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Knight and Devlin Books In Order

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Publication Order of Knight and Devlin Books

Knight and Devlin series is a mystery thriller series by American author of nonfiction, mystery, and thriller books, John F Dobbyn. The series feature Lex Devlin, a Partner in a prestigious law firm and Michael Knight, an associate who is on his way to becoming the best defense attorney. These two hotshots attract the hardest cases, and it is their job to build a defense to save innocent people from the jaws of unlawful judiciary.

The drama in court is quite exciting, and things get even more fascinating when the attorneys go out to collect all the evidence they can gather. There are numerous conquests by Knight and Devlin as you also get a sneak peek into their personal lives and some of the mistakes they make along the way.

Neon Dragon

Neon Dragon is the first book in the Knight and Devlin series. The mystery novel brings to life the work of Detective Michael Knight and his able partner Lex Devlin. The story starts with the shooting of Chen An-Yong, an older man watching a parade from his window. The New Year and the celebrations are in full swing. Anthony Bradley, a young man of African-American origin, and just like Chen, is going about his business when he’s arrested and charged for the crime.
Anthony is a talented young man from Harvard. While he looks out of place in jail, his arrest was not baseless. Two eyewitnesses had placed him at the scene of the crime, and someone had seen him take the shot. While this seems like an open and shut case, this assumption cannot be further from the truth.
Judge Bradley, Anthony’s father, is a judge, and there is no doubt that this is going to be a high profile case. The Judge approaches Michael Knight and requests him to defend his son. Michael knows that this is a delicate case, and the request from Bradley comes as a surprise. However, Michael is relieved when Lex Devlin, a senior partner at the firm, gets involved. Lex was once the lead criminal defense attorney the whole of Boston. With no explanations, Lex had withdrawn from defense work. Michael knows that there were allegations that thwarted Lex’s career even though no one took time to find the truth.

Once Michael starts working with his senior partner, he gets to see Lex in action. It because evident that Lex is passionate about defense work. Michael wonders what could have happened to curtail Lex’s career, and his curiosity pushes him to investigate the circumstance that forced this hotshot defense attorney to hang his boots. His investigation leads Michael right in the middle of the Chinatown, where Tongs and Triads are the rulers.

While Michael is a young associate lawyer at his firm, he has a long list of contacts. Michael’s investigations on Lex grow to include drugs, human trafficking, and prostitution. Ultimately, Michael gets involved in a corruption scandal so massive it could bring a good number of the most influential people in Boston. At the same time, Michael is still investigating the old man’s shooting. Will Michael be able to clear Lex’s name and find Chen’s murder before someone else loses their lives?

This is a fast-paced read with an exciting storyline. The book is a short 258 pages, and you can enjoy it in a single sitting. Join Michael in this investigative journey and get entangled in the world of attorneys and detectives who leave no stone unturned in their search for the truth.

Frame Up

Frame Up is the second book in the Knight and Devlin series. It’s a story about John McKendrick, Michael Knight’s closest friend from Law School. Once the two friends graduate from Havard Law School, they go their separate ways. Michael joins his mentor, Lex Devlin, while John becomes an associate of an infamous mob lawyer. While John sees the job as an opportunity to fast-track his career, Michael is hopeful that John will get a better job. Well, all this is until John is bombed in a car with his clientele’s signature. John and Michael often met and shared about their lives, and on the day John dies, he was about to have dinner with Michael. John’s car blows up as Michael approaches, and Michael is witness to the gruesome murder of his friend. John’s death shakes Michael to the core, and things only get worse when he discovers that the murderer is a son to one of Lex Devlin’s friends.

John’s case brings three men who haven’t seen each other for over forty years. Matt Ryan is now a priest, and Dominic Santangelo is a mafia don. These two men and Lex took deviating paths many years ago, but they meet again when Santangelo’s son is accused of killing John McKendrick. Dominic is simply looking out for his son, but he also feels that there is no way his son would have been responsible for John’s death. He suspects that there is more to the accusations, and he knows that there is no one better equipped to defend his son than Lex.

Lex urges Michael to represent Dominic’s son, a task he takes up reluctantly. The last thing he wants is to be in contact with the man who cut his friend’s life short. However, as he listens more to Lex, he starts to believe that Dominic’s son could be innocent. As he works to build a defense, Michael gets into the art fraud world. Michael embarks on a journey that sends him to sophisticated Amsterdam and dingiest parts of Boston and whatever he finds there is anything but pretty.

In this story, Micheal is being pushed beyond his comfort zone. The young attorney not only has to work with the Italian and Russian mafia, but he is at the center of a case involving a friend who died before his time. The good thing is that Michael has his mentor by his side. While this is a legal thriller, there is a lot of action happening outside the courtroom. Prepare to go on a roller coaster as you learn a thing or two about the underworld.

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