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Kodiak Point Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kodiak Point Books

Kodiak Point is a book series written by author Eve Langlais, who is a renown female Canadian author of romance fiction novels. Eve Langlais is an experienced writer proven by the fact that adding to her numerous stand-alone novels, she has managed to write over 10 book series, including “The Realm, Princess of Hell, Pack, A Lion’s Pride, Cyborgs: More Than Machines, Alien Abduction” among others.

The Kodiak Point book series consists of up to 6 book titles, with 4 of the novel titles becoming USA Today bestsellers. Kodiak Point is an amazing series that consists of different stories from different characters. The story successfully takes readers to Kodiak Point, which is a place where the extraordinary is the norm. Weird characters and superheroes like shifter wolves, polar bears, foxes among others, are introduced with most of them being maintained throughout the story. All the book titles in the Kodiak Point book series are interrelated, making it difficult to read one randomly without having read the other predecessors. Love is the main unifying theme throughout the story.

A description of some of the book characters found in Kodiak Point


Tammy, who is shown to be a chubby city girl that really loves a good meal is a sassy, curvy woman with an amazing body to die for. She is an insurance investigator who has the desire to seek and find the truth when it is required of her. She is also depicted as a feisty, brave and fierce person, especially when she meets any form of resistance or frustrations.

Reid Carver

Reid is an Alpha Kodiak Shifter who is not only super hot, but also way too sexy. He is the alpha bear of a clan that mainly consists of mixed shifters living together. Bound by his duty as the leader of the clan, Reid Carver is willing to do all that is needed of him as long as it benefits his clan. This at times costs him his happiness in the process. Bossy, clueless and no nonsense are some of the other traits that can be used to describe Reid, who also happens to be the CEO of Berk Enterprise Limited.


Gene is Reid Carver’s old friend who is depicted to be all evil in the story. Due to malice and other hidden agendas he kidnaps Tammy and turns her into a polar bear shifter in order to get back at Reid Carver.


Brody is an ex-soldier who retires to work as a clan beta after successfully serving his country in the military. He is depicted as a wolf shifter that draws is excitement entirely from danger and eventually gets bored with the unexciting life in Kodiak point. Brody is a courageous individual who is brave enough to rush into danger willingly. He is a carefree adventure seeker with an overabundant ego that makes him a cocky hero.


Layla is a special being who is gifted with the ability to speak to animals and insects while making others follow what she commands them to. Her identity is difficult to explain as she is neither human nor a shifter in that case. Her experience in captivity makes it difficult for her to trust anyone. She is a rare heroine who is characterized by great courage as most of her peers if they had been in a similar situation would have lost hope long ago but not her.

Novels in the Kodiak Point book series

“Kodiak’s Claim”

Kodiak’s Claim is an interesting love story that focuses on two main characters, namely Tammy and Reid Carver. It is a story about how the destiny of an Alpha Kodiak shifter and a sassy, curvy insurance investigator becomes intertwined with time. This is after Tammy, who is an insurance investigator, sets off to Alaska to assess the truth behind the disappearance of three of Reid’s transports from Berk Enterprise before any claims are awarded to the company.

The investigation leads Tammy directly to the clueless no nonsense Kodiak who is at first stubborn to open up to her, but later cannot help but fall in love with the investigator. The love story behind Tammy and Reid’s relationship is a weird one filled with hilarious occurrences. A great example is when Tammy shoots Reid in the ass with silver bullets after he tries to sneak up on her.

Tammy gets to find out Reid’s true identity that he is a bear shifter, but instead of being worried and scared about it ends up wanting him even more. She is later kidnapped by Gene, who is Reid Carver’s old friend as a result of bigger forces controlling his actions. This is a result of a plot carefully conspired by a rival clan that is willing to do anything within their reach in order to force Kodiak’s Paw. Things get even more interesting when Tammy is turned into a polar bear shifter during the experience.

In order to protect his stature as the Alpha Kodiak shifter and also protect his kidnapped lover, Reid Carver sets on a journey to bring Tammy back home as well as revenge on the members of the evil clan and Gene who have managed to force his hand through their unforgivable deeds.

“Wolf’s Capture”

Wolf’s capture is a captivating story about Brody, who is an ex-soldier now working as a clan Beta in Kodiak Point after he retires from the military. Bored with the less exciting experience of being a Kodiak guardian, he seeks to find danger and excitement in the rarest of places only to fall in Layla’s trap that gets him captured. Layla who has interesting abilities is in high demand as she spends most of her life in captivity as a result of evil forces who actively seek to use her to better their own needs manages to hatch a plan that involves capturing Brody.

Brody, who has managed to stage a variety of impossible escapes during his tenure as a military man finds his capture to be the perfect mission, he has always needed to fuel is love for danger and excitement during his stay at Kodiak Point. He at first plots a devious plan of using Layla to escape out of his cell, but later gets to fall in love with the hot heroine making him to drastically alter his plans.

Faced with the desire to embrace survival or die in captivity, both Layla and Brody have no choice but to team up in order to successfully make it out of their bondage regardless of their trust issues. Although Layla has practically lost all hope of escaping after 57 failed attempts and lots of punishment for that, there is something about Brody that manages to ignite her almost lost and abandoned hope.

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