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Publication Order of Knight and Moon Books

By: Janet Evanovich, Phoef Sutton
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Authors Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton (who also write the “Wicked” series together) write the “Knight and Moon” series. The books began being published in the year 2016, when “Curious Minds” was released. The books are from the mystery, suspense, and thriller genres, and are full of humor, like much of Evanovich’s work.

Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton have been friends for many years. During coffee one day, they came up with a great concept for a series, and they were eager to get started writing it with each other.

World rights for the books were acquired by the President and Publisher of Random House (named Gina Centrello), and Publisher of Ballantine Bantam Dell (Libby McGuire). The book rights were acquired from the author’s agent and husband Peter Evanovich.

The series stars Riley Moon, a woman who is a professional go-getter and Emerson Knight, a man who is charmingly eccentric. Riley is also the daughter of a small town Texas Sheriff.

Emerson has a mentor, named Wayan Bagus, who is a Buddhist Monk. Knight is a reclusive savant and an eccentric martial arts expert. He owns Mysterioso Manor, which is a mansion located in Washington D. C.

This is a duo that has some immediate and undeniable chemistry with one another. He has many old and classic cars in his possession (many of which, Riley either stares at or gets to drive), including three Mustangs from the sixties, and a 39 Rolls Royce Phantom III.

There is also his aunt Myra, who is able to pack quite a punch, and helps him take care of his animals and his home. She also helps Emerson and Riley out with a couple of things along the way.

“Curious Minds” is the first novel in the “Knight and Moon” series, which was released in the year 2016. Emerson Knight is eccentric, introverted, and has just about no idea about social etiquette. It is a good thing, then that he is also rich, brilliant, and, some feel, handsome; otherwise, he might well be homeless.

Riley Moon is fresh out of Harvard Business as well as Harvard Law. The aggressive Texas spitfire attitude that she has is what helped her land her dream job working at Blane-Grunwald, a mega-bank, working as a junior analyst. She thought it was going to be her dream job, but then she gets her first assignment, which just so happens to be watching and placating Emerson Knight. He is actually demanding to see his gold.

After visiting him at his mansion, she ends up driving him to the bank, in his own ’93 Bentley Turbo R, where he confronts the head of the bank. His name is Werner Grunwald. This is a guy that has quite a few family members in powerful positions. It later gets Riley fired.

What begins as just an inquiry about some missing funds at the bunk in the account the Knights have leads to questions about some missing gold, a man that is missing, as well as a life and death race all over the country. There is an evil plan exposed. Through Washington D. C.’s streets to the Federal Reserve’s underground vault in New York City. It is so sinister that only some megalomaniac could be able to think of it. And only an unlikely duo like Riley Moon and Emerson Knight can thwart it.

This one has a quick pace and has many surprises and plot twists in it, making you guess just what is going to happen next. Fans of the novel found that this book kept them laughing the entire time they read it, especially Emerson Knight. The characters are complicated, full of color, and exciting, be they Knight and Moon or one of the supporting characters. The book is best read when you are looking to just read something light and enjoyable and have a pretty good time. This book never once gets boring at any point, and they get an interesting case to work too.

“Dangerous Minds” is the second novel in the “Knight and Moon” series, which was released in the year 2017. Wayan Bagus, a Buddhist monk, lost his island of solitude and wants it back. It was located roughly two hundred miles northeast of Samoa. There were beaches, a mountain, a volcano, and a rain forest. Now it is all gone. All after it vanished with no trace.

Emerson Knight, who is both brilliant and boyishly charming, enjoys nothing more than solving a mystery that is improbable and unsolvable. Finding an island that vanished with no traced is better than Christmas for Emerson. The clues lead to a sinister and dark secret that the National Park Service is guarding, Emerson will need to put together a great team to help him. Since one is not all that available, he gets Riley Moon and Vernon (who is his cousin).

Riley Moon has a degree from Harvard in business, and is able to shoot really well. One thing she cannot do, however, is get out of the vortex that is Emerson’s strange life. Vernon has been the enthusiastic and loyal partner in crime to Emerson since they were both kids. Now, he lives in an RV that is parked behind Emerson’s house.

This mismatched team of three people is going to go on a global investigation that is going to expose a century old conspiracy.

Fans of the novel found that this one made them laugh quite a bit once again. Some felt that this one was better than the first book in the series, and hope more books are published from this series. Janet Evanovich is an expert at writing characters that are quirky, brilliant, and engaging. Some are glad they finally picked up a book by Janet Evanovich, as this one really knocked it out of the park. Some wonder how Evanovich is able to write such hilarious and suspenseful books full of characters that are a joy to get to know, but hope she keeps revisiting this world in future installments.

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    Are you going to be releasing anymore of the Knight & Moon series.


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