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with Sara Raasch
Set Fire to the Gods (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise Up from the Embers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Glass Arrow (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burned Away (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Metaltown (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pacifica (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Find Him Where You Left Him Dead (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristen Simmons is an American author of fiction. In addition to writing, she has had an interesting past as she has taught Jazzercise in a variety of places and also worked with survivors of abuse. She enjoys spending time with her family, working out by Jazzercising, and eating chocolate cupcakes.

Simmons currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and when she isn’t hanging out with her family or writing she is busy supporting the caffeine industry.

Kristen Simmons’ first published book was Article 5 and it was released officially in 2012. It is the first in the Article 5 Series. The second book in the series was titled Breaking Point and was released a year later. The final book is called Three and it fittingly makes the fiction series a trilogy.

The Article 5 series is set on Earth and the main character in the first novel is Ember Miller. She is old enough to remember the world a bit differently from the dystopian place that it is now. The seventeen-year-old may live with her mother in a world where you can get arrested and carted away, but she knows that it wasn’t always this way here. Follow along as Ember finds her way in a scary and dark world that feeds off of control and chaos.

Kristen Simmons has also penned standalone fiction novels. Her novel The Glass Arrow was released in 2015. Burned Away was her second effort and it was released in 2017. It was followed by Metaltown and Pacifica.

Article 5 is the first book in the Article 5 series. The book opens up with major cities being abandoned. New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles have been totally emptied. Now the Bill of Rights has been taken out and the Moral Statutes are replacing it. There are no longer policeman patrolling but in their place are soldiers. Even bad behavior results in something that is much more sinister than anyone realizes.

Now if you act up you don’t just get arrested in the traditional sense. You get arrested but then you get taken to a trial where you are judged for your behavior and it goes beyond that certainly. In fact, it’s rumored that if you are arrested it’s probably likely that you are not going to be coming back. Ember Miller lives with her mother in a country that is totally different from what she is used to in the past.

You used to be able to read whatever books you wanted without getting into trouble. Those days are long over. People these days can get arrested for picking up the wrong type of book. Or being outside past dark. The United States has been totally transformed from what it used to be. Ember knows that this is a far worse version of the country that she used to live in, but standing out isn’t the way to go in this new nation.

Ember just tries to keep her head down and avoid standing out. A low profile allows her to be stealthy and obtain the food stamps and clothes that she needs. She is always ready which helps her to pass the military’s random home inspections.

She has the best life that she can in this strange situation until her mother is taken in for noncompliance. But when one of the officers arresting her turns out to be Chase Jennings, can Ember convince him to help influence the case and get a positive result? If she can get the only boy she ever loved to help her, her mother might just be saved.

What will happen? Read Article 5 to find out whether Ember is able to save her mother and if her love will help her in the end.

Breaking Point is the second book in the dystopian Article 5 series by breakthrough author Kristen Simmons. This talented author brings the same world back to her readers again with yet another installment in this gripping science fiction series. It’s written for young adults but readers of all ages can enjoy this exciting novel!

Ember Miller is back once again and the Earth and America continue to be turned upside down. She has teamed up with Chase Jennings and the two broke out of prison by faking their deaths. Now that the plan has succeeded, the two only have one mission in mind. They’re going to lay as low as possible. With any luck, the Federal Bureau of Reformation will move on and maybe even forget that they are out there at all.

The only problem with this is that Ember and Chase have practically become celebrities as a result of their struggles with the government. This fame eventually contributes to the pair being recognized by the Resistance and they are taken into the headquarters to see the inner workings of this underground organization that is working to fell the government.

Once they get there, they find out that there is a mysterious assassin that is taking out soldiers for the FBR individually. The sniper’s true identity is hidden, and the incidents and the suspected identity of the sniper quickly become the subject of avid gossip.

Ember and Chase are happy to hear that this may be distracting the outside forces. However, the government shows them that it is full of surprises when it posts a list of the most-wanted people in the area and they find out that Ember is number one. The orders are for soldiers to shoot to kill on sight. Soldiers have permission to fire even if they suspect that the person is Ember.

Now she cannot even move anywhere without the fear of being recognized and possibly detained or shot. There is zero chance of her being able to lay low. With members of the Resistance starting to give her shifty looks, Ember is concerned about being ratted out. Chase thinks that she will have a better chance if she runs.

Ember must choose if she is going to go into hiding indefinitely or take a stand and fight. What will she choose, and what will happen? Pick up Breaking Point to find out!

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