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Publication Order of Dune Island Books

Summer at Hope Haven (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aunt Ivy's Cottage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Letter from Nana Rose (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lily's Secret Inheritance (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Grandmother's Inn (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aunt Violet's Locket (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristin Harper is a contemporary romance and fiction author who has loved spending time in Cape Cod and creative writing ever since she was little. She used to submit short stories and poems to literary journals and her sister started giving her a unique pen whenever anything she wrote was accepted by a publication.

As such, she soon collected a bunch of novelty pens, some of which she still has to this day. Given her love for reading, she once got a part time job in a library and remembers how disappointed she was when she learned that reading was not part of her responsibilities.

Following several boring jobs, she found a way to combine two of her best passions and became a women’s fiction author. Her stories are usually set in oceanside settings. She has asserted that she still likes to go to Cape Cod where she can escape to the beach.

“Aunt Ivy’s Cottage” by Kristin Harper is the story of a struggling artist named Emily who is dealing with the grief of losing all her family after a gruesome car accident. She had been deep in grief and felt so removed from everything including her relationship and work that she found everything crashing around her.

Needing to get past the tragic loss of her brother and both parents, she makes the decision of moving to Hope Haven. It is not her first time in the vacation spot, as she had spent several holidays there with her family while she was growing up.

When She arrives in Hope Haven and heads to Dune Island, the memories she once shared with her family come flooding back. She has an art project lined up and old friends nearby and hopes that over the summer she can find some healing.

She is soon enjoying herself spending time with Lucas Socorro, a man she met on the island. It is not long before she learns of a terrible secret that her family had been keeping for all these years.

Kristin Harper’s novel “Summer at Hope Haven” is still set on Dune Island. Zoey has happy memories of her childhood, where she lived in a rickety cottage owned by her great aunt watching the tides and eating cranberry ice cream. But she has recently broken up with her boyfriend who broke her heart.

She decides to head to Dune Island where she finds her aging aunt who clearly needs her help. Mark her cousin is already on Dune Island and living with her aunt. She soon realizes that her aunt’s spark has been fading fast because Mark, who is set to inherit the house, has been pushing her to vacate and go live in a nursing home.

Zoey and Mark are soon clashing over what is best for their aunt and she is surprised when the carpenter who had been doing house renovations takes her side. The longer they spend together the closer they grow.

Things get interesting when they find something in the attic that casts doubt on Mark’s claim to the house and links the family to the reclusive and mysterious local lighthouse keeper. Zoey is forced to make a heartbreaking choice even as the discovery could mean that she gets to keep the house she has cherished all her life.

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