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Publication Order of Fae of Snow & Ice Books

Crowns of Ice (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Court of Winter (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thorns of Frost (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wings of Snow (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Lost Children Books

Publication Order of The Makanza Books

Publication Order of Supernatural Community Books

Magic in Light (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beast of Shadows (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Power in Darkness (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragons in Fire (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel in Embers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Supernatural Curse Books

Publication Order of Supernatural Institute Books

Fated by Starlight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Born By Moonlight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Haunted By Firelight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kissed By Shadowlight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Krista Street is a published American author.

She is a writer that enjoys writing in many different genres that include romance, science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian. She likes to have books that are cross-genre and frequently have complex characters as well as lots of supernatural twists and each story has a bit of romance. She also likes to write about characters that are coming of age that are fighting to find a place in the world while also looking for and hopefully finding their true mate.

Krista is native to the state of Minnesota but has also resided throughout the United States as well as in different countries. She enjoys traveling, reading, and just getting outside to spend time in nature. She is married and has children with her husband and loves living in Minnesota and exploring and enjoying all of the hidden beauty that the state has.

When she is not busy writing she can be found running around with her children, hanging out with friends and her husband, enjoying a nice cup of tea, or having adventures somewhere around Minnesota.

Krista Street is the author of several fictional series. The Lost Children trilogy was her first series to come out, debuting in 2017 with the novella Awakened as a prequel to the novels that would come after it. Street would also go on to write the Makanza series, the Lost Children World series, the Supernatural Community series, the Supernatural Institute series, the Supernatural Curse series, and the Fae of Snow & Ice series.

Forgotten is the first novel in The Lost Children trilogy by Krista Street. This book was first released for writers to enjoy in 2017. If you have been looking around for a new genre or a new style of book to try, give this one a shot and see what you think! This book was a semi-finalist for the YABC 2017 book Awards and named a highly recommended courtesy of the Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews.

This is the tale of eight strangers that all share the same thing, which is strange tattoos, memories that have gone missing, and paranormal powers that are definitely out of the norm.

Lena was one of those people. It was just four months back in her life that she ended up waking up in the middle of a dark alleyway and didn’t have any idea who she actually is. She just has no memory of who she is as a person or what she has done. Anything that she would have had access to has somehow been totally wiped.

Now she’s trying to figure out if there’s a way she can make sense of the past. The only things that are coming to her is a tattoo that is totally mysterious and also something new: a supernatural power. That certainly wasn’t there before, and she may as well make use of it. The power is the ability to be able to look at people and see evil in them.

She’s also doing everything that she can to get her memory back, since it would actually be helpful if she could remember who she was and what she’s been through. She follows an instinct within her that guides her, eventually finding herself in a small town in Colorado.

It is in this town that she encounters other young women and men, and all of them have things in common with each other and with Lena. They have not only the same stories but tattoos that look similar and a bunch of other extrasensory powers that they all seem to have developed.

There’s also a young man among them that Lena is extremely surprised to find that she is really attracted to. She really feels a connection with him, but she has no idea why that would be the case. Maybe it is possible that they have met before and she is just reacting to some type of natural chemistry, but it is also entirely possible that she has met him before and just has no memories within her mind that she can access of meeting this guy before.

Lena is determined to work with the other people that she has met to try and get to the bottom of what has happened to them. They try to explore the new powers that they have and really try to recall who they are and what they now are. But in the middle of the process, they must pause when they discover something really scary.

There are others out there that are hunting them. They also have the answers to the questions that this group has, but they’re more concerned with tracking them down. Once they find them, it becomes clear that these extraordinary humans may not have the opportunity to survive the encounter. Will they be able to find what they are after and get more information about what has happened to them? Or will Lena and this group of superhumans be disappointed to find out that no answers are coming, and only danger? Read this fascinating debut story in the series by Krista Street to find out!

Remembered is the second book in The Lost Children trilogy by Krista Street. This book first became available to readers in 2017 and continues the saga that was started in the debut.

Lena has finally found a new family along with a man named Flint. All of the group shares the same experiences, mainly that they have special powers and memories that are kept from them. They all want answers about the past, but have been losing hope that any were coming.

When the group finds out that they have a chance to find out what it was that caused these abilities to develop and the amnesia to happen, it’s like a new world has been opened up to them once more. They’re stronger than before, but they also are heading out to find out the truth about what it was that made them and know that not all of them might come back.

What will Lena, Flint, and the group find? Can they all survive finding out the truth? Read this book from Krista Street to find out!

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