he would come to make it his own in time, becoming one of the foremost writers in the field. Reaching the top of numerous bestseller lists, including through Amazon, his work would become enormously popular. Currently living in St. Petersburg still, he continues to write on a regular basis, with a lot more to follow.

Writing Career

It was back in 2019 that Kirill Klevanski would release the first in his long-running ‘Dragon Heart’ series of fantasy novels. Combining the LitRPG subgenre set in virtual fantasy worlds and the martial arts of Chinese Wuxia fiction, his books are epic and expansive in their scope and scale. Beginning with the book ‘Stone Will,’ he would also go on to release ‘Iron Will,’ ‘Blood Will,’ and ‘Sea of Sand’ that same year as well.

Publishing the stand-alone novel ‘Dark Wizard’s Case’ in 2019, too, he’d fast become a name to be reckoned with in the fantasy community. Prior to this, he would write a lot of Harry Potter fan-fiction online, much of which would also become hugely popular worldwide. Maintaining a strong presence both offline and on, he remains a popular writer, with his profile growing from strength to strength.

Stone Will

The first book in the ‘Dragon Heart’ series of novels, this would arrive on the literary scene in 2019 on the 22nd of March. Published by Kirill Klevanski himself, much like his other books, it would fast go on to become a hugely popular bestselling novel. Setting up the franchise and the world, it’s a LitRPG novel set in a virtual fantasy world, with it also containing a lot of martial arts.

Given a neuronet and simple desires from his old life, Hadjar is reborn into a world where magic and martial arts combine. Now with the promise of adventure and freedom, he’s had his entire family and kingdom taken away from him, and he must fight to get them back. Holding a Dragon’s heart within him, he will fight for everything, pushing for victory as he intends to do whatever it takes to fight for what’s his. Will he be able to succeed though, can he fight for what’s his, and what will become of him as he seeks to persevere through his sheer stone will?

With an introduction from Valeria Kornosenko, this would be a great opening for what would fast become an exciting, action-packed series. Featuring a lot of compelling ideas, it really manages to say something interesting while never forgetting to entertain the reader. The world-building is also exemplary, with it not only introducing great characters but a fully realized fantasy world as well.

Iron Will

Originally released in 2019, this would first come out on the 5th of September, marking the second title in the ongoing ‘Dragon Heart’ series. Following on from ‘Stone Will,’ it also paves the way for ‘Blood Will’ and ‘Sea of Sand,’ which were released later that year. Further establishing the world and the tone, it builds upon what came before, moving it in new and interesting directions.

It seemed like Primus had taken everything from Hadjar previously, enslaving him as opposed to him becoming a prince. Despite the death of his parents, though, and his body being ground down, he’ll continue to fight against the odds, taking revenge against those that wronged him. Receiving a piece of the Dragon’s heart, he aims to gain new insight and powers, fighting for what’s his against all the odds. Is he going to be able to manage it this time, can he overcome the grief and heartache, and has he got the iron will?

The main character arc is really developed here, building upon Hadjar and his motivations, really bringing him to life. The book works on so many different levels, making for an extremely enjoyable and entertaining experience overall. It’s written straightforwardly, making it easy to read and simple to follow, allowing anyone to pick it up essentially.

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