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Publication Order of 'Til Death Books

Deadly Vision (2009)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Deadly Obsession (2010)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Deadly Deception (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Between the Veils Books

Between the Veils: Volume One (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Between the Veils: Volume Two (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Dark Horizon Books

Orion Rising (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Dark Prophecy Books

Sacred Talisman (2009)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Twice Bitten (2010)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Blood of the Wolf (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Enchanted Lovers Books

Healing Hands (2010)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Woodsman (By: Belle Scarlett) (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of From Grace Books

Gabriel (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Michael (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Midnight Ice Books

Midnight Ranger (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Carved In Ice (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Wayward Souls Books

Force of Nature (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Cannon (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Delta Force: Colt (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Six (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Crow (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Phoenix (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of What Remains Books

Untainted (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Wasteland (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Mutation (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Keeping Faith (2011)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Ricochet (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Centerfold (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Grave Measures (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
My Soul to Keep (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Brotherhood Protectors World Books

Dylan (By: Regan Black) (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Soldier's Heart Part One (By: Ilsa J. Bick) (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Ruthless River (By: Lindsay Cross) (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Ranger In Charge (By: Layla Chase) (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Soldier's Heart Part Two (By: Ilsa J. Bick) (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Wild Horse Rescue (By: Mary Winter) (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Midnight Ranger (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Soldier's Heart Part Three (By: Ilsa J. Bick) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Hidden Danger (By: Desiree Holt) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Carved In Ice (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Hot Colorado Nights (By: Paige Yancey) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Rough Justice (By: Jen Talty) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Rainhorse (By: Jesse Jacobson) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Reaper's Ride (By: Delilah Devlin) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Shielding Shayna (By: Heather Long) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Protecting His Cowgirl (By: Mary Winter) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Fear the Reaper (By: Kendra Mei Chailyn) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Saving Sidewinder (By: Kate Mckeever) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Moving Target (By: Regan Black) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Lost Signal (By: Regan Black) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Off The Radar (By: Regan Black) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Grayson's Angel (By: Linzi Baxter) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stormy Montana Nights (By: Paige Yancey) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Rescuing Montana (By: Kate Kinsley) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Persuading Piper (By: SusanBoles) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Defensive Instructor (By: Debra Parmley) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Going In Blind (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Winter's Last Chance (By: Stacey Wilk) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Rough Around the Edges (By: Jen Talty) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Flying Rescue (By: Mary Winter) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Falling for Her Unexpected Bodyguard (By: Christine Glover) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Rainhorse: The Return (By: Jesse Jacobson) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Daniel's Choice (By: Pam Mantovani) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Noah's Love (By: Linzi Baxter) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Marine Protector (By: Debra Parmley) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Guarding Jenna (By: Desiree Holt) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Soldier's Heart Part Four (By: Ilsa J. Bick) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Relentless (By: Tina Donahue) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Sinner's Redemption (By: Kate Mckeever) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Ranger Pride (By: Layla Chase) (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Courting Juliet (By: Pam Mantovani) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Rescuing Emery (By: Barb Han) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Devil's Fork (By: Jesse Jacobson) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Last Betrayal (By: Stacey Wilk) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Rough Ride (By: Jen Talty) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Brand (By: Leanne Tyler) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Unmasking Evil (By: Desiree Holt) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Handling Harley Ann (By: SusanBoles) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Her Last Word (By: Stacey Wilk) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Sultry Seattle Nights (By: Paige Yancey) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Mechanic (By: Reina Torres) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Protecting the Flame (By: Ilsa J. Bick) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Last Days of Christmas (By: Stacey Wilk) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Brett (By: Regan Black) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Bryson's Treasure (By: Linzi Baxter) (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Toxic Truth (By: Tina Donahue) (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Gamble (By: Regan Black) (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Saving Evie (By: L.K. Shaw) (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Montana Delta Rescue (By: Debra Parmley) (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Mystic New Orleans Nights (By: Paige Yancey) (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Defending Casey (By: Reina Torres) (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Montana SEAL Protector (By: Debra Parmley) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Steel (By: Wren Michaels) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Fighting for Kora (By: Deanna L. Rowley) (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Fighting for Fiona (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Team Raptor Books

Darius' Promise (By: Jen Talty) (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Simon's Promise (By: LeanneTyler) (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Logan's Promise (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Spencer's Promise (By: Deanna L. Rowley) (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Team Eagle Books

Wyatt's Mission (By: Jen Talty) (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Xavier's Mission (By: Lori Matthews) (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Hunter's Mission (By: Kendall Talbot) (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Gunn's Mission (By: Delilah Devlin) (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Booker's Mission (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Anthologies

Threefold(2010)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Kris Norris

Kris Norris sees herself as a “jack of all trades”, she says she’s constantly looking for her clone, who remains very elusive. As a single mother, an author, and apparently a slave to chaos, she tends to push the boundaries of common sense while being obsessive.

