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Kernel of Truth (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pop Goes the Murder (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Assault and Buttery (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristi Abbott is a popular author from America, who likes to write mystery, thriller, and suspense novels. She is particularly famous for writing the Popcorn Shop Mystery series. Author Kristi says that she became obsessed with popcorn after tasting its caramel cashew flavor for the first time at the Garrett’s shop in Chicago. According to her, the taste is so good that it is worth traveling by plane and reaching the place, for the ones who live outside of Chicago and have not yet tasted the caramel cashew popcorn. Author Kristi resides in northern California. She was born and brought up in Ohio, just like the heroine of her Popcorn Shop Mysteries, Rebecca Anderson. Author Kristi is fond of snack food and crocheting very much. She also likes to hang out with her children in her spare times. Kristi likes to mention that she loves her husband very much because he supports her in her writing works always comes up with a solution whenever she gets stuck somewhere while developing her stories. Other than using her original name to write her novels, author Kristi sometimes uses the pen names Eileen Carr and Eileen Rendahl for writing different genres of novels. Author Kristi has said in her interviews that she has always been involved in reading. And she has never dedicated herself to one particular genre. Over the course of her life, she has tried different genres of books and has liked many books from multiple genres. This is the reason why Kristi keeps shifting from romance to mystery genre and vice versa.

While growing up, Kristi was mainly involved in reading mysteries. This was because of her father, who himself was a huge fan of mystery books. He used to prefer mystery books written by British female authors. Kristi’s father was of the opinion that the women authors were far better at describing the settings, which gave him the feeling that he was present at the crime scene. Kristi used to steal the books from the bedside table of her father and also developed a fondness for that kind of books. Out of all the popcorn recipes that author Kristi described Rebecca makes in the mystery series, she particularly likes the popcorn ball recipe very much. This is primarily because this recipe does not make use of alcohol as an ingredient. Before author Kristi sat down to write the debut novel of her career, she had no plans of becoming an author. In fact, she was getting ready to go on a foreign tour to Italy. But then, the story came to her mind that rest that followed is history. As for an ideal scenario for describing her stories, Kristi states she does not have any ideal scenery as such. She believes that the scenarios become a distracting factor. However, she does have a favorite place to write her books and stories, and it is the couch in her living room. Kristi considers herself a drama girl. Even though she likes to add fun-filled elements in her writings, she loves the heart-stopping sequences much more than that. As of now, author Kristi is busy working towards the development of her next psychological thriller, which she is developing under her pseudonym Eileen Rendahl. This new book is going to be published by Midnight Ink.

The Popcorn Shop Mystery series written by Kristi Abbott is comprised of a total of 3 books, 2 of which have already been released between the years 2016 and 2017. The third book is expected to be released very soon in the coming days of the year 2017. In all the three books, author Kristi has depicted the chief protagonist as Rebecca Anderson, who lives in Grand Lake, Ohio, and runs her popcorn shop. The debut book of this mystery series is entitled ‘Kernel of Truth’. It was released by the Berkeley publishers in the year 2016. The plot of the book takes place in Ohio and features the primary characters in the role of Rebecca Anderson, Cordelia Bittles, Alice, and a local sheriff. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Rebecca Anderson had never thought of opening a shop of gourmet popcorn. But, following her failed marriage to a popular chef in the town, she was not left with many options. Now, Rebecca Anderson is ready to face all the challenges that life throws at her. She looks to expand her life as long as she can. Subsequently, she returns to her hometown in Grand Lake, Ohio, for starting her new business. She is accompanied by her popcorn loving poodle named Sprocket. She has named her new business outlet as POPS. The shop next to hers is a chocolate shop owned by a woman named Cordelia Bittes, who is commonly referred to as Coco. Rebecca has always seen Coco as her grandmother and respects her a lot. She considers her chocolate shop next to her popcorn shop as a delicious bonus. The tuning of Rebecca and Coco matches so much that they think of combining the two businesses and running it as one, as partners. However, when Cordelia’s niece finds her dead body lying on her chocolate shop floor, all those dreams get shattered in a second. The local police thinks that Coco’s murder is the case of a bad robbery. But, Rebecca thinks that there is some other angle to it. She becomes determined to find Coco’s killer and bring him to justice.

The next novel of this series is called ‘Pop Goes the Murder’. It was published in 2017 by Berkeley. The main characters of this book include Antoine, Sprocket, and Rebecca Anderson. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that Rebecca Anderson makes countless efforts to keep herself at a distance from her former husband named Antonie, but he keeps arriving in front of her every now and then. Antoine gives Rebecca the offer of featuring her popcorn and breakfast bars on his famous cooking show. But, Rebecca thinks that he is just trying to butter her up, just like the previous he had done many previous occasions. However, she feels that the television exposure for her popcorn shop is too good to let go. So she agrees to take the offer. But, things begin to take shocking turns when the TV crew arrives in Grand Lake to start the filming in Rebecca’s shop and one of the crew member’s body is found in a hotel room. Now, the police thinks that Antoine has his hand in the murder. Rebecca feels otherwise. She knows that Antoine can be a pain in her ass, but he cannot kill someone. Therefore, she sets out to find the real culprit. But, she needs to be careful this time because the killer knows everything about her and would not hesitate to make her the next victim.

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    So sad that there is only 3 books in the popcorn shop. I really want more. Loved them ❤️


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