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Author Kitty Curran has many talents, and she is an award winning pro. She is skilled in graphics, illustration, and image preparation. She has worked for Upworthy as an illustrator, making things for their Instragram page and other social media things. She is their go to when they need some illustrations done for them.

She is from the city of London, but moved away from there and is based in Chicago, Illinois (which is also called the Windy City). In her free time, she works on her graphic novel and drinking an unhealthy amount of tea.

She writes work that is elegant and playful that still reminds readers of classic romance stories as well as the greatest children’s books from youth.

She enjoys some police procedurals, one of her favorites is Cold Case. She likes a lot of the stories that are something along the lines of cozy British something bad happened in the vicarage, stories like Midsomer Murders, and a lot of the adaptations of Agatha Christie books. Growing up on the Famous Five has given her a fondness that has lingered for stories where scrappy kids end up solving a murder case.

“The Secrets of the Starbucks Lovers”, which stars Taylor Swift, was featured in her book called “This is Our Song”, which is her fan book. Quite a bit of the book is taken up by this book actually. It was also featured in Time magazine, and other publications did pieces on it as well.

The photo blog was started in the year 2015 by Larissa Zageris. By October of that year, the two decided to join up to make it a book. What that means is she told Kitty that it would fun to turn it into an actual book. Right then and there Kitty opened her computer and had them both block the book out then. Larissa feels that this is a great way to have ideas come to fruition. Tell your idea to Kitty, she makes you work on right then and there, and then have her brain back you up when yours is about to quit on you.

She says that once she figured out what the look of the art would be, and how she would need to make celebrity caricature work in the style it got easier. Not to mention all kinds of entertaining, because of all the scenarios cooked up by Larissa that are hilariously ridiculous. The book follows the “Nancy Drew” books pretty closely. Both in the different characters that appear in the book, and the role they play.

It took them some time to crowd fund the book, which went pretty well for them, as response to the book went very well for the pair. Since the book came out, they did a podcast (that is called Nerdologues), and some conventions to sell the book to anyone that wanted to buy it from them.

“The Secrets of the Starbucks Lovers” is the first novel in the “Taylor Swift: Girl Detective” series and was released in the year 2016. The book is written by Larissa Zageris, and it is illustrated by Kitty Curran. Taylor Swift stars, while Lorde is her partner. The most popular star of pop plays Girl Detective at night. It tells the story when Taylor Swift, the detective, investigates a case of some threatening messages turning up on the skinny mochas that a struggling actress gets.

The book is set against the backdrop of New York City (sometimes Brooklyn), a world full of glamour. There is plenty of love interests, intrigue, sisterhood, as well as Starbucks jokes.

Some found this to be a hilarious parody of the Nancy Drew books, and contains a lot of puns that are based off of Swift’s lyrics. Fans of the novel found this to be quite a treat and simply goofy fun. It is a book that will have you laughing quickly and does not let up. The one liners are cheeky, it has some great illustrations. This is a great light read for those looking for sass and puns. People cannot help but recommend such an incredible book that makes it easy to see that these two are fans of Taylor’s as well as pop culture. Readers hope that this is a series that goes on for awhile, as this book was pretty great.

“My Lady’s Choosing” is a stand alone book and was released in the year 2018. The book follows certain tropes of romance novels, and those looking to go on a farcical romp are in for many winks, laughs, and nods at how things turn out. The story follows a 28 year old Regency Miss that lives as lady’s companion to a dowager that is sour.

It is you that are the plucky yet poor heroine that is in the heart of eighteenth century society, and courtship season has just started. It is your future that is at stake. Are you going to find love with a baronet that is full of banter like Sir Benedict Granville? Or turn the page until you find some true love with a horse loving and hardworking highlander like Captain Angus McTaggart?

Maybe you will run through many chapters chasing a good (not to mention arousing) guy that has gone bad, crazy, and scandalous to even know named Lord Garraway Craven? Maybe you will be the traveling companion to Lady Evangeline (who is spirited and full of adventure)? Maybe something else? Make a choice, turn some of the pages, and find all the delights of these intertwining and multiple stories. Every path you choose, there will be some great illustrations that will bring all the love and lust right to life.

This book combines choose your own adventure and historical fiction very nicely. Fans of the novel found that they could not help but explore each of the options because the different stories were interesting and intriguing in their own way. Here is a book that is super cute, and silly good fun. Some cannot wait to check out more by these incredible authors, they certainly wrote a good one here. This book shows different story lines, even one with a female and female pairing as well; the entire book was just entirely well done. Some found this to be a great twist on the choose your own adventure story.

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