Ms. Norris’s friends are more charitable, appreciating her passions and sense of adventure. We all know speed limits are merely suggestions, and her shouting is her way of being heard through the chaos.

Ms. Norris can usually be found out on a trail somewhere. After taking care of her three kids and doing her writing, she seeks the out-of-doors. She can be spotted riding a mountain bike or running with her dogs. A few years ago she took up adventure racing and now she tries to enter a few races a year.

Ms. Norris’s writing helped her understand she’s not destined for a padded room. All those voices in her head were the chatter of characters taking shape. They seemed safe enough so she put them to work.

Her writing is highly erotic. Her sex scenes sizzle, with larger than life heroes; you will squirm in your seat, and be left feeling breathless.

The Enchanted Lovers series starts with Healing Hands. The heroine of the story, Mira, has five days to lose her virginity or she will be dead. The Sisterhood doesn’t want her to succeed because she was given the Gift of Healing rather than the gift of Fire. Their jealousy could be the death of her.

The Sisterhood chose a man who is near death to be the one for her to pair with. They tortured and severely injured him and dumped him on Mira knowing he would only mate with a woman who has certain qualities. If he won’t mate, he will certainly die.

Mira is a witch and he’s automatically repulsed by her. However, Keegan gradually becomes aware how she brings his body to life; his head is filled with delectable images of seduction.

They are both against the same timeline. He needs to seduce her, she needs to be seduced, and do it soon. Both of their lives depend on it.

Ms. Norris’s musings take us from the highly fanciful in Healing Hands to Delta Force: Colt: Brotherhood Protectors World. Brett “Colt” Sievers, Delta Force soldier: his creed: anything for the sake of the mission.

Colt has rules though. No sacrifice too great. No risk too high. No falling in love. In the past he fell for Ellis, lost his heart to her; it was a massive breach of protocol and a huge mistake. Five years on he’s still paying for it. He learned from his mistake. He’s not crossing that line again.

Delta Forces is in Colt’s rearview mirror. Now he’s spending his days as a civilian working with his former commander. His life is simple and he’s resolved to keep it that way.

Then Ellis literally falls across his doorstep. She’s bloody, dying, and unbelievably, still totally sexy. She’s been tortured, she’s being hunted, and now she needs him.

Colt doesn’t want this. He has to limit this to being a very temporary savior. His heart didn’t get the memo; it’s spinning out of control. For his own good, he’s got to avoid getting involved with Ellis again. She never shows up without baggage. Her baggage comes with danger- secrets that don’t end well. He and his entire team could get killed.

Colt’s been on many dangerous missions. He’s never failed a one. He makes a commitment and he never turns back. So now he has to find the truth, save Ellis, or die trying. He’ll be breaking his rule once more. As much as he hates to think it, unless he can keep Ellis alive, he won’t get a second chance to be with his first love.

Ms. Norris delivers another series of unique fiction. Vampires, an ancient talisman, and sex with the undead spin into a fantastic tale. Sacred Talisman: Dark Prophecy Book 1 starts with Rafe.

Rafe has been roaming the earth for five hundred years. He’s no ordinary vampire. He was created as an enforcer, a vampire who’s sole duty is to guard a sacred talisman. After roaming Earth for over five hundred years, Rafe’s life is starting now.

Rafe’s duty is to guard the talisman and prevent the astounding power from being unleashed on the world. One hitch: he has no clue where it is or how to find it.

Terryn wasn’t expecting a handsome stranger to rescue her. He’s got blue eyes and blond hair, and a body that rivals every erotic dream she’s every had. When a creep dragged her into an alley, on Halloween no less, her hero saves he then he claims her necklace is an ancient talisman.

Rafe said it’s his job to protect it her necklace, his talisman. After her rescue by said hero, she is pulled into a fantastic world of prophesies, vampires, and a startling surprise, a world of sex better than she’s ever had or could ever imagine.

Before more sex though, they have to survive the potential onslaught of a throng of roguish vampires who want the pendant and its power. It’s going to be a life or death battle.

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