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Mastering Magic (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Raconteur (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Knight's Bane (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Tale of Tail Brushing (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big City Goth GF (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Knights and Damsels (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kirk Mason is a bestselling author of HaremLit fiction works who loves to call himself just a regular thirty-something-year-old who makes a living typing on a keyboard.
The author made his debut when he penned “Rogue Calamity,” a single-standing novel in 2021. He has since become a very popular author with more than a dozen novels to his name.
In interviews, Kirk Mason has said that he fell in love with the HaremLit fiction genre for its many interesting aspects.

What he loves best about the genre is that it lets men leave behind responsibilities and worries and be men who can have some out-of-this-world crazy experiences.
When he is not penning his blockbuster novels, he loves to watch TV. Some of his favorite TV shows include the likes of “Breaking Bad,” “Steins Gate,” and “Firefly.”
When the weather is not that bad, especially during the summer he loves to jog for fitness only to ruin it at night with several bottles of Guinness.

“Slice of Life Fantasy for Men” by Kirk Mason is the story of a man who would love nothing more than to start a bestiary business with a group of disparate but beautiful women.

He knows nothing about saving the world or laying siege to a castle. He had been working in the world taking pictures of a tiger for a project when suddenly he finds himself on his back in a medieval world.
Hovering over him is a skittish blonde who hopes that he is not dead. He has never felt more alive in his life, even though he has been warned to keep away from the sinful witch in town, he still wants to go.
The witch happens to be in possession of the single available bestiary book for miles around, which is his only hope of a comfortable life as he does not want to become a knight.

He soon discovers that the bestiary is nothing but primitive drawings telling tall tales. He thinks it is an opportunity and the good thing is that he came to this strange world with his camera.
Still, he needs to find someone with magical powers that can transfer film onto parchment. He also requires a scribe that can write some charming prose to go along with the pictures.
For the latter, he believes the shy smith’s assistant would do while the witch can help him with the parchment and film.

In “Slice of Life Men’s Fantasy,” the lead has to some extent come to change his mind about saving the world though he intends to do it in his own way.

He had managed to start a successful business with some sassy and beautiful women but now finds his house is too crowded.

One moment he had been busy taking photos of some mystical sky beast working with a cute green goblin, a pretty blonde, and a sassy witch. Unexpectedly, he finds himself in bed but somehow all the covers seem to elude him.
It is a very small house that was not intended for a bestiary business and all the people in it. But there are not many people that would be happy having a witch and a goblin living in their neighborhood since they tend to be very loud.
However, there is an isolated house between the city and the town, which has been called haunted by the townsfolk but he thinks nothing could be more perfect.

He does not want to get caught in the vicious rivalry between a snooty elf and an even snootier queen as all he is interested in is the key, which is in the possession of the queen.
Things are further complicated by a jester who constantly gets in his way.

Kirk Mason’s “Men’s Fantasy Adventure” sees the lead become a powerful man who besieges castles and gets doors opened to him.

Since the bestiary business he started with some sassy beautiful women is booming, he is thinking of a second location.

He thinks of going on a last expedition but the problem is that he has to take along with him a brooding dark witch and a crazy wild jester.

They could not be any more different but he will have to ensure they get along if his quest is to be successful. But it is not going to be easy as the jester is such a nuisance.
Along the way, he hopes to keep his head even as he continues to run his bestiary business taking cool pictures of ogres and centaurs along the way.

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