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Jane, Unlimited (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Kristin Cashore is a famous American author of the science fiction, fantasy, and young adult genres. She is particularly well known for writing down the Graceling Realm series. Kristin was born in the year 1976 and grew up in Pennsylvania, along with her three siblings. The debut novel written by her was published in the year 2008. Since then, she has written many interesting novels over multiple genres. Kristin was honored with prestigious award nominations such as the William C. Morris award and the Andre Norton award, at the start of her writing career. The books written by her held in more than 1000 libraries all over the world. As a child, author Kristin grew up in a small village located in the countryside of the northeastern Pennsylvania. She used to spend most of her daytime among the cows and barns, and used to enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside from the hill tops. Her house was a rickety old one and comprised of her parents, sisters, and several cats scattered everywhere.

Author Kristin says that she kept herself busy with reading different kinds of books. In fact, the only thing that she did along with doing all the house chores was reading. However, she did not use to reading while traveling in the car and during the sleep time. Also, Kristin used to daydream a lot. This way, she believes that she was preparing herself to become a writer with the help of the much needed things like daydreaming and reading. At the age of 18, Kristin joined the Williams College and was very much thankful to its administration, which provided her financial aid that helped her in her studies. However, she used to have a hard time in her college days. Later, she traveled to Sydney and studied there for a period of one year. She believes that this helped her to get revived with great energy. After finishing her college studies, Kristin continued to travel to a number of places such as New York City, Italy, Cambridge, Boston, Pennsylvania, Austin, and London. While in London, she used to pretend making calls with the old-fashioned phone receiver during her bath time. This was a part of her daydreaming activities. When Kristin was in Boston, she earned her degree in M.A., from the Simmons College.

Kristin considers herself lucky to be able to grab the stupendous scholarship program offered by the Simmons College. She says that it even helped her to research about the young adult stories and enabled her to begin her writing career. Since then, Kristin Cashore has never stopped writing. In fact, she has developed a compulsive problem of writing that helps her moving problem appear as a personality quirk. Kristin has enjoyed writing full time and has no intentions of stopping. Starting with the education novels for the K6 market, she has begun writing her own novels. She believes that it is a dream come true for her as it is the only career path that she always wanted to choose. As a person, Kristin is a fierce and independent woman. She becomes a hermit for some time and keeps searching for a perfect cat. At times, she even indulges herself into meditating and says that Prince Harry comes helps her to meditate in her subconscious mind. On other occasions, she even thinks about other famous personalities doing meditation along with her. Some of them include the Dalai Lama, George Clooney, Coco gorilla, Mr Rogers, etc. Recently, Kristin moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, from Jacksonville, Florida. Being a native northerner, author Kristin feels like she has come back to her home.

TThe first novel of the Graceling Realm series was released under the title ‘Graceling’. It was published by the Harcourt publishing house in the year 2008. The plot of this novel revolves around the happenings in the lives of the primary characters such as Katsa, Randa, Po, Grandfather Tealiff, Leck, Bitterblue, etc. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Katsa has the ability of killing anyone with her bare hands. Being a Graceling, she acquired this ability from the time when she was just 8 years old. She was one of the rare people of her community who was born with this unique skill. Also, being the niece of the king, Katsa was privileged to live with all the luxuries of life. But, she was Graced with killing and was forced to work as the thug of the king. Katsa becomes attracted towards the Prince Po after seeing him for the first time. She does not seem to have any idea about how her life is going to change after meeting with Prince Po, who is believed to be Graced with excellent combat skills. Katsa does not seem to have any expectation of making friendship with Po. Also, does not expect to learn about the new truths about her Grace as well as the terrible secrets that were kept hidden for a long time.

The second novel of the Graceling Realm series written by author Kristin Cashore was published under the title ‘Fire’. It was released by the Dial Books publishing house in the year 2009. The plot of this novel revolves around the lives of the main characters such as Broker, Leck, Archer, Fire, Nash, Garan, Brigan, etc. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that that time in the Dells in not peaceful as the young King Nash sits on the throne at the time when the rebel forces in the south and north build their armies to capture him. Also, the forests and mountains surrounding the kingdom of the Dells are filled with thieves, spies, as well as lawless men. Among them lives Fire, who has an irresistible and wild appearance, with flame-colored hair. She is hated as well as adored by the people of her community because of having the unique ability of controlling the minds of others. But, being the last one of her kind of human monsters, Fire always keeps her power guarded. She does not intend to steal the personal secrets of other people with the wrong use of her ability. When Prince Brigan learns about her unique ability, he orders her to come to the King City so that the royal family can use her ability to uncover the deadly plots against their kingdom. When Fire is taken far away from her home, she begins to realize that there is more to her abilities that she had ever known. And now, she has the opportunity of using her power to save the kingdom. But, she fears that she might become a monster like her father had become previously.

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