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Publication Order of The Stories of the Lutheran Ladies Circle Books

Plucking One String (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through the Knothole (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thanks for Leaving (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Melody Markett’s Crash Course on Life (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Kris Knorr writes the “Stories of the Lutheran Ladies Circle” series, which began publication in the year 2012 when “Plucking One String” was released. The intelligent and peppery ladies she has known in her life helped her write the series.

Parts of “Plucking One String” has won awards from Rocinate Literary Journal and CCC Literary contest. Kris Knorr has also been given the U. S. Willa Literary Award.

Kris writes stories about women that struggle with change. Especially the kind that pushes in through the door uninvited and unannounced on contemporary Lutheran women.

She likes writing about women that are funny, bold, and have made mistakes but keep on trying. Kris wants people to feel as though they could sit down with these characters and share their problems over a beer, or coffee, or some chocolate. Or even just say nothing and know that these women are going to understand. She wants these stories to resonate with the reader long after the book has been closed.

“Plucking One String” is the first novel in the “Stories of the Lutheran Ladies Circle” series, which was released in the year 2012. The Lutheran Ladies have “strong spine opinions”, are sassy, and have stepped out of real life and into these books.

Vera Henley has led the Lutheran Ladies Circle for many years, but now it is unraveling. Traditions are being changed. The yearly rummage sale is not immune from modernization. Every member of the Circle are cheering the changes on, except for Vera. Her humorous efforts to stop these changes are usually heart breaking.

Her crazy and high maintenance aunt brings in some more upheaval and rebellion. She is forced to choose through all of the chaos. Can she bend others to do things her way or must she pick certain threads of change to pluck?

“Through the Knothole” is the second novel in the “Stories of the Lutheran Ladies Circle” series, which was released in the year 2013. Kay McCabe would like nothing more than to get rid of the Harvest Gold toilet that is sitting in her front lawn. It belongs to the two elderly Lutheran women that moved in with Kay after a tornado ruined their house. They brought the toilet and a bunch of junk, along with opinions they spent a lifetime gathering. To top it off, there was the introduction to the romantic and dark eyed guy from the Mediterranean.

After Kay no longer has a job, she tries to save her house from the bank. The ladies help and give some poorly hidden advice about her romance and the new job she has a bartender. She should probably listen to them, especially once she finds herself handcuffed by the cops and avoiding her family.

The woman are there to prop her up, manipulate her, and fight along side her. Best of all, they will even plant some flowers in the toilet on the lawn while they help her through life’s issues, like true Lutheran women.

Fans of the novel find this to be a fun series, and recognize the characters as people they know. Kay is an enjoyable character who is fleshed out fully in the book.

“Thanks for Leaving” is the third novel in the “Stories of the Lutheran Ladies Circle” series, which was released in the year 2014. Aunt Ula, after ditching her church group, goes back to her secrets. She is looking for parts of her past, it starts on a southern railway more than sixty years back.

Now, she finds a friend in someone who is leopard haired and full of guilt and twenty-five years old. She is also running away from something, her remorse goes back to Texas. They find they have some stories in common and each have secrets of their own to share with each other.

Ula is not able to explain the force that is making her collect up the pieces of her past. Like the memento hidden during World War II by a guy that most people believe is just part of Ula’s imagination. She might just be able to find it, and the help of the girl from Texas might just make it easier.

You have to leave to begin the journey, they both know that this is step one of the journey.

Fans of the novel were able to read the book quite quickly, as they were hooked that much to what happened. This is quite simply some good reading that will have you focused on nothing else but the story.

“Melody Markett’s Crash Course on Life” is the fourth novel in the “Stories of the Lutheran Ladies Circle” series, which was released in the year 2016. Mel Steuben, a young orphan teen, found an opportune but questionable way to make it through during war time. Certain tragic changes pushed her to put that lifestyle behind her.

Over time, she has built a reputation as someone who keeps confidences, as a master mortician, and as a church woman. She is known by the name of Funeral Queen, and goes to a Circle meeting in order to do what she is great at. Herd the many opinionated women to plan a funeral for the most eccentric member of the group.

Kick Carter (attending college and relative of the deceased person) would rather do much of anything than talk about a useless ceremony. Or expose her guilt that she has been hiding over her aunt dying. As Steuben and the other Lutheran gals put together the funeral, their good intentions create some chaos for the woman, who twists her nights out of control. Steuben has experienced and seen this before.

She has to figure out if she should dig up her past, which she has been guarding all this time, or open up her newly built life to people’s messiness. It is starting to look like Kick Carter might just be the toughest challenge ever to happen to Mel Steuben.

Fans of the novel found this to jerk at their heartstrings and was quite delightful. The excellent writing pushes you right on through the lives of the characters.

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