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Kjell Ola Dahl is an award-winning and acclaimed author of crime fiction, thriller, and mystery stories. He is particularly famous for writing the Oslo Detectives series. Dahl’s well-known crime series has rapidly become an international success. The critics from all over the world have hailed his efforts and have labeled him as the answer to well-known author Henning Mankell. Dahl is a Norwegian by birth and has written all his novels in his national language. His books were later translated for the English readers throughout the world. Author Dahl has been awarded the Riverton Prize for his dedication towards the crime fiction genre. The other awards that he has received nominations for include the Brage Literary Prize, Martin Beck Award, and the Glass Key Award. Author Dahl was born on February 4, 1958, in Norway. He is sometimes referred to as K.O. Dahl. His writing career started in 1993 with the release of Dodens Investeringer, which was later translated and given the English title as Lethal Investments.

Following this successful release, Dahl authored over a dozen novels, nonfiction books, and short stories. He has also co-written a couple of screenplays with Hisham Zaman, who is a popular writer and director. Dahl is best known for writing 11 Nordic noir crime books featuring Oslo detective Frank Frolic and his colleague Gunnarstranda. Out of these 11 books, only six are available in English. The English translations were carried out by Don Bartlett. Speaking of his work in the Nordic Noir genre, Dahl says that he is never fully satisfied with his work. He is pleased to know that readers find his work enjoyable, but he knows that there are too many weaknesses in his books that the readers are not able to find out. He hopes to write more crime novels in the future and entertain his fans with his unique writing skills.

Dahl is grateful to all the fans and supporters for liking his stories and helping them become successful with their motivating comments and reviews. He is also thankful to the critics for reviewing his novels genuinely and providing great insights about the stories of his books in various literary journals and magazines. Currently, Dahl resides in Askim with his beautiful wife and kids. As of now, he is working on a new crime novel and is expected to release it as soon as he finishes the writing and editing part.

The Oslo Detectives written by author Kjell Ola Dahl is comprised of a total of 11 books released between 1993 and 2015. Its 6 books were translated into English and re-released between 2007 and 2018. All the books feature Gunnarstranda and Frank Frolich as the lead characters. They are depicted as sleuths and are employed as Detective Inspectors in the Oslo Police Department. A few other essential characters mentioned by Dahl in the novels include Reidun Rosendal, Katrine Bratterud, Reidar Folke Jesperson, Elizabeth Faremo, Ivar Killi, Anne Welhaven, Maria Hodff, Lena Stigersand, etc. A very popular book of this series is entitled ‘The Fourth Man’. It was released by Minotaur Books in 2008 after its first release in 2005. This book features the central characters in the roles of Frank Frolich, Elizabeth Faremo, Gunnarstranda, and several others.

Initially, it is mentioned that Detective Inspector Frank Frolich carries out a police raid in Oslo and saves the life of Elizabeth Faremo. She was caught in the routine crossfire and was about to die before Frolich comes to her rescue. After a few weeks, Frolich runs into Elizabeth Faremo again and they indulge in an affair. However, the affair doesn’t happen by accident. Frank Frolich learns it very late that Elizabeth is not a usual stranger, but a wanted criminal’s sister, who runs a larceny gang. Later, Frolich gets a call at midnight and he is informed that a guard has been murdered in an attempted robbery. As he prepares to respond to this tragic news, Frolich realizes that Elizabeth Faremo is not sleeping beside him in his bed.

Some cryptic, complex, and erotic events unfold next and Frank Frolich finds himself as the prime suspect in a murder. Due to such an unexpected turn of events, Frolich loses the trust of his colleagues and is kept under constant watch. Frank Frolich is led through Oslo’s dark underworld and must find out enough evidence to prove his innocence before it is too late. This novel is a fast-paced, sexy psychological thriller with a modern twist on the classic noir femme fatale story. Dahl is said to have crafted a wonderful crime story in his unique poetic, dark, and incredibly complex writing style. Many critics have labeled this book as a must-read for all the fans of mystery and crime novels. This intelligent and gripping novel’s sharp and riveting story helped author Dahl to attain international fame and become much more popular.

Another gripping novel written in this series is called ‘Faithless’. It was published by the Orenda Books in 2017, after its initial release in 2010. This novel opens by showing that a woman’s dead body is found in a dumpster. The body is scalded and has plastic wrapping all over. When Frank Frolich sees the dead body, he is shocked to find that he knows that victim and had met her several times recently. As Frolich investigates the murder case and obtains more information surrounding the tragic death of the woman, his colleague Gunnarstranda works in a similar case involving the brutal murder of a young woman in northern Norway. The investigations of both the cases reveal some unsettling coincidences and both Gunnarstranda and Frolich are left shocked.

To get the answers to all the disturbing questions coming to his mind, Frolich decides to look into his past life as he is not able to think of any other way. Both Frolich and Gunnarstranda race against time to prevent the killer from taking the life of another innocent victim. This novel is brooding, dark, and utterly chilling. It is breathtaking and has everything in it to make it an intriguing page-turner. This chilling novel revolves around betrayal and is written particularly in a hard-boiled style. It is suggested for all the fans of police procedural and crime stories.

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