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Breaking the Rules (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Second Chances (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer Love (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Wishes (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happy Ever After (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Every Day in December (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kitty Wilson is a romance author from Bristol in the United Kingdom best known as the author of the “Cornish Village School” series of novel. The author spent more than twenty five years in Cornwall since she was dragged there as a stroppy teen by her parents. She is now thankful for her parents for their wisdom and foresight, as it would later influence her writing to a large degree. She still remembers what it was like to be a rebellious and impressionable teenager and this informs her characterization. Wilson also gets to experience the beautiful setting in Cornwall in which she writes her novels. She has said that she loves to write about the small secret coves, wide open beaches, strong sense of community and the wind battered marshes of Cornwall that she enjoyed when she lived there. She now spends most of her days hunched over a computer or hiding out on the beach from where she writes her novels. When she is not writing, she loves to play loud music and wear loud dresses.

Kitty Wilson always dreamed of becoming an author ever since she could hold a pen in her hand. However, she never took it seriously until very recently when she was struck by illness while working as a Reception teacher. Suddenly, she could no longer work or parent the way she liked and her life as she knew it was unrecognizable. Over time, she got worse until she was depending on her children and friends to help her accomplish basic tasks. It took her several years to realize that she could take control of her life once again. She wanted to go back to the classroom one day in the future but since she could not do it in the present, she decided to try her hand at writing fiction. Wilson was thinking that it would be great to have a purpose in life while fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming an author. “Breaking the Rules” the first novel of her series was first published in 2018. While she does not think she will ever go back to the classroom, her writing career has blossomed as she now has several novels to her name. She has also come to love writing and has found many friends to lean on in the writing community.

Wilson gets inspiration for her novels from all manner of things. She is inspired by the range of emotions people feel, individuals experiences, the strength humans draw from each other, love for friends and family, and all the great things about life. She also finds inspiration from beautiful places and this is perhaps why she has set most of her works there. Since she moved to Bristol she has also come to appreciate its beauty, and its history and hopes to one day try her hand at historical fiction. She can often be found giggling at the little things in life and these she often includes in her romantic comedies. Kitty Wilson loves her job as an author and thinks the best thing about it is that she often has to sit at her desk and come up with things that make her laugh. She does like to take some tough things that people have to deal with in life and write a story that will provide some inspiration or even some laughs to someone. Combining themes of resilience, courage and strength with a smattering of humor is what she lives for.

“Breaking the Rules” by Kitty Wilson is a story set in the beautiful countryside of Cornwall. The lead is Rosy Winter, a head teacher who is trying to stop the shutting down of the village primary school. She is opposed to the idea of her pupils having to move to a bigger school that is more than 10 miles away. She intends to do anything and everything she can to ensure that does not happen and has enlisted the help of Matt Master, a celebrity gardener that lives next door to her. Just like Rosy, Matt has sworn off dating since he has not yet healed from his last relationship that had ended badly. Rosy had very early on sworn never to date someone that came from the small town and hence she is only interested in platonic friendships. But they have the hots for each other and keeping their vows soon seems like a daunting task.

Kitty Wilson’s “Second Chances” is the story of Sylvie Williams a woman of Cornwall. At the opening of the story she is just arriving at the Penmenna beach with Sam her son. They had been living on the family farm with their Uncle Tom as she nursed her mother who is recently deceased. But now she wants to leave but there is the issue of her son who is about to start school. When they get to their favorite spot on the sand, they find a man named Alex had already occupied it with Ellie his daughter. As is usual with kids, they are soon fast friends and are playing in the sand. Sylvie is attracted to the handsome Alex though she thinks he is only visiting and never realizes that he happens to be a famous journalist. Apparently, he is visiting some friends from his university days and is staying with Chase, a very wealthy man in the village. He was persuaded to stay by several people in the village and Sylvie gets the shock of her life when she learns that he will be staying permanently. But then she thinks he could be the distraction she needs to stay in the village rather than on the farm which only gives her bad memories.

“Summer Love” by Kitty Wilson follows Penmenna Primary school teaching assistant Pippa Parkin. She is happy with her single status but her mother wants her to get married and have children. When James her childhood friend comes back into town, her mother turns match maker and even got a wedding hat as she was so certain that her daughter would be married soon. But the arrogant James is not the person that Pippa knew as a child. She had been fancying Kam Chaudhary the newly qualified teacher in her school and they had formed an instant bond. Kam seems smitten by her even though he had made himself a commitment to earn a full time teaching position and thus he did not have time for a girlfriend or a relationship. But a one night stand sends him over the edge and he send her a love letter that unfortunately gets lost in the mail. Kam feels rejected and is cool with Pippa. Pippa does not understand why Kam is acting so weird when everything had been going so well. Could it be too late to salvage their budding romance?

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