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How to Solve Your Own Murder (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristen Perrin is a successful American author who currently lives in Europe.

The author hails from Seattle, Washington, the place where she grew up. She spent several years of her life there employed as a bookseller. She then decided that it was time to change things up and went over to the U.K. to finish her Masters and PhD.

Kristen has a huge passion for books and enjoys working on projects that have a mystery at the center of them. She has a family and two children. They reside in Surrey. There you can frequently find the author looking around vintage bookstores, going out and collecting plants, or hanging out with her two kids outside and playing in the mud.

How to Solve Your Own Murder is the first novel in the Castle Knoll Files series by Kristen Perrin. This book first came out in 2024 and readers were able to enjoy it for the first time. If you are a huge fan of mystery stories and love works like Knives Out or Only Murders in the Building, this mystery story might just be the right pick for you.

This is a mystery story that focuses on a woman that has spent the entirety of her own life trying to get ahead of her own murder. Her murder was foretold many years ago, and she has always taken the ominous warning seriously. It turns out that what she was told ended up being proven to be right, even if it is six decades later.

The woman is discovered dead, the corpse found somewhere on the huge country estate she owns. She does have family that she left behind, though, and now her great-niece has the chance to look into her murder and try and track down the killer so that they can be caught.

The time is 1965, and Frances Adams is a teenage girl. She’s at an English country fair along with two of her closest friends for what is supposed to be a fun time. Frances never could have predicted that when she saw a fortune teller that it would be more than just fun and games.

The fortuneteller predicts that some day in the future, Frances will end up being murdered. She has spent the entirety of her life attempting to try and solve a crime that hasn’t even happened. She even jots down notes about each person that she comes across so that she can try to fend off the murder and make it so that it never happened.

What makes things even more difficult is that Frances is not taken seriously by anyone, and it’s easy to understand why. But then Frances does end up being killed off, just as she was telling everyone that she would. It appears that her convictions about what the fortuneteller said being right were accurate.

Now some time has gone past and Annie Adams has been called to a meeting. It’s taking place at the country estate of her great-aunt Frances. Annie doesn’t know much about Frances other than that she kept to herself and was wealthy. Annie makes her way to Castle Knoll, the small English village where Frances lived, and her great-aunt is dead by the time that she gets there.

Annie would love to catch the killer and bring them to justice, and help the memory of her great-aunt to hopefully rest in peace. The only problem is that since Frances had always been looking into digging up information and secrets about others, the same villagers that were eccentric and endearing would have had no reason to be friendly with her. In fact, they may have even had motive to try and silence her.

That’s the real problem, figuring out who her great-aunt would have tangled with to make them want to kill her. Was it just a random person with a penchant for delivering death, or was this something more specific? Would Frances have known the true identity of her killer?

Annie is following along with the mystery that takes her to Castle Knoll’s center and what really happened, but she’s also worried about what she will find. Trying to delve into the past may inadvertently put her directly in the way of a killer.

Despite feeling that she is very much putting herself in danger, Annie wants nothing more than to try and find out who it was that killed her great-aunt. This small village is exactly the type of place to hide secrets, and if Annie wants to get anywhere with her own makeshift investigation, she’s going to have to start looking into just who would have had the motivation to take her great-aunt out for good.

Annie starts to see that she is making progress with her investigation. But the closer that she comes to the truth, the closer it starts to seem that she is getting to danger. Annie is starting to get worried that instead of figuring out the truth behind Frances’s fate, she is going to end up meeting it herself instead.

One thing’s for sure, and that is that there is a killer out there. Annie knows that her wealthy great-aunt really believed that she would be killed, and lo and behold, she was right after all of these years. Annie doesn’t want her great-aunt’s fortune as much as she wants to catch the person that did this to her.

With some due diligence and a little luck, can Annie figure out who killed her great-aunt? Or will she find that a murderer is destined to be forever out there on the loose? Read this book to find out!

How to Seal Your Own Fate is the second novel in the Castle Knoll Files series by author Kristen Perrin. This is the page-turning exciting sequel to the first installment of the series. Get ready for another rollicking adventure as the cast tries to get to the bottom of a mystery and see what you think with the gripping second installment of an instantly classic series!

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