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Publication Order of Kit Marlowe Books

Kit Marlowe series by M. J. Trow

Author and history teacher M. J. Trow pens the “Kit Marlowe” series of historical mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2011, when “Dark Entry” was released.

Christopher “Kit” Marlowe stars as the “bad boy” of Elizabethan drama. He is an atheist, poet, playwright, scholar, spy, and swordsman. At the start of the series, he is a young man in his twenties, in the year 1583. His Machiavellian reputation has kept people intrigued for many generations.

Christoper Marlowe lived during a time when the Devil was walking the Earth. Reality and magic were only a smoky mirror apart and there were new worlds beckoning on each and every coast.

In the books, there are other real people from history that pop up and figure into the stories in some way.

“Dark Entry” is the first novel in the “Kit Marlowe” series, which was released in the year 2011. Cambridge in the year 1583. Christopher Marlowe is about to graduate from Corpus Christi, and he is spending his days studying Aristotle and Virgil, and nights spending time with his old buddies. Ralph Whittingside is found dead in his room at King’s College with his mouth open in a silent scream. Marlowe does not accept the verdict that he killed himself.

He calls on Sir Roger Manwood (Chris’ mentor and Justice of the Peace) and Dr. John Dee (a guy who knows more poisons than anybody else) to help him prove his childhood friend was murdered. Who was responsible for the killing, if Whittingside did not kill himself?

Trow expertly develops each of these characters while the book progresses. This is an excellent character that Trow writes well. The atmosphere is strong, the mystery keeps you guessing, and these are fun characters. Trow does an excellent job of writing each of his mystery series, giving each one a signature feel to.

“Silent Court” is the second novel in the “Kit Marlowe” series, which was released in the year 2011. November during the year 1583. The Queen’s spymaster, desperate not to allow the Netherlands to fall into the hands of Catholic Spain, orders Christopher Marlowe to help troubled William the Silent.

However, traveling under cover as part of a troupe of Egyptian players, he encounters some trouble before he is able to leave England. The players detour to John Dee’s home to perform. One of their tricks results in tragedy. As well as an arrest for murder.

There is quite a bit of excitement, a bit of humor, making this a strong read. Trow does an excellent job of writing Marlowe’s character in these books. Trow expertly hints at Marlowe’s character and some of what is destined to happen to this intriguing character from history. This series is worth the time for any fan of historical fiction.

“Witch Hammer” is the third novel in the “Kit Marlowe” series, which was released in the year 2012. July in the year 1585. Young Christopher Marlowe is desperate to get out of Sir Francis Walsingham’s grip and pursue a career as a professional playwright. He abandons his studies at Cambridge to join up with Lord Strange’s group of traveling players.

On the way to perform at Oxford, the group is rehearsing among the Rollright Stones at the Warwickshire border. Their efforts become interrupted when they find actor-manager Ned Sledd’s corpse. He is found under the King’s Stone, with a silver-handled bodkin that is still buried deep in his throat.

Was this witchcraft? Is it a human sacrifice to mark the start of the witches’ festival of Lammastide? Could the murderer have a much more personal reason to want Sledd dead? Kit is determined to figure things out.

These are well written novels that bring an interesting historical character to life. Each of the characters in the book are interesting and are well written. It is fun the way the book integrates theater, humor, and intrigue with a group of actors.

“Scorpion’s Nest” is the fourth novel in the “Kit Marlowe” series, which was released in the year 2012. July 1586. Kit is dispatched by Sir Francis Walshingham to the English College, which is the school for exiled priests in Rheims. It is here that he believes Matthew Baxter, the Catholic traitor is hiding out. Matthew is the only one to have escaped the net of the spymaster’s.

Marlowe infiltrates the college, working undercover, and learns that the community has just been rocked by a series of violent and unexplained deaths. One of the scholars has fallen out of a window under some mysterious circumstances. Father Laurenticus, a popular figure at the school, was found dead in his bed after his throat was slit from one ear to the other.

With the aid of master code breaker Thomas Phelippes, will Marlowe be able to find a killer, hunt down a traitor, and get out of a scorpion’s nest without getting stung fatally?

Yet another stellar read from M. J. Trow and what is turning out to be an incredible series of historical mystery novels.

“Crimson Rose” is the fifth novel in the “Kit Marlowe” series, which was released in the year 2013. March in 1587. Chris Marlowe’s play, called Tamburlaine, with the top notch Ned Alleyn playing the title role, has just opened at the Rose Theatre. A new era has just begun on the London stage.

The play is close to getting shut down on opening night. Eleanor Merchant, an audience member, lies dead after getting hit by a musket ball that was fired from the stage. Who was the man with his finger on the trigger? A bit-part actor that is named Will Shakespeare.

Marlowe, who is convinced Shakespeare is innocent, is determined to figure out what actually happened. Found floating in the River Thames is another body, and it is made clear Eleanor’s death was no accident. Something much darker and deeper is afoot here. Why would Sir Francis be taking a personal interest in the case?

The book has a solid plot to it, and the writing is high quality. The book has a suitably dramatic climax in it that ends this enjoyable read in a satisfactory manner.

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