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Kris Frieswick is a reputed American writer, teacher, humorist, journalist, cyclist, editor, and traveler. She is famous for writing humor, thriller, comedy, historical fiction, and suspense thriller stories. Frieswick is particularly famous for writing the book called The Ghost Manuscript, which is also her debut novel. As an editor and journalist, she has won several prestigious awards. Frieswick works in Wall Journal Street Journal’s Mansion section as a deputy editor and has previously worked at the Inc. Magazine on the post of executive editor. The works of author Frieswick have featured in a wide range of national newspapers, books, and magazines such as The Economist, Entrepreneur Magazine, The National, Medium, Departures, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe Magazine, and Hemispheres. Frieswick has been active in the field of writing and editing for more than 20 years. For a period of ten years, Frieswick was employed by the Boston Phoenix newspapers for writing a column.

Frieswick has received regional as well as national prizes for her humor, reporting, and editing works. The humor columns penned by her have been included in a couple of bestselling anthologies. As an avid cyclist and traveler, Frieswick has traveled in many cities of the United States. She likes to pose as a hostess and quasi-gourmet cook along with her husband and host legendary dinner gatherings. Frieswick despises shopping. Author Frieswick was born and brought up in a tiny farm town in Massachusetts. She learned many useful things in her life while growing up, including starting a fire, loading a rifle, and riding an ATV vehicle without flipping. Frieswick’s parents, her father, and mothers-in-law, and 3 of her close friends have died due to cancer. On every morning after waking up, Frieswick expresses gratitude to the Almighty for providing her good health and also keeping her husband, family, and friends at the pink of their health.

Author Frieswick likes to drink coffee a lot. She believes that it is only after drinking a hot cup of coffee that she is able to come up with exciting ideas for conversation. Her major influences in the field of writing have been Donna Tartt and Gillian Flynn. Currently, she lives with her loving husband in Cape Cod, Massachusetts; St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands; and New York. Frieswick’s husband hails from Wales and has quite a handsome and charming personality. When Frieswick sat down to write her first book, her goal was to come up with a story that she would like to read as a reader. Her intention was to create a strong female lead embarking on a lively adventure. Also, she wished to write a novel that readers would be unable to put down. Frieswick hopes that the readers finish reading her debut with satisfied and craving for more. Author Frieswick considers herself a fanatic of history. She also loves thrillers that contain puzzles based on real, verifiable events, people, and objects. All this was at the back of her mind while she was writing her first book.

The biggest challenge that Frieswick faced while writing was to find time as she was so busy with her other commitments that she could hardly find any free time. It took her over twelve years to finish the writing part of the debut book from the time she came up with the initial conception. Being a journalist helped her cause as it allowed her the opportunity to carry out extensive research to bring her story to life. Frieswick’s creation of the chief protagonist Carys Jones was the result of her attempt to put a normal woman in a thrilling situation and watch her figure out her path in treacherous waters with the use of only her resourcefulness, intellect, and determination to keep her loved ones safe. The process turned out to be great fun for her.

The debut book written by author Kris Frieswick is entitled ‘The Ghost Manuscript’. It was released by the Post Hill Press in 2019. The important characters mentioned in this book include Carys Jones, Dafydd, John Harper, Martin Gyles, etc. Frieswick has set the story in Boston. Initially, Carys Jones is introduced as an authenticator of rare books and works for a prestigious house based in Boston. The fondest wish of Carys is that she should be left alone and allowed to pursue her love for old manuscripts. Carys Jones’ life happens to be an uncomplicated and simple one until her favorite client named John Harper suffers from the mania and hallucinations and gets admitted to a psychiatric hospital. John Harper is a wealthy entrepreneur and likes to collect manuscripts of the British Dark Age. When Carys’ boss sends her to authenticate the collection of John Harper for sale, she receives an offer that she can’t refuse. She is asked for her assistance in tracking a tomb that is described in an unrecorded and unknown ancient journal in exchange for the entire library of Harper containing priceless manuscripts.

John Harper believed through his exhaustive research that the manuscript is a memoir of a priest who served in the court of the enigmatic King Arthur. The manuscript recounts the exploits of the king and also contains the location of the tomb of the king and an enormous treasure buried under it. Carys Jones agrees to help and joins the quest for the lost treasure. However, Harper and Jones are not the only ones searching for the treasure. A ruthless and psychotic antique dealer tries to derail the search of Carys on the orders of a client. After joining the hunt, Carys is taken to places that she had never imagined she would go, both emotionally and physically. She is first taken to the homeland of her estranged father in Wales and then in the bed of a mysterious man named Dafydd, who promises to help her in locating the tomb. Finally, the monk who had written the manuscript 1500 years ago appears in her psyche and takes her to the actual location. This book is filled with fun, adventure, and a chase filled with many ups and downs. It is fast-paced, intense, exciting, and contains believable characters. Many noted critics have spoken highly about the book and its story. They have given rave reviews and exciting comments on various literary platforms.

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