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Kowalski Family Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kowalski Family Books

Exclusively Yours (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undeniably Yours (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Yours to Keep (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
All He Ever Needed (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
All He Ever Desired (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
All He Ever Dreamed (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alone with You (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love a Little Sideways (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken with You (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling for Max (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
What it Takes (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shannon Stacey is the brilliant author behind the Kowalski Family book series. This romantic fun filled family series has 9 books so far. The first book in the series, Exclusively yours was released on 1st January 2012.This was followed by book 2,Undeniably Yours that was released on 1st February 2012.The third book in the series, Yours To Keep was released on 1st March 2012.The fourth book, All He Ever Needed was released on 10th September 2012.The fifth book, All He Ever Decided was released on 12th November 2012.The sixth book, All He Ever Dreamed was released on 21st January 2013.The seventh book, Love A Little Sideways was released on 26th November 2013.The eighth book, Taken With You was released on 25th March 2014.The last book, Falling For Max was released on 29th July 2014.

The series was named after one of the leading characters in the books. Keri is an exceptional reporter determined to do her best and rise to an editorial position at her job. All these is suddenly put to test when she has go back home to New Hampshire and interview the one person she rather not meet again, Joe Kowalski. Easy as this may be for any reporter, Joe is not just any ordinary man but her high school sweetheart and one of the most sort after authors in the whole country. Nothing short of nostalgic moments, their first meeting seems very exciting yet very terrifying all at once.

Book 1; Exclusively yours

The series begins with Keri’s boss Tina Deschanel giving her an ultimatum about her positon in the company. It is a particularly intense moment for Keri because her boss just discovered her high school sweetheart is now one of the most sought after celebrities. Definitely not a fun fact for Keri as she had very much tried to hide it, even though she is determined to get herself promoted to an editorial position, that part of her life is a pandora’s box she would rather keep shut .With no option but to do as her boss wants, Keri finds herself on her way to New Hampshire, her hometown where it all begun and now her only hope of keeping her job.

Back at home, Keri is able to easily secure an interview with Joe, but not at an easy cost. Keri has to spend two weeks with Joe and his family at their home. Not only will she spend her days there but for every question Keri asks Joe will ask one of his own. Sounds easy right? Well not until she meets the rest of the family. At first you would be fooled to think what a normal family they are but not after we learn that even after all the years, Terry who is Joe’s twin sister holds a grudge. Keri left for Los Angeles breaking Joe’s heart which pushed him to the bottle thus the grudge. Lisa and Michael, Joe’s sister and brother are also present with their children.

With all the couples in the house and a very active bunch of teenagers running around, Keri quickly realises that this might not be as easy as she thought it would be. Will she able to put all feelings aside and work on what really sent her there? So much tension expected as Terry is still hell bent on repaying Keri for all the hurt she caused, will she finally forgive her? Lisa and Michael are also present with their respective spouses and kids, a vacation with the extended family, how hard can it really get? Joe has all these questions he needs answers to and only Keri can provide, what he found out is truly unbelievable. Keri is not here just to catch up and reminisce over the good old times but she has a deadline to me and an interview to do. Will she be able to keep her feelings intact and deliver on this highly anticipated career changing interview?

Book 2; Undeniably Yours

The Kowalski family has quite the gentlemen in its midst, from the celebrity authors to the bar owners, one thing is for sure, they do have a strangle hold on women. Shannon Stacey introduces us to more family members and giving us a glimpse of the family from another perspective. We are introduced to Kevin Kowalski, yet another handsome member of the family who happens to own a bar. Due to his good Kowalski genes, women throwing themselves at him is just another day at the office, Despite all the attention he gets, he still longs to find that special someone, we can’t blame him, with a wedding happening in the family and all the talk about love, one is sure feel reflective.

When Beth’s boss gets a little touchy at Kevin’s bar, Kevin quickly comes to Beth’s rescue but she won’t have him think of her as a damsel in distress. As fate would have it they meet at Kevin’s brother’s wedding, weeks later after the incident at the bar. One thing leads to the other and they end up spending the night together. Being the independent woman she is Beth quickly slips away early morning. Fate is clearly not on her aside as she has to meet Kevin again to tell him she’s pregnant. Beth is a nomadic being who does not enjoy being in one place far too long. This pregnancy changes all that but not her resolve to always stay independent. She makes it clear to Kevin that she can support the child well on her own.

Though he seems to be a player, Kevin is excited about the prospect of being a father. To him this is exactly what he had been praying for, but how will he convince the one woman who doesn’t want anything from him to be with him? The Kowalski are big on family but will that push Beth even further away? Even though she used birth control, Beth now has this one unexpected blessing in her life, will she keep the baby? Kevin seems to welcome the idea of the baby but his track record with women has not been the best so far, will he really mange to be a good father?


Shannon Stacey has been able to successfully capture different characters in the Kowalski family and develop them into main characters each reader can relate to. In her last book, Falling for Max, she is able to successfully transform a shy geek gent into lovable number one bachelor in the town. To transform Max, she finds help in the most unexpected of places, a waitress at a local diner. With quite the unexpected ending, she sure knows her way to a perfect romance novel that will keep you glued.

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