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Kristen Roupenian is a published author.

Roupenian attended Barnard College and graduated in May 2003. She then left a few weeks after graduation with the Peace Corps, headed for Kenya. For two years, Kristen spent her time teaching at an orphans’ center about HIV education and public health. It was located hours from the border of Uganda.

During her time in Kenya, she started to learn Swahili. It was then that she came across a literary magazine. Little did she know that later it would become the main focal point of her dissertation. When she left Kenya and came back home, she landed a variety of positions. At first she was a teacher’s aide and then a bookstore cashier, as well as a nanny, freelance reporter, and even a research coordinator at a hospital.

Eventually she decided to further her education and Roupenian attended Harvard in 2007 and enrolled in the English PhD program there. She says that post-colonial as well as transnational literature is her main field of interest and study, emphasizing contemporary African fictional literature.

Her dissertation investigated the linguistic and artistic strategies used by Kwani. The strategies were used by this literary magazine during a time where political and social upheaval was reaching a boiling point. She was able to go back to Nairobi for the purposes of continued research since she has been enrolled at Harvard. The author also had the chance to invite the literary magazine’s editor to come and speak for an audience of students and faculty.

Kristen also received a travel grant that allowed her to visit the D.R. of Congo. There she was able to spend some time volunteering at a film festival featuring international films. She was able to meet a variety of artists and creative people that hailed from all over the central and eastern regions of Africa.

Kristen says that one of her more rewarding opportunities was to work for Caroline Elkins as her research assistant. This was during the time when she was serving as a witness for veterans suing the English government over atrocities from the colonial times.

Her teaching philosophy revolves around a feeling of clarity as well as cultural sensitivity and focuses on engagement in an ethical fashion. This approach comes from her time in the Peace Corps, working as a teacher. She has composed two tutorials for students majoring in English. She has been a T.F. for many programs and departments at Harvard, including General Education and more.

She has also worked as a tutor in literature and history and advised students on their theses on the subject of post-colonialism. She has taught in the area of Boston as part of her role in being a volunteer on awareness and prevention as part of the Rape Crisis Center of the Boston area.

Roupenian first made it into print on a fictional level in 2018 with the release of her short story, titled Cat Person. This novella sparked a lot of praise and critical acclaim. It was later one of many stories and essays included in a collection that came out in 2019. The original story first made its debut in The New York Times as a fiction feature and became very popular and became the most-shared story in the database online at the time as well as the most read.

Cat Person is a short novella written by Kristen Roupenian. In this story, the readers are introduced to a young woman named Margot. Margot is a student in college and she has started up a casual relationship.

At twenty years old, Margot does not have a lot of experience. When she first meets Robert, the two of them give each other their numbers. The two of them get to know each other through texting and they start flirting. But when they eventually go out on a date, it seems that their romance may not be as much of a fairy tale as she would have hoped it would be.

She did start to form an idea of what this guy was like in her head. But when the two of them come together, she finds that her expectations have not exactly managed to line up with the reality. Their date is awkward and Margot finds that she is not that comfortable in his presence.

It all culminates in Margot getting into a situation where she feels like she is making a bad decision but goes through with it. The result is an engagement that anyone would try to forget, and all because of one date that went horribly wrong. She feels that getting through it would be the best choice, but ultimately it ruins any chance of her wanting to pursue a relationship with him.

When they meet up later, what will happen? Read this short novella for yourself to find out and check out why so many readers were intrigued by this modern tale.

You Know You Want This is a collection by Kristen Roupenian. This debut ensemble of intriguing short stories may spark ideas or conversations long after you’ve read them. A discovery mission of all that is complex and even darkly humorous as well as connections made between sex, gender, power, and more, this compilation is well worth checking out.

What you may find if you get this book is a brilliant and often times thought provoking exploration of the ways that women go through or horrors or are even sometimes horrifying. You’ll read one interesting story about a couple that suddenly finds obsession with having their friend be able to hear them constantly have sex that turns into being obsessed with the friend seeing them until it devolves into needing the friend to even be together.

Or read a story where a birthday party for a girl takes a turn for the worse when her birthday wish ends up being for something ‘mean’. Another tale features a woman who goes to the library and discovers a spell book hidden there and ends up summoning her greatest desire of the heart. Check out this collection and see which of the stories ends up speaking to you the most.

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