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Publication Order of Making Friends Books

Making Friends (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Back to the Drawing Board (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Third Time's a Charm (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Together Forever (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Minecraft: Wither Without You Books

Minecraft: Wither Without You, Vol. 1 (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Minecraft: Wither Without You, Vol. 2 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Minecraft: Wither Without You, Vol. 3 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Graphic Novels

Kristen Gudsnuk is an artist and writer of the popular “Henchgirl” comic. Her most popular work follows the life and times of a young woman struggling to get a real job. Ultimately, she gets into the employ of a supervillain so that she can pay her rent.

She published the work in 2017 and it immediately went to the top of many comic bestseller charts. This was surprising to many people but not to Kristen who has been drawing comics for as long as she can remember.
Nonetheless, it was quite an achievement for someone very new to the industry to achieve such success. Her success has been even more surprising given that she never had a hero or mentor who inspired her to try to become a successful comic book author.

Still, she was always a huge fan of the works of Rumiko Takahashi the artist/writer when she was growing up. In addition to her comics, she has also been involved in the illustration of VIP a middle-grade book series authored by her friend Jen Calonita.

Growing up, Kristen Gudsnuk had too many random ambitions like many children usually do. She at some point wanted to become an astronomer or a sailor scout but most importantly, she also intended to become a creative of some sort.
But she did not figure out that she wanted to work in comics until she was in her teenage years. When Kristen was in the seventh grade, she really got into the Inuyasha comic and this is what made her start loving comic books.
From that time on she got into all manner of Mangas including “Sailor Moon” and “Inuyasha” in addition to several other comic book series.

She remains a huge fan of Manga and comic book series, even though she also reads books in other genres and mediums of literature. Some of the works that she has been reading include Jillian Tamaki’s Super Mutant Magic Academy.
She has also been reading the likes of the middle-grade book American Born Chinese which is an interesting work about being Asian American and coming of age.

While she has read and still reads a lot of comic books the inspiration for her debut work did not come from that literature.

Kristen Gudsnuk was busy watching ancient Bruce Tim Animated Universe shows when she started thinking of penning her own comic. During this time, she was also very much interested in several sitcoms such as “New Girl.”
Needing to poke fun at the rich world of villains and superheroes, she decided that she would make a comic since she had nothing to lose. It was from this that the plot ideas and manuscript for” Henchgirl,” was born.
In her writing, she found some inspiration from Scott Pilgrim that has proven himself exceptional at melding comedy and action in his works. When she first started writing she was just doing it for fun and never believed she would become professional.

In fact, since she was not that good at drawing at the time she had to redraw about eighty pages. This was made worse by the fact that she was not taking it very seriously.
Still, the story just kept going and she could not stop getting idea after idea as her story got longer. Of course, this is a very good thing when you are writing as it gave her the inspiration she needed.

Kristen Gudsnuk’s novel “Making Friends” is the story of Danielle who loved the sixth grade. She had her friends by her side and life could not have been smoother.

But now that she has graduated to the seventh grade and is a middle schooler, her friends have been forming new cliques as they are in different classes. This has made Danielle feel totally lost.

When Elma her great aunt dies, she leaves a magical sketchbook that she used to draw her ideal best friend that comes to life right off the page. Even though she has created Madison her new best friend, navigating relationships is always difficult.
It does not take long before Madison and Danielle are clashing. Making things worse is the fact that Danielle has drawn Prince Neptune’s head who happens to be a misunderstood cartoon villain but her favorite.

The villain has come to life and has recently been offering her some terrible advice on relationships. Ultimately, she rejects him causing him to go on a rampage while they were at a pep rally at school.

To stop Neptune, Madison and Danielle will have to work together despite their many differences.

“Back to the Drawing Board” by Kristen Gudsnuk opens with Madison and Danny having to navigate some pretty difficult friendships. They have to do this even as they try to find and stop a magical dog that has been causing a lot of chaos in town.
Everything had been going great for Danny as she could not have been better friends with Danny. Moreover, she still has her magical sketchbook and could get any friend she wanted at any time.

But things start going wrong when Danny duplicates herself so that she can have more time to do homework and her other magical activities. She also believes having her own duplicate will raise her social status.
The two Dannys accidentally release a magic dog that then starts terrorizing the residents of the town.

The prom dance is coming up in a few weeks and Madison, Danny, and their friends have very little time to set things right. If they cannot find a solution, the big dance night might just end up ruined.

Kristen Gudsnuk’s novel “Third Time’s a Charm,” sees the magical sketchbook back at work but this time Danny is not responsible. Madison and Danny have to live in a new reality as they believe they are twins rather than best friends.
But there are some other things that have also changed in their lives. Their father has become a rockstar, their mother is a novelist and Danny has unexpectedly turned into a diligent student.

Things are looking very weird and when Madison and Dany investigate they find that someone has used the magical book to dramatically alter their world.

Will they be able to put the world back to what it was or is this beyond their control?

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