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Publication Order of Kincaid Strange Books

The Voodoo Killings (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lipstick Voodoo (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Voodoo Shanghai (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Owl Books

Owl and the Japanese Circus (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Owl and the City of Angels (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Owl and the Electric Samurai (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Owl and the Tiger Thieves (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristi Charish is one of the famous novelists of America, who has written a few successful novels under her widely popular series, the adventures of Owl. She likes to write the plots of her novels based on the paranormal and fantasy genres. Kristi was born in Toronto, Canada and went on to complete her education before becoming a full time author. After seeing instant success with her initial novels, she felt the need to try to write other types of novels as well. Keeping that in mind, Kristi is working on her latest novel, which she promises to be different from all her previous novels. She also says that she got a lot of inspiration from the successful works of the prominent authors of her time such as Diana Rowland, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, and Charlaine Harris. The ‘Adventures of Owl’ series written by Kristi is an urban fantasy series, revolving around a modern day Indiana Jane, who navigates the hidden elements of the supernatural world reluctantly. After gaining the necessary experiences in her life, Kristi says that she likes to write what she loves.

Kristi’s novels mainly feature adventurous plots with heavy stories, and savvy and strong female protagonists. Her novels also feature the pop culture and the RPG fantasy game occasionally. Apart from being a successful author, Kristi is also a co-host of the Adventures in the Sci-Fi Publishing Podcast. The other urban fantasy series written by author Kristi Charish is the Kincaid Strange series, which features a voodoo practitioner from Seattle. Although, she has finished writing the first novel of the new series, it is scheduled to be published in the year 2016. Apart from being an author, Kristi is also a scientist by profession and holds BSc and MSc degrees from the Simon Fresner University on the subject of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Kristi has also completed her PhD from the University of British Columbia in the subject of Zoology. Backed by a strong academic background, she specializes in cell biology, molecular biology and genetics. Kristi makes the proper use of her academic knowledge in her writings and often draws her plots based up on the them. Author Kristi is represented at the Westwood Creative Artists by Carolyn Forde.

The ‘Adventures of Owl’ series written by author Kristi Charish consists of a total of 4 books, 2 of which are about to be published in the year 2016. The first two novels of the series were published in the year 2015. Being titled as ‘Owl and the Japanese Circus’, the first novel of the series was published by the Simon & Schuster publishing house in the year 2015. The plot of the novel revolves around the lives of the main characters such as Alix, Mr. Kurosawa, and Nadya. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Alix id introduced as an ex-archaeology student, who has turned into an antiquities thief and is widely popular internationally. She is referred to as Owl in her common circle of friends. Even though Alix enjoys carrying out robberies of the historical antiquities, she strictly follows one rule in her life that is not to get involved in any type of supernatural job ever in her life. She is forced to break her own rule after crossing paths with Mr. Kurosawa, who is a red dragon and the owner of the Japanese Circus Casino situated in Las Vegas. Mr. Kurosawa takes care of the casino very well and runs it under his own supervision. He insists Alix to retrieve an old artifact, which was stolen around 3000 years ago. Mr. Kurosawa makes an interesting deal that she does not feel like rejecting. He promises to take care of the pack of vampires who are behind her in order to kill her. Alix is aware of the fact that a dragon is the only entity present on the planet who can solve the vampire problems of the Owl. Therefore, she accepts the deal, knowing that the dragons are well known for eating the of thieves. She starts the operation of retreiving the old artifact and begins to retrace the steps of an ancient thief of Mr. Kurosawa all the way from Japan to Bali. Alix Hiboux is assisted in this operation by her friend Nadya, who is described in the novel as an attractive mercenary. With the interesting turn of events, Alix knows that finding the scroll of the artifact is among the least of the her worries. Soon after, Alix finds out that one of Mr. Kurosawa’s trustworthy advisors is orchestrating the plan of using the artifact as a powerful weapon for wiping out a whole city. After confirming the dangerous intentions of Mr. Kurosawa’s advisors, Alix decides to choose a side that favors humanity over power.

The second novel of the series was published by the Pocket Star publishing house in the year 2015. It was titled ‘Owl and the City of Angels’ and continued to depict the life of the main character Alix as the Owl. The opening plot of the novel shows Alix Hiboux as an international thief of antiquities, who is available for hire and is better known as Owl. At first, she tries to settle her new contract with Mr. Kurosawa, who is described as the Vegas mogul and a red dragon. He has a great penchant for supernatural and ancient artifacts and hires Owl for a new contract job. He wants her to rob the mysterious treasures of the Syrian City of the Dead, that are kept in a private collection. In order to carry out the theft without resurrecting the undead army, who could create havoc in the Los Angeles City, Owl is required to go into a highly guarded archaeological site situated in a volatile region. As an important part of the job, Owl is required to make a detour through Libya and run with the Somali pirates in order to prevent paranormal disaster from happening in the world. As per the contract, Mr. Kurosawa stops the Paris and Alexander vampires from stalking Owl, but they do not forget their grudge of death against her. On top of everything, Owl finds out that, the City of Angels does not have anything heavenly. The novel became extremely successful like the first novel of the series and set the tone for the other novels of the series. Author Kristi was highly praised by the critics as well as by her fellow authors for her unique character sketches and plot descriptions. This success helped her to make a name for herself in the world of prominent authors.

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