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Kitty Johnson is a bestselling romance fiction author from Norfolk in the United Kingdom who is best known for her debut novel “Five Winters.”

The author was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom where she still lives to this day. Earlier on, Kitty Johnson went to the University of East Anglia, where she graduated with her master’s degree in creative writing.
After graduating from college with her MA, she decided to put what she had learned into practice and began writing in her free time, even as she occasionally taught creative writing classes.

Outside of her writing, Kitty is better known as Margaret K. Johnson.

It was after she graduated from Art College that she began writing to support her career as an artist.

While she was initially very passionate as an artist, writing would soon replace painting as her passion and she hardly pays attention to any of her canvasses these days.
Under her real name, she went to the University of East Anglia for her creative writing master’s degree majoring in scriptwriting.

She would then publish novels in the thriller, human interest, romance, and fantasy series in addition to stage plays, and women’s fiction.

Many of her works are now used as texts for people learning to speak English under Cengage Learning, Cambridge Discovery Readers, and Cambridge English Readers.
She has also penned screenplays and the Cambridge Drama Center performed “Goddess” her comedy to rave reviews.

As an artist and nature lover, Kitty Johnson loves spending time when she is not writing walking on the coasts and woodlands near her home with her dog.

It is during these walks that she gets inspiration and sometimes paints and makes collages of the landscape. Since she loves a challenge, she once had a very empowering even if scary experience performing stand-up comedy while researching a book.
Kitty currently makes her home in Norwich in the United Kingdom alongside her partner and her son.

She sometimes keeps in touch with her fans and readers through the newsletter on her website. She can also be found on her social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Kitty Johnson’s novel “Five Winters” is the story of Beth Bailey who has been in love with Mark the friend of her elder brother ever since she was a girl.

She has always believed that he would one day return her love but she is now thirty five and on Mark’s wedding day she accepts that it is time she moved on.
Her dream of marrying the only man she had ever loved is over but the dream of one day becoming a mother still lives on.

She had lost her own parents while still a little girl and now she desperately wants a kid she can call her own that she can nurture to adulthood.

Over about half a decade, there will be unexpected turns and twists and she comes to shocking realizations about the meaning of love, friendship, and family.
She also learns a lot about herself on the winding path to motherhood and to achieving happiness.

Kitty Johnson pens her work with straightforward clarity as she properly examines all manner of emotions and pens some very convincing characters.
This is a work that deals with all manner of grief – old grief, new grief, grief for experiences, for places, and for people.

While it does seem very grim, nothing could be further from the truth as it is also a work full of hope.

“Hedgehog Highway” by Kitty Johnson is a compassionate and sharply funny novel in which unexpected secrets, friendships, romance, and feuds shake up a small community.

Ever since her husband died, Frances Mathews spends much of her time indoors. However, this does not stop her from jumping onto a campaign to make Hilltop Place a hedgehog-friendly place,
They will be creating a hedgehog highway with wild garden areas where hedgehogs can hibernate, holes at the bottoms of fences and gates in addition to feeding stations.
To her delight, most of her novels are open to the plan except for a few.

Michael and Jess have recently adopted a child and this has left their marriage strained. There is also a wounded war reporter named Ryan who is also recently divorced and is now struggling to connect with his son.
Lastly is a single mother newly arrived in town and a proper couple who refuse to change anything in their picture-perfect garden for the sake of a few prickly hedgehogs.

As relationships from the nerve-racking to the romantic form and secrets come out, the small village comes under a lot of threat that affects all of them including the hedgehogs.

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