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Kitty Sewell is a renowned Swedish-born British-Canadian writer of mystery, thriller, suspense, and adult fiction novels. She has written several successful standalone books in her career, including Bloodprint, The Fault, Ice Trap, and Cloud Forever. Additionally, she has written a nonfiction book in collaboration with author Raymond Thompson. Though Sewell holds two citizenships, one of Canada and the other of England, she resides in Spain. Before beginning her career in the field of novel writing, Sewell had a variety of careers, including being a psychotherapist, newspaper columnist, Notary Public, sculptor, etc. She says that she underwent a difficult experience at the personal level that motivated her to tell her story through a novel. Sewell made her debut as an author with the 2005 book called Ice Trap. This book succeeded in becoming an international bestseller and was nominated for the CWA New Blood Dagger Award as well as several other prestigious award nominations.

Riding on the success of her debut book, Sewell wrote and published her second novel called Bloodprint. This book also became equally successful. Sewell has continued his sculpting interests alongside his writing prospects. She has won several awards for sculpting that enabled her to start and run a foundation called Kitty Harri Sculpture Garden. When Sewell was 13 years old, her parents relocated to the Canary Islands after selling off their farm in Sweden. Sewell was quite crazy about the horses on her farm. And when they were getting sold one after the other, she could not take it and decided to move to Spain. She studied in a German school and mastered the languages of Spanish and German.

Afterward, Sewell’s parents decided to move to Canada to start a new adventurous life. She had to follow them there at the age of 18. Sewell lived in Toronto for a year and spent the next year traveling to different South American cities. Finally, her family settled in Vancouver, where she was granted citizenship. Shortly after, Sewell found her future husband, got married to him, and gave birth to his children. However, the marriage could not last for long and ended in a divorce. As she owned a law degree, it helped her to obtain a job as a Notary Public. Following her divorce, Sewell stayed in Alaska with her 2 children for 2 years. Then, she met a charming English doctor, who later became her second husband.

Sewell followed him to England and then to Wales, where she got re-trained in psychotherapy. This allowed her to start her private service as a psychotherapist. At around this time, Sewell developed an interest in writing. She began by writing a column for a syndicated newspaper. After Sewell spent 12 long years studying the behavior and mental condition of people, she decided to undergo a change of career. John helped her to obtain a Creative Writing degree. And soon after, she began working as a full-time writer and sculptor. Now, Sewell’s kids have grown up and moved on to live in Wales and Canada. She resides with John in Granada, Spain and spends all her time writing the mystery/thriller stories and carving stones.

An excellent novel written by author Kitty Sewell is entitled ‘Bloodprint’. It was released by the Touchstone publication in 2009. This book features the primary characters in the form of Rachel Locklear and Madeleine Frank. Initially, it is shown that Madeleine Frank knows it is not possible to recover from certain losses. She has overcome heartbreak and flew out of her hometown in Key West to start a new life in Bath. However, her demons follow her to the new city as well. She comes across a woman who makes her have mad visions about her mother, who was a former Santeria priestess. Rachel Locklear seeks therapy at Madeleine’s clinic. But, she seems to be getting troubled by knowing about the history of the damaged, hostile Rachel.

As Madeleine’s relationship with the new patient grows further, she learns that Rachel Lockloear’s childhood eerily resembles the dark secrets of her life. However, Madeleine seems reluctant to take the unprofessional path due to the fear of losing Rachel forever and chooses to let the suspicions be with herself. Madeleine does not know that sinister forces are taking root in the life of her patient. Rachel wants to stay away from her ruthless husband, who she knows will do anything it takes to bring her under his control again. She just wants to keep her son out of the reach of the dangerous associates of her husband. When Rachel could not think of any other solution, she chooses to involve Madeleine in the murderous web of deception and revenge without her knowledge, thinking that she will understand her situation.

Another mind-blowing book written by the author is known as ‘Cloud Fever’. It was published in 2011 by CB Creative Books. Sewell has depicted the important characters in this novel as Daniel Villeneuve, Rosie, and Yangzom. The novel opens by introducing Daniel Villeneuve as a helicopter pilot, who fights forest fires throughout British Columbia. He has suffered a marriage breakdown and is trying very hard to come to terms with it. Later, a stranger summons him to his deathbed and reveals something that makes Daniel doubt the reality that he knows. Daniel discovers that he is not the man that he thinks and that his name is something else. Subsequently, he sets himself on a mission to delve deep into his past and find out who he really is.

Daniel’s daughter thinks that he has an ill fate, that it will bring devastation and death to the ones close to him. To Daniel’s peril, he ignores the warnings pointed out by his daughter and indulges in a journey to his destiny’s outer reaches with his lover named Yangzom, who hails from Tibet. The journey takes them to the most unforgiving and hostile part of the world. This novel depicts a tale of psychological suspense and revolves around a man’s search for redemption and identity as well as the struggle of a child to face her inner forces. It succeeded in becoming immensely popular and sold a large number of copies across the world.

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