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Publication Order of The Dungeon Slayer Books

The Dungeon Slayer (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dungeon Destroyer (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dungeon Leader (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dungeon Phoenix (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dungeon Predator (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dungeon Titan (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Konrad Ryan is a bestselling LitRPG author that has made huge waves. Before he was a fiction author he was an accountant with a bachelors in accounting. But he found accounting too dull for himself and decided to become an author.
He published “The Dungeon Slayer” in 2009 and has since become prolific writing two more novels in just a year. He came to love the Lit-RPG genre when he lived in Japan for two years.
He now loves to call himself a food enthusiast, avid gamer, fiction lover and father.

Ryan’s first introduction to the genre was when he started watching “The Gamer,” a Korean manhwa. He enjoyed the story and premise as a consumer but after two years learning Japanese and living in Japan, he became more interested in their media and culture.
Manga and anime became a source of entertainment and a tremendous influence. It was from there that she started reading light novels which eventually led him to “Solo Leveling” the Korean manhwa.
It was a story about a lad that lived among people with tremendous strength but he did not have such powers. But he enters a dungeon where he learns to unlock his powers and abilities and starts leveling up.
It was not the first time Konrad Ryan had read such a story but once he read it he was hooked. From then on all he wanted was a story that would grip him from the first page to the last. A story that would drag him through death, life, and morality and never once relenting.

But after reading “Solo Leveling” several times over, it relented and he started noticing flaws in the story. The dungeons were bland and short and the story was not wholly satisfying. The longer he read the more the things he loved seemed to get fewer leaving him unfulfilled and unsatisfied.
Konrad Ryan then started thinking that he could do better. Growing up he had been a voracious reader of epic fantasy authors such as Brandon SandersonRobert Jordan, Terry Goodking and Tad Williams. He was convinced that he could combine epic fantasy with LitRPG and make some very compelling stories.
The call to write was very clear and she decided to combine themes from the two genres to write her manuscript. She designed her worlds before she inserted the characters into the story which culminated in the publishing of “The Dungeon Slayer” in 2020.

Konrad Ryan’s “The Dungeon Slayer” opens to mankind under attack for five decades from the monsters and bosses that come from the dungeons. The monsters had first been seen when Raekast, a mystical beast, had come onto the scene killing everything in its path and threatening extinction of the human race.
But then the Rebirth which is a mysterious ceremony unlocks the hidden power in humans that makes it possible to defeat the beat. His last desperate act has been very successful as it resulted in the spawning of dungeons all over the world.
Titan is the largest and most powerful of these dungeons which are a threat to nature and humanity alike. Slayers who are powerful reborn humans go into the dungeons to fight and destroy the bosses and monsters. They also see it as an opportunity to retrieve items and treasure.

“The Dungeon Destroyer” by Konrad Ryan tells the story of Tad, a man in pain following the loss of party members and friends. He is now facing the endless class tower with its secrets and mysteries, his golden key in hand.
What had been trials become battles but he develops his strength only to have to face new challenges. Right ahead are many trials that will transform him into a warrior. New and old friends come together to find adventure and raid dungeons.
The novel continues from where the first left off. It expands the scope, allows the characters to change and grow, advances the plot, introduces mysteries and answers some questions.

Konrad Ryan’s “The Dungeon Leader” sees Tad infected with a rare werewolf virus and trapped in a dungeon. At the opening of the novel he is wrestling with the wolf Fenrir inside his dagger. What is strange is that the wolf is taunting Tad and it seems like he can read his thoughts.
Even if he manages to escape from the dungeon and return to Earth he still has a lot of challenges. Titan has been invaded by The Creators and their buildings block out the sun causing the world to freeze over.
Even worse, the many dungeons across the globe have been exploding and releasing all manner of monsters. The only person who can save the Earth is the creator Defector but it does seem that he has his own plans.

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