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Kitt Hartley Yorkshire Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kitt Hartley Yorkshire Mysteries Books

Murder by the Minster (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Body in the Bookshop (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Moorland (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Awaits in Durham (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Witch Hunt in Whitby (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Body by the Lighthouse (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in a Mill Town (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Body in the Borderlands (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Helen Cox is an English published author of fiction. She is known for writing mysteries, romances, poetry, and nonfiction. She also uses the pen name of Helen Louise Cox when writing her independently published romance novellas.

Helen was born in Yorkshire and would grow up to be a poet and novelist. She attended the University of York St. John, where she studied literature in addition to creative writing and graduated with her MA. After that, she would be employed in different positions for various sites, magazines, television and radio news.

Helen has enjoyed writing in different mediums and would eventually serve as editor of her own magazine focusing on independent film. She has also written for publications such as Film Fatale Magazine, The Spectator, The Guardian, MovieScope Magazine, and websites like and had her poetry featured by From Whispers to Roars, Popshot Magazine, Riggwelter, and a women’s anthology.

The author has since written a few books in the nonfiction realm. HarperCollins published her first two nonfiction novels, released in 2016. In addition to writing, Helen is the host of a podcast called “The Poetrygram” and works for City Lit in London. She loves the movie Grease 2 and still holds herself to the pledge of the Pink Ladies. She resides in Sunderland by the sea.

She is a teacher and lecturer that has taught English, film and media, and creative writing for years. She was the coordinator at City Lit, London of their creative writing department for a total of three years and still returns occasionally to teach a course. Cox has also been a featured speaker at a variety of programs, events, and institutions, including City University, Keats House, and on the Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4.

Helen Cox is the creator and author of the Kitt Hartley Yorkshire Mysteries, a series of fictional novels. This series first became available to readers in 2019 with the release of the debut novel, Murder by the Minster. The exciting debut was quickly followed by the second novel in the series, A Body in the Bookshop. Read all of the suspenseful installments of this mystery series to check out all of the adventures of librarian Kitt Hartley as she takes on cases and tries to solve them!

Murder by the Minster is the first novel in the Kitt Hartley Yorkshire Mysteries by Helen Cox. If you are a fan of authors such as Betty Rowlands, L.J. Ross, Faith Martin, or just love mysteries or books set in England with feisty female main characters, check this series out!

Set in York, readers first get to meet the main character of Kitt Hartley in this fun debut. She’s a woman proud to live in York and loves her job as a librarian. But could her curiosity mean that this no-nonsense woman suddenly starts moonlighting as a detective, of all things?

Kitt loves working at the University of the Vale of York and feels at home in the library there. It’s been just another day for her until things take a turn when Detective Inspector Halloran shows up. He does not bring good news, either. He informs Kitt that Evie Bowies is suspected of murder. This is horrible news since Evie is Kitt’s best friend.

She was dating a guy named Owen who has now been discovered dead and the cause is unquestionably murder. There was a pen that had been stabbed clean through the poor guy’s heart, and someone put it there. Everything at the crime scene makes it seem like the only suspect it could be would be the ex-girlfriend and former lover of Owen. Someone that theoretically has every reason to want him dead.

The only thing is that this librarian knows deep down in her heart of hearts that her best friend is innocent. Evie loved Owen and whatever strife or disagreements they had experienced together paled in comparison to the fact that she really did care for him. Plus, Evie would never hurt a fly, and now Kitt is determined to prove it.

The only thing left to do is get out there and start investigating the case personally. Kitt’s read lots of mystery books, so it couldn’t be that difficult. She’s determined to solve this murder and set her friend free with her good name cleared. Can she get the job done with the help of Grace, her assistant? Or will Kitt find that just reading about murder mysteries is not enough to be able to solve one in real life? Read this mystery novel set in York to find out whether this librarian truly can catch a killer or will fall miserably short!

A Body in the Bookshop is the second cozy mystery in the Kitt Hartley Yorkshire Mystery series written by talented author Helen Cox! The librarian is back in yet another mystery with more work to do.

Kitt wakes up in the morning expecting a good day, but things quickly shift when she discovers news about a murder. There’s been a death in the village of Irendale, which is set high up on the moors of Yorkshire. She’s familiar with the village because Malcolm Halloran is her boyfriend now, and he lived there along with his former wife until someone killed her too. Could the two crimes be connected?

Apparently the two different murder cases share a lot in common, including the MO. Plus, the victims both had strange runic symbols that were carved into their hands when they were found. Perhaps a serial killer is on the loose, and Halloran may finally have the chance to bring justice to the criminal that killed his wife at long last.

Kit and Halloran want to get this done themselves instead of leaving it up to the police. As they head to Irendale, they discover a literary link to the case. The victim was found with Anglo-Saxon poetry quoted on them, which takes them to a different place where they find another clue. Can they solve this murder and Malcolm’s wife’s murder too, or will the clues lead them to nowhere? Read this mystery to find out!

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