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Krissy Harris is an American author and artist. In addition to being a writer, she is the lively creator of a line of fuzzy creatures called biggerCritters, each more zany than the last. She is the creator of the Bigger Chronicles.

Harris started a toy company shortly after she got sick and was officially diagnosed as having lupus. That was in 2001, when she first found herself facing a version of ‘early retirement’. When everything collectively fell apart, Krissy vowed to herself that she was going to keep going and rebuild her life from scratch. In 2002, “biggerKrissy” was born– a bigger and better version of herself than she ever thought possible.

Krissy Harris is known for creating the biggerCritters, one-of-a-kind plushies that are so unique and adorable that you’ll never want to let them go! These critters are personally hand made and crafted by Krissy herself, for that artist’s touch. They are guaranteed by Krissy to be even cuter, plushier, and cuddlier when you hold them in person.

Krissy Harris is the creator and author of the Angst Misbehavin’ book. This debut book is the first volume of The Bigger Chronicles. It was released in 2018. It follows all of the biggerCritters around in their natural habitat and home world of Stuffit, where the various plush residents live (located in Angst County, ND).

Angst Misbehavin’ features a variety of lovable stuffed animals that live all together in a town that’s unlike the real world all together. If you are picturing cute little animals just like your children have, then think again!

These are not your typical stuffed animals and they definitely go a little bit further out there than most stuffed animals would. They are rated PG-13 or possibly even higher. Not the stuffed animals that the average kid would have.

Read this dynamic first book from Krissy Harris and find yourself in the land of Stuffit! No one knows the size of the population for sure, but they do know that depending on who you are talking to, they may not be very nice.

Check out the book that people are talking about and find yourself in the fantastical world of Stuffit, which is chock full of kooky and interesting stuffed characters! Each one has its own personality and something to love about it. And if not love, then at least laugh at.

Pick up Angst Misbehavin’ and find out why so many people have absolutely fallen for this book. You’ll get to meet all of the biggerCritters and find out about their daily lives, history, and even politics or religious status.

If you have a lively sense of humor and enjoy hearing all about a fictional world where these feisty little critters live, then you’ll want to check out Angst Misbehavin’ and find out what’s going on for yourself!

Check out Volume 1 by Krissy Harris and find out why this writer was once called a ‘salty dog’ by The Los Angeles Times! Stay tuned for Volume 2 of the biggerChronicles and to find out more about the residents of Stuffit!

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