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Publication Order of California Dreamin' Books

Loving the Ladies' Man (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Desiring His Dating Coach (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saving the Secret Prince (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Belonging With Her Best Friend (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Engaging the Office Enemy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Needing the Next-Door Neighbor (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enamoring Her Amnesic Ex (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Hallmark Beach Small Town Romance Books

Beachside Kisses With My Bodyguard (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beachside Kisses With My Enemy (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristin Canary is a contemporary, chick-lit, and romance fiction novelist who is best known for the “California Dreamin’” series of novels.

She published “Loving the Ladies Man,” the debut novel of her popular series and her first-ever novel in 2021, and has since become a prolific author in the romance genre.
Kristin now has more than nine works of fiction to her name and usually publishes at least two novels every year.

Over the years, she has become known for penning closed-door romantic comedies full of spice and sizzle, but no explicit content.

These are works full of quirky characters and full of witty dialogues that provide a lot of enjoyment to just about anyone who is a fan of romance, contemporary, and chick-lit fiction.

Outside of her fiction, Kristin Canary is a thirty-something-year-old boy mom, and wife, who functions best on cookie dough ice cream and peach tea.

Since she lives in the desert and loves traveling, she often had her eye on the next trip to the beach. If she cannot travel to the beach in person, you can be certain that she is going to be writing about it.
Canary also has an obsession with romance fiction and believes that shows or books without romance are inferior and often okay but these are not her type of entertainment.

Kristin also loves watching a good book, TV show, or movie although these need to have a hefty dose of romance in them, for her to find any kind of enjoyment in them.

She is thankful that she now lives a love story in true life with her own crazy family comprised of her husband and kids.

Given how much work kids are, she loves to enjoy some ice cream from time to time but thankfully her kids provide more than extra pounds.

They also provide a lot of fodder for their fiction works. Lots of fun and helps her to not take her life or herself too seriously.

Kristin Canary’s novel “Loving the Ladies’s Man” is a riveting work of romance fiction that tells the story of Evie and Connor.

For Evie, Connor should be the last man on Earth she could ever fall for as he has the terrible reputation of being the office flirt. On her part, she is the peculiar editor who loves Pride and Prejudice, dresses like an unsexy librarian, and uses big words.
In short, they have just about nothing in common even though they are competing for the same position. She is happy to let the best person win and hold Connor at arm’s length and she thinks it will be easy given that he has hardly ever flirted with her.
But then they find themselves stuck together overnight in their office building following a landslide induced by an earthquake and things start changing.

Evie begins to realize that Connor was never the all-out jerk she believed he was and that he is nothing like her former boyfriend.

When he agrees to attend her ex-boyfriend’s wedding as her fake boyfriend, things get a lot more interesting, particularly when his much too chaste kiss lands on her cheek.

She knows she should not be falling for him as she believes it would be the same mistake but just with another guy. But her heart will not listen to her as it believes it has found its Mr. Darcy.

Kristin Canary’s work “Desiring His Dating Coach” is an interesting romance novel that tells the story of Josh Gregory and Kayla.
The latter is a dating coach who knows full well that the first rule of the game is to never fall for your client.

She loves rules as they keep her in control, make her happy, and even more importantly, they keep her heart safe.

But then she loses her job unexpectedly and has to open her own business as a dating coach, which means the rules of the game have changed.

Josh Gregory who runs a local coffee shop has agreed to be her first client and she is determined to help him find the woman of his dreams.
But as Kayla and Gregory work together to improve his dating game, she starts wishing the woman he is looking for was her.

She cannot help but be attracted to the quiet wit, blue eyes, patience, and kindness he offers her over and over again. To add to all that, the man looks very good without his shirt on.
However, she is running a business and she is supposed to remain as professional as she can due to the rules of the business. But then Kayla starts thinking that maybe some rules are made to be broken.
It is ultimately a thrilling work with a lot of spice and sizzle.

“Saving the Secret Prince” is an interesting addition to the “Califronia Dreamin’” series of novels by Kristin Canary. This is the story of Christopher and Lauren who could not have been any more different.
Lauren may have pushed Chris to the ground to save him from being hit by a car but she is pretty sure that she had also fallen that day.

She just could not help it as there was something about the man and it was not that he is Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavil drop-dead gorgeous or the fact that he talks in a foreign accent and calls her love.
The man is also impeccably dressed all the time and often sports a mysterious air. But the icing on the cake is that she feels that he is the only man who truly gets her, even though they could not have been any more different.
It can be terrifying to seem so transparent since she is someone who had kept her past out of the public eye and social media for good reasons.

But she believes she is safe with Christopher as long as they can stay in their little bubble. As long as she is who she is and he is an average Joe, she believes nothing will tear them apart.

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